Happy Mail and Messy Box Reveal: June + A BIG Announcement

Happy weekend! Today we’re revealing the June Happy Mail and Messy Box kits. Keep scrolling for the unboxing video if you want to take a peek! We also have a big announcement at the end of this post, so stay tuned for that!We’re loving the pretty pastel colors, and the fill-in-the-blank card is the best! Subscribe to Happy Mail here.

Document your warm weather trips with this month’s Messy Box kit! Click here to sign up.

Here’s the unboxing video!

We also wanted to let you all know that August will be the last month for both kits. We know, it’s so sad to see them go for now! But the good news is we will be offering past kit items (at great prices!) all summer long!!!!! So if you aren’t signed up for our newsletter yet, do! Otherwise, you may miss out on some of the great deals. We have LOVED creating these kits and hope to offer more items like this in the future, but for now, we’re saying goodbye—so don’t miss out on stocking up on your favorites this summer before they are gone! xo. Emma + Elsie

Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Shailey Murphy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • Thanks for including more all-occasion cards – I always need more of those! And I’m sad you’re stopping – the Happy Mail kit has been a great stimulation for me to send more cards, make people know I’m thinking of them and be more mindful of my relationships – so thank you for that!!!

    • We are making some changes in the back end of our shop that will ultimately be really positive! I promise we have a lot coming out you are going to really like. XXOO!!!

  • NOOOOOO!!!!! I love my Happy Mail!!! Getting that big envelope puts a smile on my face every month. Sad to see it go, looking forward to future ideas you all have <3

  • I expected something like that. I saw you tidying up your store and not restocking. So sad. I loved the kits. The quirkiness. The colors. And to be honest: they were the last thing connecting me to your blog. So many advertisements. So many other authors. So…time goes by. I will stock up. And I will say good bye to your blog. Thank you for all the inspirations.

    • The changes we have coming this fall are really exciting. I would encourage you to keep an open mind! 🙂 We have lots of really awesome things in the works (we just can’t share them all quite yet).

      I completely understand your point about the authors. If we could, Emma and I would write all the posts here ourselves, but as our business has grown that is impossible. I personally oversee all the contributors and approve their posts so please don’t think it’s just random content. We are involved in every piece our our business, even though we cannot do it alone. Honestly, I am really proud we are able to create jobs with our blog- it’s not all negative. There is so much heart that goes into our blog from us and our whole team. XO!

  • I love that you guys did something for vacations this kit!
    I truely hope that you will continue putting out great products for the photo books. For real- pretty pretty please. I am minorly obsessed with them. I think you guys do an amazing job constantly coming up with new inspirational ideas. As a small business owner I am continuously inspired by you to keep creating and writing.

  • I’m really going to miss the Messy Box – it’s what got me started with scrapbooking. I hope you bring back something similar in the future!

  • While I am excited about new things and ideas, I’m so sad to see Happy Mail go.
    I love coming home to my envelope each month. It makes me think about people when I open up the pack and pick out specific cards for my loved ones.

    I guess it makes room in the budget for the Studio DIY clutch subscription.

  • I am excited to see what’s in store!!! I think it’s so good (and healthy) that you guys are changing things up ? I subscribed to happy mail for a year plus and have SO many things from it. That was a lot of content you guys were putting out so I commend you for creating it thus far. I feel like it would be hard to keep the creative juices flowing as far as coming up with new ideas each month. Can’t wait to see what’s next, keep up the good work!

  • I will miss the messy boxes! You inspired me to start scrapbooking when the messy boxes came out and you had so many frequent scrapbooking posts showing them off! Even if messy box is over, I hope you’ll continue to showcase scrapbooking here, it’s one of my favorite crafting topics that you cover.

  • I, too, am so sad to see the Messy Box go! Pretty please with a cherry on top – keep doing scrapbooking….and hopefully even have another scrap kit of some kind. When the Messy Books first came out, the covers were a little sturdier, and I cherish the ones I snatched up back then…I would L.O.V.E to see some cool new designs in the old format.
    I totally enjoy A Beautiful Mess in every way, and appreciate that you consider reader input and are always changing and improving and being creative.

  • I have only just discovered these and they are going! Oh damn! I will be investigating past ones though, because I looooove cards – can’t wait to discover all the gorgeousness

    Holly xo

    The Art of Being Holly

  • So if we sign up for a subscription now, we will get the August box and just get charged for the one month? Thank you!!

      • juuuust to verify.
        i signed up for the month to month starting this month. so obviously, ill only be charged for this months.

        if i want july & augusts i have to go back and order it myself again…..correct?

        • Hi! If you sign up for the month to month option, you’ll be charged each month unless you cancel after you receive your first kit.

  • With all the cards saying “passport” bye! Thanks! A suitcase! Baby stuff! I thought for sure the big announcement was going to be you were off to get your baby! Not stopping messy box! Sadness!

  • Let me echo all of the sadness in the above comments! I just discovered and subscribed to Happy Mail, and I’m sorry to see it go so soon. I’m looking forward to the upcoming surprises in the fall, and I really hope there’s another stationery subscription box in the works!

  • HI, I do have to kind of agree with the previous comment about the new authors. I’m sure they are all lovely people, but they are not you guys, which is what has drawn me to your blog and kept me coming back in the first place. I find myself becoming less interested in your blog the more new authors I see. I totally understand wanting your business to grow, I just hope that you don’t lose touch with what made your blog great to begin with.

  • Happy Mail day is the best day….I’ve never had to go shopping for a card for any occasion. Very sad to see it go..

  • Hey Ladies!
    I love unboxing day, it is a ray of sunshine! I will miss it!
    As far as the comments about the other authors, I wanted to take the time to say, I completely disagree with my fellow readers! I love the variety. Some of those ladies have been contributing to the blog since the beginning of time! And when there is a post that I can’t imagine Elsie or Emma writing, that’s because it is about something I don’t recognize as their expertise, not because it is off brand.
    Can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you for all of your work!

  • That’s interesting because I was just logging on to cancel my subscription. I have been a subscriber since the first kit. I am a long time Elsie fan. But I just feel like the kits have been lacking in product and artwork-it always looks like my 5 year old drew the pictures and that just gets to be too much after a while. I do have my favorite kits, such as the one at the beginning of the year with the swans-I used it as the launching point for my theme for this year’s Project Life. I will continue to follow both of you, A Color Story, and A Beautiful Mess on social media though! Much luck with future endeavors!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thank you so much for your support through the years. It really means a lot. We are ending this partnership and we will launch new products this fall, winter and spring. Stay tuned! xx

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