Announcing 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways—Year Two!!!!!!

Print this holiday card!Some of you might remember that last year we hosted 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways here on ABM. We wanted to find a way to gift some of you lovely readers because it's really because of you that we exist and we're so glad you're here! We had way too much fun with this feature last year, so we knew we'd for sure be bringing it back this year. Are you ready??? Get excited! 

12 days of giveawaysSo for those of you who are new, what is this all about?! Well, for 12 days we're going to host a series of giveaways here on the blog, just for you. Each day will have different prizes and a corresponding number of winners. So, on the twelfth day (tomorrow), there will be twelve prizes and twelve winners. Get it!? We'll be giving away ABM products, some of our collaboration items, and other fun goodies as well. And of course, on the last day there will be a GRAND prize. 

Tomorrow, when the first giveaway goes live, you'll see that we'll be offering multiple ways for you to enter. Which means more chances to win!

But here's the catch, giveaways will only be open for one hour. So the quicker you are, the better your chance of winning will be! We'll be launching each giveaway at a different time every day. Some will even be super late at night (for us) since we have so many awesome international readers as well. We won't be posting about all the giveaways on social media, so you have to check here to catch them going up! 

Just check back often, and you'll have a higher chance of winning! 


Printable holiday cards! Print this holiday card!  We also wanted to make sure that every single ABM reader could receive something from us this year…because, we love ALL you guys! So we created these printable pineapple holiday cards you can download and use this season. Just use the link below to get your downloads (there's five different color variations—a whole set!):

FREE Holiday Card Set: Red, Yellow, Blue, PinkOrange

Your creativity, positive outlook and kind comments inspire us daily. Thanks for making this past year SO amazing. We love you guys! Happy Holidays from Emma + Elsie

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