10 Things I Love Sunday

Christmas is so close I can almost hear the “Ho Ho Ho” and the jingle of sleigh bells approaching! I seriously wish I could keep my christmas decor up forever as I miss those twinkling lights in January pretty hard. Winter after Christmas is over is the longest. time. of. the. year. in my opinion. I’ll enjoy it while I can!!

1. This face oil is ah-MAZING! Smells like the shores of Hawaii, which is perfect for lifting me out of my winter gloominess each day.

2. I love playing records and this is the prettiest player I’ve ever seen! Of course this time of the year this album and this one are basically on repeat in my house …

3. Lola needs a snowsuit and this one is pretty adorable.

4. I like to use organic sheets since Lola spends a lot of the day laying on them napping and sleeping and this is my favorite site for organic bedding—so many cute designs, it’s insane!

5. Thinking a lot about my family’s Christmas traditions this week. On Christmas Eve, they would always let us open one small present before church and then my Dad would do a toast (we had fancy sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses). Such sweet memories!

6. Read about what happened after using just coconut oil as an overnight hair mask for a month and now I’m wondering if I should try it. It just sounds like it would be so hard to wash out of your hair. Yes or no to those who have tried it?

7. Love looking at the stunning photos of Christmas being celebrated in Colmar, France—I want to go to there!

8. With all the holiday parties coming, I’m so glad that I keep a few of these type of stands in my kitchen pantry. They make a party table look so much more put together and it’s hardly any effort at all to put them out. Pretty cake stands are also really useful for stacking other items as well, like donuts and cookies.

9. Possibly the perfect New Year’s Eve dress?

10. Is it weird that I’m obsessing over a toaster?? So pretty!

Christmas is almost here!! I think we are going to do a Trader Joe’s trip before the big day and buy a bunch of stuff for a Christmas brunch. We like to time our weekend brunches at home to coinside with Lola’s nap so we can eat in peace and at the same time get to catch up a bit. Can’t wait! xo. Laura

  • You’re right- coconut oil is so hard to wash out of your hair! I would not recommend it. I’ve had good results with an oil that is unsaturated, such as jojoba or argan oil. But it’s very difficult to find pure argan oil in the US sadly.

  • I do a coconut mask every week, on Sundays. It’s actually not too bad to wash out. I usually have to do 2 to 3 shampoo races. But at least my hair nice and shiny all week long!

  • I do the coconut oil hair treatment regularly and I’d definitely recommend trying it. I tend to just leave mine in for 30-60 minutes instead of sleeping in it overnight. Haven’t ever had any trouble washing it out as long as I do a thorough job scrubbing my hair with shampoo.

  • Right there with you — we’re hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so we don’t have to worry about our baby’s naptime schedule and routine.

  • I love using coconut oil in my hair BUT yes it is hard to wash out (at least with my hair texture…my bestie has big natural curls and in her hair she doesn’t even need to wash it out, it just looks good/not greasy). I make a combo of 50/50 aloe vera gel and coconut oil with a few drops of essential oil (tea tree usually) and comb it through my hair on a friday night. that way i have a few washes before work on monday to get it good and clean (this only works if you have no weekend plans which i usually don’t haha #stayhomeclub). makes my hair so shiny and soft for a few days!

  • I don’t find coconut oil difficult to wash out of my hair at all! One shampoo and it’s completely out. And I use a pretty good amount of it for hair masks – enough to completely coat my scalp and hair from root to tip. Try it!

  • Colmar, France is the inspiration for Market Chipping in the anime, Howl’s Moving Castle.

  • I love coconut oil for so many reasons, but I am not a fan of leaving it in my hair overnight. I find that leaving it in for about an hour does the trick. I also don’t find it too difficult to wash out, though it does take a little more attention than a normal shampoo or conditioning might. xoxo

  • Tip for washing out the coconut oil! When you go to wash your hair, don’t wet it first. Put in the shampoo and lather it up dry! Then, wet it and rinse. I usually find that at this point, I will shampoo again as usual. I’ve never had it leave my hair oily this way.

  • I won’t put straight coconut oil in my hair! It WILL NOT come out. It takes days and multiple shampoos and is miserable. Everyone’s hair is different though.

  • well I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and never commented… but now that you talk about Colmar, given that I leave right next to it, I though that would be a good time to start 🙂
    I can confirm that it’s absolutely gorgeous, especially that time of year. If you’re interested, you can also ask your friend google to show you pics from lovely christmas-time pictures of nearby villages Kaysersberg, Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr… all within a few kilometers from Colmar. Greetings from snowy Alsace (in France, where Colmar is) !

  • I have very oily hair and I was concerned that coconut oil wouldn’t wash out, but it comes out so easily! I’ve done it twice so far leaving it in overnight. As long as you’re using a shampoo with sulfates you should be okay. Sulfate-free shampoos don’t lather as much so they could leave your hair pretty oily.

  • I’m from India.. when I was young, my Mom would shout at me if I didn’t apply coconut oil before shampooing my hair. When I got older, I could clearly see how much of a difference it makes so I continue it till today. I apply it only for 30-60 minutes before washing my hair now due to time constraints and fear of staining my pillow.
    I have observed one thing though, it’s harder to wash off using sulphate free shampoos when compared to the regular shampoos. So I would suggest applying coconut oil lightly if you are using a sulphate free shampoo followed by a conditioner. Two washes does the trick!

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