Oui Fresh Beauty Box – February Unboxing

UPDATE: The February Beauty Box sold out, but if you missed this month you can sign up for the waitlist here! Hi friends! So excited to unbox this month for you. Emma loves calling this month “cheeky” and it’s really the perfect descriptor—there are lots of bronzy, rosy, shimmery items in this month’s box to make your cheeks glow!

Before we really begin, I want to quickly remind those who are on the fence about subscribing that we sold out in 12 hours last month, which was twice as fast as the month before. If you know you want a beauty box, go ahead and click this link so you don’t miss out! We’ve got some great things coming up this spring and summer. 🙂The front of our info card this month is from our friend Arielle Vey, and this one is a framer, for sure! You’ve probably seen Arielle’s art in a lot of the homes here on ABM. She is not only a very talented artist, but also the most delightful person on the planet and her Instagram stories are A++++. Find her at @ariellevey!

Introducing … our February Beauty Box, valued at $74! She’s a cheeky one. One of my favorite things about this box is that between two of these products, you can pull off almost a full makeup look—all you really need are foundation and some mascara. Pretty amazing! Here’s what’s inside:

Phyto-Pigments Flash Luminizer in ‘Blush – Rose’ by Juice Beauty – (Value $32)

Everyone went CRAZY over the lipstick from Juice in the November box, so we are thrilled to have them join us again for February! This product is really versatile. I think most will think of a blush when they see this, but this can also be used as a highlighter, lip color, and eyeshadow. This is definitely one of those products I’ll be keeping in my core rotation at home and definitely for when I travel; it just does so many things for such a compact product and the payoff is great; it’s got great pigment and is a really pretty, wearable shade. One thing I will recommend if you’re someone that likes to wear foundation and concealer is to use your fingers as a ‘brush’ instead of using the stick directly on your cheeks. When you use stick products on a really beautifully blended base of foundation, it can disrupt and kind of ‘smear away’ the work you’ve done underneath. By applying to your fingers first and blending it onto your skin with a gentle tapping motion, you’ll keep your foundation and concealer intact.

Highlighting + Bronzing Serum Duo by Urb Apothecary – (Value $8)

This highlighting/bronzer duo from Urb is a total dream. Have you ever looked at someone doing ‘no-makeup makeup’ and wondered, “How do they look so dewy and glow-y and ethereal”? They’re probably using this! I’m not sure what I was expecting when I tried this for the first time, but I was so happy with how my skin looked when I applied this in places I normally would my powder bronzer/highlight. Besides loving how it looked, the way this made my skin feel was a major plus. It feels highly nourishing like a facial oil. It has argan oil, rosehip seed oil, and lavender essential oil, so it all makes sense! Leyna from Urb included an awesome instructional card with the serums with recommendations on how to apply, so that’s a great teaching tool that comes with these little beauties. Because these are all natural, they might need a little mixing before use; I roll mine between my hands and it works like a dream.

Lavender Body Butter by OY-L – (Value $16)

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect lavender body butter for years after I realized the lavender body butter I had been using wasn’t real lavender at all, just a synthetic fragrance. Did you know that even though something *smells* like an essential oil, your body can’t be tricked into getting the same benefits as it would from the real essence of the plant? Lavender is such an incredible plant and my body and mind respond really well to it, so I’ve been clamoring to find high performing body products with lav as star of the show. I’ve found two body butters that were pretty good, but I never really knew what I was missing until we found OY-L. Andrea, the founder of OY-L, has formulated the most magnificent whipped body butter formula and oh my gosh, she has packed SO much lavender punch into this jar. It truly is an aromatherapy experience and also a deeply hydrating one for your skin. We are so excited to introduce you to this product as it is really a treat for your skin and a great self care vehicle if you need one. I love using this before bed or just to put on my wrists and hands in the middle of an intense day. 🙂

Lemon Essential Oil by Oui Fresh – (Value $10)

Lemon is fantastic for so many things and an awesome oil to have in your collection. Some of our favorite uses are in DIY cleaning sprays (you can find our recipe on our @ouifresh Instagram and sub lemon for lemongrass), making a hand/foot scrub with coconut oil and sugar or sea salt, filling a pretty dish with pink Himalayan salt and putting a few drops of lemon oil in to set in your bathroom to freshen it up, and so much more.

Superfacial Organic Oil Moisturizer by Plant Apothecary – (Value $8)

This facial oil is SO good. You know how crazy we are about hydrating oils and this one is really wonderful. It’s definitely more of a heavy hitter as far as deep hydration goes, and the juniper and geranium have amazing aromatherapy effects as well. I find facial oils work best after a shower, bath, or cleansing, essentially after your face has just been cleansed with warm water. Opening up those pores and having moisture already on your skin really aids the oil in dispersing evenly and absorbing quickly. Plant Apothecary is a fantastic brand with ingredients you can trust, and you can find a pretty good selection of their products at a lot of Target stores, which is nothing short of amazing.*Boxes cannot be customized. As with any subscription box, it’s normal to expect you’ll get some things you love more than others. The purpose of this box is to try new things at an amazing value. Each month will be a different assortment, but it will always include some skincare and makeup. We will not do skin-tone-specific makeup colors (so don’t worry, we will never send you a foundation that doesn’t match your skin!). If you get something you don’t like one month, just share it with a friend! You can read more on our FAQ page and you can SUBSCRIBE HERE.

That’s it for this month! As I mentioned before, these boxes have been selling out so quickly, so if you want to be in ‘the club’ whenever everyone starts unboxing in a few weeks, click here!!! One of the best parts of this journey for our team is the feedback we’ve been getting on how much our subscribers have been enjoying this box—we’re so glad you’ve been finding some new favorites! See you in March, pals. xo, Keely, Emma, and Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Keely Rust. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • The body butter sounds lovely, I think I’ve been in need of a really good one! The fact that it’s whipped also adds to the value because that way it’s travel-friendly! Will be on the lookout.
    Happy weekend! x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  • I have been loving all of my boxes so far, and as an expectant mom these make me feel much better about what I’m using! I would love to see a nail polish in a future box!

  • Wow these subscription boxes are amazing! Particularly love the lavender body butter as lavender really relaxes me and my skin always needs extra moisturizing. I hope this will be offered again soon!

  • I just got my box and I have to say, for almost $40 I’m incredibly disappointed that almost all the items are tiny sample sizes. This box is a total rip off. The essential oil isn’t even full size, and lemon is the cheapest EO you can get!

    • So sorry you didn’t love your box! Each box comes with at least one full size item (the juice beauty set this month is incredible!) but it it meant to have a lot of samples so you can try a lot of new brands. It’s not possible for us to have any month with only size items due to cost and weight. It’s normal to love some months more than others. I think any box would be that way.

      We have been getting so much feedback about the high value of our box- I recommend you see how you feel next month. 🙂

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