Our New Oui Fresh Shop Launch!!!!!

Today we are SO excited to share our new Oui Fresh shop with you! We have big plans for this shop and we are SO excited to share our first round of new products with you today!

I have a ton of info to share today, but if you want a “cheat sheet,” just scroll down and look for the bold type to see our launch sales!

First up: Essential Oils! A little birdie just told me that these are already a bestseller!!

We are so proud to share our first 12 oils with you! We stuck to the basics—oils we reach for over and over again. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing easy homemade recipes with you to make your own household cleaning products as well as skincare tips and go-to diffuser blends. Essential oils have helped me go more “green” in my home in so many different ways, but as a first step they are awesome to diffuse during sleep, work and instead of candles around the house!

Our oils are 100% pure (meaning they are not diluted in any way) and, yes, they have even been lab tested to verify (you can read more about our oils here). Shop our 12 oils here.

And for the next 24 hours you can buy two and get a third one free (*of equal or lesser value) by using the code THIRDFREE at checkout. 

Creating Oui Fresh Lipsticks has been a dream come true! You all probably already know that we are passionate about non-toxic beauty and skincare. We have found so many products we LOVE (that we’ll be sharing with you in our new beauty box), but we never found “the one” when it came to lip products—so we made our own!

The lipsticks are buttery and ultra moisturizing. I am SO excited about the color lineup we have. See all the colors here! We named each shade after nostalgic ’90s moments.

I am big on lip glosses. I like to use them over my lipstick, but I also like to use them all on their own when I’m doing a more casual look. These glosses are so silky and nice. You will notice the hydration right away! They smell like vanilla (they are naturally scented—nothing artificial!) and they are not sticky. My go-to is Cosmic Brownie (the perfect nude for my lips—I LOVE a nude lip).

Oh! I haven’t mentioned yet that if you scroll through the images under each product you can see four (beautiful!) models with different skin tones wearing each shade. Our hope is that this will give all of you more ideas of how the shades may look on you.

Our lip products are non-toxic, cruelty free and gluten free.

We really want you to try these for yourself! For the next 24 hours you can buy two and get a third one free (*of equal or lesser value). Again, just use the code THIRDFREE during checkout. You can mix both lip products and essential oils and still get the deal! 

We are BEYOND excited to launch our first BEAUTY BOX soon. It will be launching in the next few weeks as a pre-order. The official first month will be October!

We didn’t anticipate such an amazing response for this box—truly you all have blown us away. Currently there are twice as many people on the waitlist as we have boxes for October. So if you are interested in the box, you MUST get on the waitlist. People on the waitlist will get the first notification (via email) when it goes up for sale. We’re anticipating a quick sell out for this first month.

Anyway, the box is AWESOME. The first month has a huge variety of really fun things to try. We’re working hard to make sure each box has a good balance of our own go-to products and things that are unique and kind of a surprise! Our aim is to introduce you all to really amazing products: some practical, some fun, and all non-toxic, so you can feel great about using them. We’re also sneaking our own signature products into boxes. It’s been one of my favorite projects of ALL TIME to get this rolling.

I’ll share more about the October box in a separate post soon.

In other Oui Fresh news … we are still selling T-shirts and daisy sunnies!!! Some of the sunnie colors are going really fast. In T-shirt news, we’ll be bringing back our HOCUS POCUS tees and hoodies soon! So excited.

Happy Mail will be re-launching in the new year. We took a short break to change up our sourcing so we can have more variety. We are hoping to give Happy Mail a little refresh, keeping all the things that we know you love but making the product mix even better and hopefully more useful. It’s going to be rad! We’ll get a waitlist for that going once we get a bit closer, so don’t worry about missing out—we will give you plenty of warning! 🙂

I know this is a lot of information to throw at you in one post, so if you have any questions, ask away!

We love you all and are so grateful for your support! xx – Elsie + The Oui Fresh team

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • WOW! Essnetial Oils! That is a big undertaking!

    I have been using them for years with other companies, but I’m so excited to try yours!!

    This is so exciting!! <3 <3 <3

  • I can’t wait to order! I’ve already filled up my cart. 😀 The coupon code isn’t working, though. Will try again tomorrow to see if it’s working then!

  • Very excited! A question about the beauty box waitlist. I signed up, received the email to confirm subscription to the email list (and clicked the link to confirm) – I have not received any emails about the beauty box since then, just making sure I am on the list properly/didn’t miss anything! Usually I feel like there would be a confirmation email or something. Thanks 🙂

  • i really think you need to include a model with a darker skin tone in the lipstick photos (3 of your models are white, and the only model of color has a lighter skin tone). This is excluding a huge part of your potential customer base (people with darker skin tones) , and is replacating racist and colorist standards in the “mainstream” beauty industry.

  • Wow, Congratulations! This is very exciting! I love that you’ve created your own natural lip line and I love the names you chose! Also, my Mom just did a class with essential oils and she loved it! Can’t wait to check out the goods!

  • I am SO excited for all your new offerings. Already snagged 2 lipsticks and the Tea Tree oil which I had on my wishlist for a while. Perfect! I have become more and more wary of beauty products and their possible harmfulness. Thank you for contributing to the availability of safer products. And PS thanks for the lipstick models! So helpful!

  • This is so exciting and I absolutely love that you showed the lip colors on models with different skin tones! Not every shade looks the same on everyone and it’s nice to see what a shade might actually look like on me before I buy it!

    • Hi Kelsey! A great category of diffusers to get you started are the ultrasonic or humidifying class. Without getting to science-y on you, they’re the ones that use water to create a vapor that carries the oil into the air. Because they use water, they double as a humidifier which is great for these colder months coming up (our respiratory systems can always use an extra boost), and they’re also pretty affordable. We’re still testing out brands to come up with our favorites, but we love shopping on Amazon for diffusers for the sake of reviews, etc. We plan to do a more in depth post about diffusers in the future! xo

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