Rosé Slushee… Frosé?!

Rosé Slushee Recipe... FroséHey, friends! I am super excited to share my quick trick for making a Rosé Slushee (also known as "Frosé" haha). It's so easy you're going to love it!!! 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé First pour rosé into ice cube molds. It does not matter if they are big or small cubes. They will freeze within 5-6 hours and be as frozen as they will ever be, which is very soft. Even if you leave them overnight or for a couple days in the freezer, they will never become hard like ice cubes. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé  Use a spoon to remove each soft ice cube. Fill your glass with a few cubes. I think I used three of these medium cubes for my small glass. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé    Crush the cubes up with a spoon. It will be VERY easy to crush the soft ice cubes into a slushee texture. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé      Are you getting excited?! This is INSANELY SIMPLE, you guys! 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé       Last step! Add a teeny bit of liquid, just a splash! If you like a less sweet drink, just add a little rosé. If you want to sweeten it up, add a splash of cranberry juice or lemonade. I think making it a little bit sweeter adds to the snow cone element. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé        Garnish with a cherry if you like! You can eat it with a spoon or sip it. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé         Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé         Hope you guys enjoy this fun summer drink idea! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

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