The Ultimate Baker’s Wishlist!

The holidays are approaching and that means that baking season is upon us! Let the smell of fresh bread, cookies, and cakes abound as bakers everywhere get out their old time-tested recipes and hunt for a few new ones to add to their repertoire as well. Whether you are a baker yourself or need a few holiday presents for someone else who is, here are a few of our favorite baking related treats for the upcoming season:

1. Looove the giant ruffles on this pie pan. Can you imagine how cute the crust will be on those slices?
2. Pretty spoons make tedious measuring more fun!
3. Keep your sugar and flour nearby (and beautiful!) in these gold containers.
4. When you don’t want to make giant quantities of desserts, try baking for two!
5. These classic pie pans come in lots of colors and would be the perfect gift to match any baker’s kitchen.
6. This book will teach you to make treats that are (almost) too cute to eat!
7. I mean … how great is this mixer? I’ll take one in mint, please!
8. Rainbow stacking bowls will help you hand mix you whatever your recipes call for!
9. I love a good phrase at the bottom of a bowl or pie pan—you get a sweet surprise when all your guests are served.
10. Don’t forget an adorable apron to keep your clothes clean!
11. If you’ve got an expensive macaron habit (who doesn’t?), then making your own will save you money and keep those tiny treats flowing.
12. These spatulas are perfect for mixing (or licking batter off of them) and look cute on your counter as well.
13. Open pie fillings in luxury with this gold can opener
14. What a coincidence, my favorite salad is wine as well …
15. Bring that fresh-baked bread smell into your home all through the holiday season (and long after too!).

Now that your baking game is on point, it’s time to preheat the oven and get this party started! Don’t forget to check out our food section to find some new recipes to try out on your family and friends this holiday season. Let the baking begin!

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