What’s New in A Design Kit!!

Happy weekend!! If you don’t already know, we have a design app called A Design Kit that lets you add doodles, text, designs and the CUTEST stickers to all of your photos!! We have recently added so many new designs and stickers to the app that we want to share with you.

We’ve recently added the Notebook design pack! We wanted to make a design pack that focused on simple, cute designs. They add something interesting to your photo without being too busy. You can find drawings of plants, stars and more (we love the ink spots!!). This pack is FREE in the app!

Our most recent additions to the app are the Hobbies and Sun’s Out! sticker packs. These are great all year round, but we’re especially excited to use Sun’s Out! during the next few months!

Our new Hobbies stickers are SO CUTE. You can find stickers for photography, traveling, baking, crafting, and more! These are the perfect way to show off some of your favorite activities. This pack is also FREE in the app!!

Our other new sticker pack is called Sun’s Out! These stickers put you in the perfect summer mood and will look adorable on all of your vacation photos. Not to mention they include a super cute sticker of our Oui Fresh sunnies!!

You can find any of these new packs after downloading A Design Kit! After playing around with the app, be sure to use #adesignkit so we can see what you created!! xo. Elsie, Emma, and the ACS Team.

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