10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great week. I am taking a vacation with Jeremy’s family (and Nova’s 1 million cousins) this week.

1. Our East Nashville home (above) is now available on Airbnb and has been booking up quickly. Thank you!!!

2. Been toying with the idea of getting a film camera just for fun. Opinions? Recommendations?

3. Moorea Seal always has the cutest earrings.

4. LGBTQ positive books for kids. Great list! We already had a few and I found a few new books from this list! The Great Big Book of Families is SO great.

5. Loving this vintage style ring.

6. The cutest romper I have EVER found for Nova on Amazon.

7. Excited to try this matcha collagen. Has anyone tried it?

8. I have been using this pillow for over a year—it helps me so much to sleep on my back. If you have eyelash extensions, worry about “pillow wrinkles” or just want to sleep on your back in general, I highly recommend it. It has a satin cover that is easy to remove and wash.

9. I really want to try this recipe. It was one of my favorite dishes we had in China.

10. My two favorite shows, Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale both had finales and now I’m so sad because I looked forward to them every week. I guess The Bachelorette (the worst) and Bachelor In Paradise (the second worst—haha) will have to do for the rest of the summer. And The Office reruns, of course. What else should we watch?? I wouldn’t mind a new drama.

Hope your Sunday is lovely! xx – Elsie







  • The Handmaids Take isn’t over quite yet! One more episode to go, those are both my favorite shows as well. Not sure about the Westworld finale though? Kinda scratching my head after that one 🤷‍♀️

    • You’re right! We thought we had watched the finale and then we discovered there were two more- haha!

      I love Westworld, but I do feel like it became a show where you have to listen to the explanation podcast or recaps on youtube to keep up with it- which is a lot. I’m excited for the next season, though!

  • You have an adorable home. Makes me want to book a trip to Nashville just to stay there:) Re:TV drama. Have you tried the PBS series Endeavour from the UK? It’s a prequel series to the old Morse shows from the eighties. And it’s brilliantly written and acted. We eat it up and can’t wait for the next helping… I mean season.

  • You should TOTALLY watch Picnic at Hanging Rock. It is on amazon, weird mystery at a boarding school? So good!

  • There’s one episode left of Handmaid’s Tale! They decided to do 13 episodes this season! Enjoy- xoxo!

  • Sharp Objects starts today on HBO! If you like Handmaid’s Tale, I think you will dig Sharp Objects. I live in China and those rice noodles are delicious. 🙂

  • Happy news– This Wednesday 7/11/18 is actually the finale of Handmaids Tale! You still have another episode left!

  • Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix is one of my favorites! It’s an unscripted travel show. It’s so good!

  • But how do you use that pillow? It looks so weird, I need a tutorial!

    • LOL- your face goes in the little curved part so it doesn’t crush it so much… but I try to back sleep most of the time.

  • I love AP Bio – a new series that just aired, all of which is available on Hulu. I also just finished Brooklyn 99 and Superstore!

  • The Affair. Also on HBO and a great drama. If you want sg lighter you should check out Younger.

  • Elsie! You have to watch Queer Eye on Netflix! It’s so good and so positive. 🙂

  • I’m so behind the world… i’m just now working my way through The Office… and finally getting so many common jokes that obv arise from it (ha I swear I didn’t plan it – that’s what she said!)
    I have not watched Handmaid’s Tale or Westworld. I’m obv not the one you want to ask about tv recommendations 🙂
    Also, I love the table!

  • Peaky Blinders is suuuuuch a great show and all the seasons are on Netflix!

  • Try Staircase on Netflix for a true crime mini docuseries. So crazy!! Also, totes loving Queer Eye if you haven’t already finished season 1&2!

  • If you haven’t watched Killing Eve you should! It’s short (6 episodes, I think), but so, so good. Also Peaky Blinders (which I have to watch with subtitles because the Birmingham accents are so intense, haha) is a great drama set in 1919 England.

  • While everyone else is recommending new TV shows, I just have a couple of comments about the air bnb.
    First, it looks beautiful. You have some of the best photos. I hate when people have 5 pictures of their set kitchen table 😒 Second, in your kitchen photo you have what looks to be an awesome cappuccino/espresso maker and in your amenities it says Kerig. And lastly, your house rules are soooooo long 😴💤
    Maybe look at some other people’s.
    Most keep it to a paragraph and the rules are clear.
    Best of luck!
    P.S. Better Things on FX 👍

  • I just finished watching the first series of Good Girls on Netflix, which was an easy watch. It was kind of like Breaking Bad meets Desperate Housewives – very bingable – with a great cast of ladies. Also, new season of Orange is the New Black starts up this month.

    Emma | https://geekytourist.com/

  • My random Netflix recs for you and anyone else who might be looking for some:
    -7 Seconds
    -The OA
    -Baroness Von Sketch Show
    -The Five

    • Marcella is so good! I just finished. I hope there is another season coming!!

  • Not sure our taste in TV show would align completely but I’ll give a couple suggestions. I’m just desperately waiting for Game of Thrones to get back on the air. I’ve also loved Vikings and Black Sails (if you’ve ever read treasure island, it’s set 20 years or so before the book…..it’s really good!!!) but these are all pretty gory, bloody and filled with nudity. If you haven’t watched “the Americans” (about Russian spies living as an all around American couple in the 80s), you should give it a try. Otherwise “Happy” was surprisingly good (I won’t even attempt to try to explain what it is so check out the preview. And it’s only 8 episodes) and I’ve also enjoyed “Banshee”, “The Strain”, “The Good Wife”, “Suits”, “Scandal”, “Rome” and I’m just starting to watch “Spartacus” (it’s older though, 2013). There are so many shows out there! Good luck

    • C.B. our tastes on “historicala drama” align perfectyl 😉
      OMG Ragnar Lothbrok. Anyway Spartacus is great, just wait till you get to the season with Agron and Nasir…

  • We got hooked on the Americans (Netflix) and now we are watching Friday Night Lights after the adrenaline rush to calm down a little before bed.

  • I recently bought an old school polaroid camera and I love it! Film is expensive, but its really pushing me creatively…I can’t take a bajillion photos and edit later…I really have to line up the shot and lighting and choose the right perspective. Its been fun!

  • I’m tempted to try out that Nurse Jamie pillow! I did a DIY on my blog on how to make silk pillow case covers because they are sooo beneficial but I never considered the actual pillow shape. I’ve gotta try this!

  • Elsie do you find the pillowcase “slippery”? I once had a satin pillowcase but I think since I like my pillows piled high, I found it too slippery to rest my head on.

    • It doesn’t bother me- I take it with me everywhere now. But I’ve been using it a long time- so it’s just what I am used to now…. 🙂

  • I LOVE The Great Big Book of Families! So good! As a children’s librarian, I always like to say that if you love a children’s book like The Great Big Book of Families or A Family is a Family is a Family (another great one), see if your library owns it. If they do, call your librarian and tell them how thrilled you are that they’re including those titles in their collection! The Great Big Book of Families has been challenged at my library, and those phone calls helped us SO much. If they don’t own it, request that they do!

  • I hardly ever comment on posts, but I thought I’d take a gander and give you a TV show recommendation! My boyfriend and I have been getting into “Terrace House” which is a Japanese reality TV show available on Netflix. I would best describe it as a very genuine and wholesome “Bachelor”, however instead of 1 male and many women, its 3 women and 3 men who live together. They’re Japanese, very polite, and they still go about their normal lives – going to work, etc – they just happen to all live in a house together. I didn’t really know what to make of it, but it is actually really quite enjoyable to watch! I would give it a try : )

  • We’ve been watching Limitless on Netflix, which is kind of fun! And for a good campy soapy ridiculous teen drama, you can’t miss Riverdale ;).

    Also also – your Nashville house is amazing! You’re making me want to book a trip to Nashville stat!

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson


  • My friend gave me a container of beef collagen powder from the GOOP event in San Diego (so, it’s fancy beef collagen) and I feel ill every time I look at it. Powdered cow? I’m just not there yet.

  • I use a film camera! It’s a decade-plus-old Pentax I bought for an intro to photography class in college and the camera is now on the fritz, so I’d be grateful for recommendations, too. There is something magical about getting film prints back, and the images are just better somehow than digital. Finding a good place to develop the film is what I’ve found difficult–the drugstores send it out now, and I’ve gotten disappointing results. Tips on developers others use would be great, too!

  • I’ve had my Canon AE-1 for over 15 years. It was my very first SLR and still the camera I reach for above all others when I go on trips. It has had minimal problems and I beat that thing up- always just throwing it in bags, knocking it against walls, accidentally dropping it 😳. Extra lenses for it are fairly inexpensive too. Highly recommend!

  • I have to second the Terrace House recommendation although I think it is more like Real World than the Bachelor but with a hysterical group of comedians who discuss the episodes periodically throughout. It is one of the most touching shows i’ve watched (what goes on in between the people living in the house) as well as one of the most hilarious shows i’ve watched (the comedians commentary). My sister and mom are also hooked. Because i have to watch in subtitles, it forces me to really focus on what is happening vs. multitasking … i don’t know how to describe it very well but it is by far my favorite show, hands down. By virtue of watching Terrace House, i’ve also started watching Hiyori’s B&B and it’s a reality show set on Jeju Island in South Korea following a K pop star and her husband’s B&B. LOVE it. full of heart, super interesting and getting great cooking ideas too!

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