Happy Mail & Messy Box Unboxing: January

Happy MailWe’re really excited to reveal the Happy Mail and Messy Box kits this month. They are both super cute! 

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And if you’re curious about exactly what’s in the boxes this month, here’s an unboxing video for you… 

Thanks so much for your support! We’re enjoying designing these boxes, and it’s so fun to see your photos via Instagram each month! You can use #MessyBox #ABMHappyMail or #ABMCrafty <– we check all those hashtags! xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Janae Hardy. Video and Music: Jeremy Larson. 

  • This month’s Happy Mail is ADORABLE!!! So colorful and creative. Also, love that the cards are something I will use right away 🙂 Not to mention the weekday notepad is seriously the.best!!!! Eeeee! Excited for it to come 🙂

  • The colour scheme for this month’s messy box is gorgeous! The confetti design in fantastic.

    I’d love to see more stamps, tiny alphas, and washi strips in future kits. I find these are the things I use the most. Also more 3×4 cards.


  • I usually don’t watch the unboxing videos because I like my stuff to be a surprise…. but the Happy Mail daily notepad looked just so good I had to. Now I’m just extra pumped for this months delivery!

  • Hi! Can you also put these unboxing videos on your YouTube channel? Sometimes the HD doesn’t work on vimeo videos for me and I can’t see all the cute details!

  • Those are so pretty!!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG
    (GIVEAWAY + interview with designer Lee Coren on the blog!)

  • Love both of these this month! So colorful and perfect for scrapbooking. Do you know if any of the fall months will be on sale soon? I missed sept-nov and would love to have them!! You girls rock! 🙂

  • I love all those things too! We’ll put in that request for you! (although these are designed like 6 months in advance so when we make a request it sometimes takes a little while to actually come out!)

    xx- Elsie

  • Hey Amanda- I don’t want to put them on our youtube because we have a different type of content there, but I’m so sorry if the quality isn’t amazing!

    Honestly, when I watch these back I always feel like they look better in person! You just can’t capture the color, texture and quality as well on video!

    xx- Elsie

  • This months messy box is adorable! I love the black and white large alphas and the glitter paper! I always love that there is a 9×12 transparency every month as i use the messy book for Project Life! It would be cool if you made some with quotes on there or a camera one! #cameraobsession
    Also it would be cool to see a stamp set, hand drawn washi tape and more 3×4 cards. I’ve noticed lately those have been really low amounts. Other then that i love this kit! Always look forward to reveal day!:)

  • I love those giant letters in the messy box. Very cute. I’d love to see more “messy” items included in future months. things like stamps, paint, stencils.

  • Any update on when the page protectors that hold the 3″x4″ and 4″x6″ cards will be back in the shop? Just wondering being these size cards are still being featured in the messy boxes. I contacted customer service and they didn’t have any info, which seemed odd to me 🙁 Would also love for the black and white stripe album to come back in stock!

  • These boxes are always SO lovely. Truly. The quality and colors are top notch! But I’d still like to see fewer flat cards and more folded cards. I always feel a little cheated when it’s only half a card and sometimes it just feels so chincy to send something like that in the mail. Flat cards are great for scrapbooking, but not the best for snail mail.

  • Can’t wait to get this month because I love when there’s black and white items (super easy to mix with other black and white things from other months). One thing I’d like to see less of is the cards with specific headings. I do like to do journaling on some cards, but I don’t necessarily do them the same way you do, so often the cards with “prompts” on them don’t get used and I feel like I’m wasting them. I’d prefer more with just lines to write on in the corresponding color scheme, maybe with a fun border, or just more fun patterns.

    In addition, I always like alphas and the fun embellishments like chipboard shapes or fun sticker sets like the one in this box!

  • The colours are fantastic!!! I love It!!!
    I would love to see more post its or stickers!
    Great job! LOVE IT!

  • I’m newly subscribed to the Dec box, but I purchased every messy box and happy mail during the sale that was available. I overly love the subscription! Yet, I’d love to see the older Autumn messy boxes in the sale section, if they’re available, and a variety of page protectors + albums. I bought some studio calico albums 6×8 + a 4×4[Goldie, Clara, Elliott] and the messy boxes are designed to work with your featured 9×12 albums, but the designs are so very limited with the albums + only two protector sheet styles are available. Maybe use some of the cool prints from the messy boxes to turn into albums like the marble/gold foil combo, watercolor ombré, new confetti design, etc. or direct us to a brand that has it, so we can really use the system better. Thanks!

  • How silly am I? I signed up for six months of Happy Mail just to “see if I liked it”. So ready to sign up for an entire year like I should have to begin with! I love every single thing in each one I’ve received so far. Thanks for bringing thoughtful back. ❤️

  • i’ve been wanting to do a subscription box for a while now, and i’ve watched all your unboxing videos over the past few months…so i finally did it! i have to be honest…it was the print in the happy mail box that really did it for me! cannot wait to hang that up in my office!

  • I get so excited to watch the unboxing video on the 10th every month! You guys do an amazing job curating both subscriptions. The color scheme this month is adorable (I love Emma’s neons!) I hope to see more of the 3″x4″ cards and double sided full sheets in the messybox in the future!

  • I really like the simplicity of the Messy Box. There isn’t a massive overload of product so you don’t end up with a lot of left overs. The square cards are my favorite…along with the transparency page. I also like that your designs push me out of my comfort zone sometimes. Please don’t change a thing!! Love getting inspiration from your blog, and instagram, every day! Amazing that you can keep it going all the time!! You girls must work so hard! I’ve got nothing but love, love, love for A Beautiful Mess!

  • HAPPY MAIL IS SO GREAT THIS MONTH! Loved all of the neon/bright color combos, loved the idea behind the “Yes Please” poster, love the stickers and I ESPECIALLY loved all of the puns. Can’t wait to get it and send these out.

    Also – would still love to see some edgy cards now and then, with a sassier message.

  • The black and white stripes look like my wedding invitations. Can’t wait to move back to the US so I can order stuff online. I miss you Amazon Prime!

  • Really want to sign up for one of these boxes, but I’m not sure which one! They both look so fabulous, and I’d look forward to the colour and fun every month!

  • I have the same trouble, lots of 4×6 cards, but no 4×6 page protectors! I don’t want to begin any more of my messy book without these pieces. But that means I can go crazy and do a few months at a time when they are back in stock, which will be so much fun!

  • You guys hit it out of the park with this month’s Happy Mail! I adore this subscription and can’t wait for it each month. Like you, Elsie, I can never have too many thank you cards!! Bravo!

  • Can we please, please, please get a monthly card in each box like this month’s January card? I love getting my box and I think other people would love it too! (Even if it was just something available in the store, maybe a set of 12 for the year available for purchase?)

    <3 all you do!

  • I subscribe to Happy Mail, and I love it! However, my only problem is that I don’t know how to organize the extra stationary I have. Do you have any tips for that?

  • I would like to see more product in the Messy Box. I subscribed from the beginning and each month seems to get less and less. I think we are down to 3 9×12, and not very many of the journal cards. So sad.

  • I would love to see more 3×4 cards and less 3×3 cards in the Messy Box. I always run through the 3×4 cards first and find myself wanting more of them.