10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello hello. I’m here to share 10 things I love. This past week has been a good one!!! I’m finally starting to feel sort of caught up on work after our adoption and it feels great! I don’t have too much to report … just cleaning out my closet for spring and fantasizing about getting a pizza for Valentine’s Day. Haha.

1. I am obsessed with these jumpsuits from Big Bud Press (wearing the red one above). They are so fun to wear and I’m embarrassed to admit that I am collecting quite a few colors. Support their kickstarter here (I just did!).

Our grandmother, Norma, always wore head-to-toe one color (matching dress, shoes and necklace) in her years as a math teacher and I am taking after her on that one! Last time Emma came to my house she saw all my Marais shoes and was like, “you’re Norma.”

Honestly, I am still getting a grip on what I want my “mom style” to be. I do see what people meant about heels and short skirts as I recently flashed my a$$ to my neighbor (on accident) while getting Nova into her car seat. So I’m currently working on modifying my wardrobe for my new life (ish).

I need cute flat shoes and not so short skirts …. any recommendations?

2. Speaking of “mom clothes,” I found the perfect bag (I found that I don’t really need a diaper bag most of the time but I always need wipes, extra sunnies and a hat in my purse).

3. I am obsessed with this room makeover. Mary Blair inspired. LOVE!

4. I bought this bag for spring. Love shopping small, local businesses! One of my goals for the year is to support more small businesses and shop more green!

5. Loving these more vintage heart-shaped sunnies. I got some black ones … Nova already tried to steal them.

6. This recipe looks SO GOOD. I’ve never made bread. Have you?

7. I use these baskets ALL over my house.

8. We have been using water wipes for Nova (yes, she’s still in diapers) and I am going to keep buying them for me after she’s not in diapers. They’re 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. They work great for removing makeup (use a little oil if you’re removing heavy eye makeup) and they are great for travel, kids, everything. And the best part—they don’t smell like alcohol and artificial fragrance. LOVE.

9. How to make tea with a French press.

10. Nova’s favorite song.

Happy Sunday! xx – Elsie

P.S. To follow up on my last 10 things … I ended up buying this for Disney and an Alice dress too … pretty sure it’s going to be the cutest trip of my life!



  • Yes the leather backpack is the way to go! I have four kids and I swear by this style of bag for free hands, just enough space, but durable enough not to rip under the weight of my mom gear. I have two, one is a nicer quilted one and the other is more casual with a pink hibiscus flower embroidered on it and I adore them.
    I keep a few small toys (hot wheels, mlpony, lol doll), a pack of small colored pencils (because melted crayons=mommymeltdown) a few small notepads and a piece of chalk (impromptu hopscotch for long waits trust meeee) in a little zippered makeup bag for when you get to that stage! Love being part of this new season of your life.

  • I was all ready to comment about how beautiful your family photo is but I am still laughing over “flashing” your neighbor while placing beautiful Nova in her car seat!!! Happy Sunday!

  • Favorite flats are Rothy’s, you can only get them on line. They’re made from recycled bottles, totally washable and comfortable. Just got my 2nd pair, I want one in every color.

  • Hi!! Love these posts.

    What do you use the baskets for? I actually got one of these for Christmas and it’s so small i’m not sure what to put in it. <3

  • I’ve always been super picky about flats and it took me forever to find ones that I liked but I came across ones from Marc Jacobs and now I am super hooked and loyal! 🙂 Kate Spade has some cute more charactery ones too.

  • I am a jeans kinda gal, however, when wearing skirts or dresses I go for the bodycon types that are not too short. They never go anywhere and is great when not wanting to flash your backside to your neighbours. 😉 Made me laugh though!

    Recently I bought the Skiphop Signature bag. My youngest is almost two and I also don’t need to carry much, but this bag has the perfect size for this age. Enough room for toys or a coloring book and your own stuff too. Personally, I find it a great bag and looks good. Will probably use it for the office when I don’t need it for toddler stuff! 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  • Mom style is something I’ve been working on for a year! LoL! When I was shopping last summer for a destination wedding in the mountains, I was going for wrap dresses & button down dresses because it was “easy access” for breastfeeding & flattering. Now that my baby is one (!) I find it’s easiest to wear fitted pants with a layered tank, sheer or lace tee on top & a sweater (I’m in Chicago, so sometimes there’s 2 more layers on top of that to stay warm!) Looking forward to your new mom looks 😍

  • My son is 3 and I’m still trying to figure out my “mom style”! I’d love to see a blog on some mom friendly peices!!

  • Ooooh…thanks for introducing us to Xinh & Co!!! So beautiful, already placed my first order!!

  • You’re going to love the backpack! I have a backpack purse from Henri Bendel & I love it! Although mine is convertible, I mostly only use it as a backpack. With two boys, the backpack is WAY more convenient (I think) than crossbody or large tote. It’s not in your way, you have two free hands, nothing sliding off your arm, or having to move the purse out of your way, & they fit everything. Bonus, your back, shoulder, arm don’t hurt! Clearly I’m pro backpack purse 😉

  • Wait – you’re taking NOVA to Disney?! We took our almost 3 year old in September, to disneyland for (2) days and it was the most incredible two days EVER!!! We had the absolute best time and he loved ever second of it! (he also now thinks all planes only fly to California to see Mickey)

  • flat shoes: zuzii leather sneakers! they are sustainable, made in the US, and super cute. i have their sneakers and want to get their sandals

  • I love the look of jumpsuits. BUT I have a 9-month old baby and every time we leave the house I carry her in an Ergo. Inevitably, there comes a time when I have to pee while wearing her — which is hard enough in jeans, and would be impossible in a jumpsuit! Ah well.

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