Style Crush: Bright Statement Shoes (CONTEST CLOSED)

We are launching a new feature today—get excited! We recently decided to take a break from Sister Style, and as we were thinking on that decision, we also brainstormed a few new fashion/style related features that we thought might be fun to write and (hopefully) fun to read too. We’re calling this feature Style Crush. The premise is insanely simple: we’re just aiming to share one item that we are crushing on currently. It might be something new or something we’ve owned forever. The item I’m currently crushing on are these bright pink clogs I recently bought online.

Normally I am more of a neutral-colored-shoes kind of gal. In fact I probably wear neutrals, and especially black, way more than I’d like to admit. Ha! But I saw a friend on IG showing off her new Lotta’s, which is a brand I’ve bought from before and loved, so I clicked over and started checking out what was new on their site. I instantly fell for these pink clogs, and I’m giving them extra bonus points for being vegan friendly in addition to SUCH a fun color.

Are you in the market for some bold colored statement shoes??? Check out these lovelies:

1. I love the open toe version of my pink clogs from Lotta’s.

2. Flats with pom poms?! Where do I sign up?

3. A bold red heel sounds just about perfect to me.

4. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Katy Perry is making shoes now?! I’m in.

5. I am in LOVE with the heel on this one.

6. Am I cool enough to wear these or is it only for gals as cool as Zoe Kravitz and the like?

7. Perfect vacation shoes? I think so.

8. Red, orange, AND pink heels???? Yes!!!!!

Emma’s wearing: Shoes/Lotta from Stockholm, Jeans/Uniqlo, Purse/thrifted, Top and sunnies/SheIn.

So that’s my current style crush. And good news, if you’re crushing on these shoes too, then you may just be in luck because we are GIVING A PAIR AWAY to one lucky reader. See details below for how to enter. Hope you win!

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Elise Abigail. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Lotta from Stockholm Clog Giveaway!!

  • This is a great new feature! I’d love it if Style Crush featured maybe three different ways to style each item – I’m always hesitant to buy bolder pieces because I don’t know how many different ways I’ll be able to wear them.

    • Yes, we have another feature called “Three Ways to Wear It” that is pretty much just that! We haven’t done one in a while so sounds like we should. 🙂

  • I love this new idea!!! I think I will get way more out of looking at one fashion feature and how it impacts an outfit. I’m already inspired! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for featuring a super cute vegan shoe! Sometimes it’s hard to find well-made, stylish vegan options. THANK YOU!!

  • Ohhhhh i was just about to comment to say how perfect these shoes were and how i loved that style Emma!! Thanks for that amazing giveaway, i’m in desperate need of new shoes this Summer and these ones brought heart into my eyes for real! Plus i mentioned on my blog this week how obsessed i am with pink now! Crossing fingers to win! xo

  • I tend to always drift towards neutrals for most of my outfits (greige is definitely my new favorite color), A pop of color will do me some good! Especially with some brightly painted toes too 🙂

  • Love adding a pop of color with my more neutral wardrobe palette. These are great picks!

  • I’m obsessed with the color of your shoes
    The Pink Pineapple
    I wait for you
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    beautiful landscapes

  • Totally in love with these clogs!!! This joyful colour make me wanna dance , even with my broken leg 🙂

  • This is such a cool idea! I love that you’re showing different versions of a style, like different bold-colored shoes. (number 8 is amazing!)
    One thing I really enjoyed about sister style was that it wasn’t primarily shopping-oriented, that it had more of a “this is how we style what we have in our closets” kind-of vibe. I really liked that, because it takes the pressure of to buy one more new thing. Maybe there’s a way to keep this vibe alive with the new features you’re thinking of? because i’m totally rooting for you changing things up and evolving these features!

    • Totally. I have a feeling many of our style crush items will be things from our closets. You can totally fall in love with things you already own! This was did happen to be something I had recently bought but the message is NOT that you have to buy new things all the time. Of course we love to shop, but I hope the overall vibe of ABM will continue to be geared more toward choosing happiness through everyday stuff (like making crafts, or cooking, or decorating, or loving what’s in your closet). 🙂

  • I’ve read this blog for a loooooonnng time and watched your styles evolve and change and I have to say hands down I feel like this is the best on you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit on you, the jeans, top, shoes, sunnies and hair all look really great on you!!!

  • These are just gorgeous, I always wanted a pair of these, i hope luck will be on my side, keep up the great work you ladies!!!

  • I’m really into this new feature for posts! Love the shoes. #MajorHeartEyes ❤

  • Love a Beautiful Mess since your early days. I would follow you anywhere? You make my days much more colorful!???❤️???Thank you!

  • So cute! I was literally just telling my sister yesterday that I really want a pair of clogs…

  • Crazy awesome color! Thank you for the chance to enter?

  • SO excited to see that Lotta’s is now making vegan clogs!! I’ve loved their clogs for a few years, but since going vegan about a year ago I’ve been super bummed to be missing out. I can’t wait to order a pair of these!!

  • These clogs are calling for me! Especially since I just donated most of my shoes for two reasons – I am going vegan and moving things out of the spare bedroom in preparation for adopting a baby. These would look so cute for this vegan future mama to wear. Thanks!

  • Oh my goodness. Those fushia pink clogs are stunning for my new adventure coming up in June.

  • I’ve been looking for cute vegan summer shoes and these look PERFECT! Can you give any info on the fit? Are they true to size?

  • I will miss sister style for sure, but I’m already loving this new feature.

    I own a pair of tan lotta clogs and they are my faves! Glad to hear they’re vegan, didn’t know that!

    Ester 🙂

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