Puerto Rico Needs Help

Photo: Arielle Vey

I know this isn’t our standard content, but as many of you know, there have been some devastating hurricanes during the last month. I am sure you’ve heard. But just in case you haven’t, please read a little about how Puerto Rico has been affected. It’s truly heartbreaking. They desperately need all the help they can get.

Today, 100% of our proceeds from our app sales in A Color Story will be donated to MedShare. But we strongly encourage you to join us. Seek out an organization offering relief and give anything you can (even if it’s just word of mouth). We just want to use our little space here on the internet to direct more love and resources to Puerto Rico right now, because they are in need. If you can give, please do.

Here’s a list of organizations helping out in the area and their charity rating, as well as a few more resources:

Charity Navigator: lists multiple charities

PBS article with more ways to help

Puerto Rican food bank

Thank you, The ABM + ACS Team

  • Bringing attention to Puerto Rico is such a great way to use your platform! I really appreciate this post.

  • Thank You SO much for bringing more awareness to the incredible devastation Puerto Rico endured as a result of Hurricane Maria! Our fellow American citizens need all the help they can get to help them rebuild and recover!

  • I am so proud to be a part of your audience. Thank you for being ethical and compassionate citizens of the world. xx

  • Yall are amazing. Thank you so much for using your voice and your platform to help.

  • I am from Puerto Rico and have been following your blog for so many years. I truly appreciate this post and the role your platform plays in this conversation.

    Boricua pa’ lante <3

  • Thanks for dedicating your proceeds today to Medshare. <3 Puerto Rico has been heavy on my heart. The best way to love others is through action and giving as you've said above.

  • I’ve been waiting to buy the new filter packs, this is a perfect reason to get them! Thank you for using your platform for things your heart is pulled to.

  • Thank you so much for doing this! I’ve already shared this with my networks, and I’m going to purchase the new packs today, too! <3

  • Remember the U.S. Virgin Islands as well when donating! I have friends on St. Croix, a small island to the southeast of P.R., who are also in desperate need of help. <3

  • This is so cool 🙂 My dad is stuck there, south of the island. No water, no electricity no nothing. Truly heartbreaking

  • there was only one filter pack I hadn’t ordered yet! Guess that changed today

  • Thank you for using your platform to bring help and support to those who need it. I still remember when you donated to the ACLU during the original Muslim Ban horrors. It warmed my heart to see you taking a stand for basic human decency – which is apparently a courageous thing nowadays, sadly.

    TLDR thanks for being a great balance of escapist entertainment, creativity, and good works!