Happy Mail & Messy Box Unboxing: March

Happymail-verticalHey, friends. It’s unboxing time! 

This month we have some very exciting boxes, with pastel-y and spring-y vibes. 

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And here’s this month’s unboxing video–

Have an awesome day! xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Janae Hardy. Video: Jeremy Larson. 

  • OMG OMG OMG I am obsessed with this month’s messy box!!! I love when you all do light pastel & neon colors! THIS is why I have a messy box subscription <3 <3 <3

  • This montha messy box is amazing! My favorite colors, marble, water and lip print yesss! I only wish there were more 3×4 cards 🙁 I also love the camera and coffee card. It would be awesome if you made a photography & camera black and white themed kit!! Hint hint lol

  • You should give tea drinkers some love! I know I’m probably in the minority of non coffee drinkers but I never have use for the cards involving coffee.

  • You should probably head over to Studio Calico’s message board to see how people really feel about these kits. Please stop ignoring your customers complaints. Put effort into these kits like you used to. They’re getting thinner and thinner each month. Definitely NOT worth the price people are paying.

  • Every month we advocate for more items in the kit. I promise we are trying so hard to get more items in them. If you have concerns, please voice them in our support emails- that will help! 🙂

    xx- Elsie

  • Maybe it would help if you explain how the process of making the kits work? For example, you say that you are advocating for more items… but don’t you decide what goes in the kits? I loved all the scrapbooking posts, but those have sadly stopped being a regular feature as well. I canceled my subscription this month but would still love inspiration like there used to be!

  • Every month we choose inspiration and send ideas for what we want in each kit. But we do work in a partnership with Studio Calico to produce the kits. So each month we ask for more items and try to get the best possible outcome for our customers! This is VERY important to us. But, no, we do not make every decision. What we try to do is forward all feedback to our partners, but it’s better and more direct if you email our support team through our shop site.

    We do have Scrapbook Sunday here on the blog every month. There is one coming this Sunday.
    Thanks- Elsie

  • Thanks for the clarification and transparency, Elsie. I love the designs in the kits and look forward to hopefully resubscribing when the issues with the quality of the kits get worked out. I’ll be sure to check out the post this Sunday (and hopefully more than once a month in the future!!)

  • Best Happy Mail in a while! Loved all of the cards, always nice to get a blank all-occasion card (especially one that isn’t flat – so hard to get a real letter on those). LOVED the post card, LOVED the fill in the blank card, LOVED the happy national day card. All the colors were amazing. Great month!! <3

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