Casual Friday Vol. 26

Casual FridayHey, guys!! Welcome to the randomness that is Casual Friday

This week we've been working on the final photos for our cookbook, which will be out next spring. This coming month is our BIG deadline, and we're excited to be almost finished working on something we are so excited about and so proud of.

Here are a few snapshots from our week! 

Casual Friday  Casual Friday  Messes all around. 

Casual Friday    We've photographed almost all our food in my sunroom.

Casual Friday      Casual Friday      Trying to talk her into a selfie… 

Casual Friday         My babies. 

Casual Friday          Casual Friday          Casual Friday          We had so much fun yesterday making necklaces and having coffee with cute sisters Kelly and Kacey. We chatted about our mutual loves for Lisa Frank and home decor and heard some sneak peeks of Kacey's upcoming holiday album. (Which is bananas – you are going to LOVE it!!) And as you can see, our dogs are obsessed with new friends! 

Hope you guys had a great week! xx- Elsie 

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