Oui Fresh Giveaway: Mini Oils Collection!!! (CLOSED)

Hey friends! It’s been such an exciting week for us here at Oui Fresh: We launched three brand new products along with a new website, which you can read all about in Elsie’s post from earlier this week. Besides a fresh look for Oui Fresh as a business, I think a lot of us are feeling that fresh start personally as we move into September and into autumn.

Elsie and I were just talking about how there’s no other time of year that motivates us to give tons of TLC to our homes quite like the fall does. Everything from reorganizing closets with our fall favs to trying out new cleaning techniques and adding seasonal touches around the house—it’s really the little things that help us embrace the season. There’s something so comforting about having everything in its place when the air turns crisp outside!

One of the things we’ve been SO excited to work into our fall routine this year is our new essential oils, and we want to give one of our readers a set of 12 mini oils to try out!

Keep your eyes on the blog for all of the amazing DIYs and recipes that will be popping up soon using EOs. Room sprays, face oils, cleaning sprays, roller blends, hand soaps, and, of course, diffuser recipes, are just a few on the list. 🙂

You can enter below, the giveaway is open internationally and runs until 9/8 at 8:30 AM (CST). Good luck!

Oui Fresh Mini Essential Oil Set

Credits//Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • So excited that you guys have decided to branch out in this direction. I can’t wait for the recipes!

  • I am an oils addict, and it’s so nice to see trustworthy independent oils! I ordered three bottles right away and I can’t wait to smell them when they get here!

  • First of all, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to win your amazing new products! Secondly, I have a few oils but am definitely still a complete noob when it comes to them. I’m looking forward to getting a diffuser and trying some of your recipes! Are any of them food grade? Or will they be in the future?

    • Hi Keri! Don’t worry, we were ALL noobs at one point in time! So excited for you to try essential oils, they’re so awesome. Our oils *are* 100% pure, which means the only ingredient is the distilled oil of the plant. While some companies encourage ingestion of oils, we don’t recommend it. Some of the constituents found in oils can be found in the foods we eat, and our bodies can process them in the very small amounts found in those foods. On the flip side, essential oils are very highly concentrated, for example, the small about of limonene (the common thread constituent between lemon EO and lemon) is majorly magnified when using lemon essential oil as opposed to a real lemon, so we always opt for the culinary intended versions of these herbs, fruits, etc. Another safety tip for those who love to use EO in their water; water doesn’t dilute oil, so the oil floats around in those very concentrated droplets as it travels through your mouth and down to your stomach, clinging to very sensitive mucous membranes which are highly prone to irritation. I hope this helps (sorry for the novel, I don’t love saying “no don’t ingest them” without explanation!), and the Tisserand Institute is an incredible resource for oil safety! xo

  • So excited to try these essential oils! As a certified aromatherapist I too am skeptical of certain essential oil companies and really appreciate the time ouifresh took to work with farmers and distillers and to bring safety awareness too. Awesome!!!

  • So excited about this! Living in a tiny, dark and dank apartment in NYC, we rely on scented candles and oils to freshen the place up and calm the intense mood of this city. Oui to Oui Fresh!

  • Great giveaway per usual 🙂 . Fingers crossed as I have been turning to holistic things like crystal healing and meditation and these would add to my efforts. So excited for your expansion and all the exciting things to come.