Scrapbook Sunday: March Messy Box

Scrapbook Sunday with the March Happy Mail plus on unconventional way to use your fun overlays. Full details over at www.abeautifulmess.comEvery now and then I get the urge to use my scrapbook supplies in a new way. I guess you could call it thinking outside the album? The March Messy Box lips overlay was one of those items I wish I could multiply with a snap of my fingers. So I decided it needed a more visible place in my studio than tucked inside a photo pocket. I also loved the three iridescent foil cards that came with this kit. One of them would be so fun to send as a postcard or pinned to a physical inspiration board (the old school, non-Pinterest kind). This kit is really fun for spring, but it's one where you could keep using your scraps all summer long. 

Add an overlay on top of colored cardstock and then add an artistic photo or phrase for instant artI grabbed an inexpensive brushed gold frame on sale at a craft store for this project. It came with a matte, but my photo proportions didn't fit it, so I ditched it. If you wanted to use a smaller amount of your overlay or even printed card stock, a matte is a good option for helping fill that space. I chose a mint card stock I had in my stash and then cut them both to fit the frame. I was going to leave this photo blank but then added the gold alpha text last minute. It's been one of the themes of the last 18 months with so many big, unexpected, scary, and exciting changes with my daily routine. So it's a reminder to not grow complacent and always be open to the next thing that crosses my path. It's my reminder to set some goals and be thinking ahead, and I have a fun spot in my studio above my desk for it.

Use the Overlay as a subtle pattern for personalized art to hang on your wallsMarch Happy MailGuilty PleasuresI used a few of the page holders from the A Beautiful Mess shop for these two pages to showcase all three card sizes and filled them in with some photos from the last month or so. Using these cards for half of my layout or more has been fun because I don't have to overthink things. They provide the colors and fun fonts I always want, and then I can find little ways to add stories in between the images to help document things I don't want to forget. 

SO LuckyLuckyHave I mentioned how fun the iridescent foil cards are? SO FUN! 

FrameWhat are some fun ways you're using your Messy Box supplies this month? Are you resisting the urge to hoard the pastel pink stickers, too? #thestruggleisreal -Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.