Oui Fresh Beauty Box- July Unboxing

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I honestly can’t believe it’s JULY already. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a summertime person. The heat just really gets me down and I’m a magnet for sunburns and bug bites—the height of glamour, ya know? 😉 This box really picked me up because it’s super fresh and everything in it makes me feel CLEAN. Maybe that’s weird, but in summer, that’s all I want to feel after sweating it out all the time. If you are a summertime flower child that loves this time of year, you’ll adore this box, too!

July’s box has a value of $73 and includes some really gorgeous products including a super luxurious hydrating facial oil, a makeup remover, and more. So let’s get into the details.

Essential Hydrating Oil by OSEA — value $32

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a facial oil in the box, and this one from OSEA is such a treat. The blend of lavender, rosewood and geranium oils is pure bliss and I love applying this for the scent alone (make no mistake, there are serious skin benefits as well!). I wasn’t sure how I would like the rollerball, but it rolls on so smoothly and the chilliness of it is honestly really soothing. I like that there isn’t any product wasted by rubbing it in your hands/applying because you’ll want this oil to last forever! This product gives a pretty, dewy look, so if I’m not wearing makeup but I’m going out for the day, I still feel like I have a little glow going on. This has quickly become one of my favorite hydrating oils.

RESET Organic Makeup Remover by PLANT Apothecary — value $16

We have been asked time and time again about makeup removers! This one from PLANT is so amazing: It’s made with lots of beautiful organic ingredients and is oil-free—you don’t really need to rinse it off, that’s how gentle it is! This is a small thing, but the packaging on this remover is awesome—it’s in a twist cap squeeze bottle! You can adjust the cap to determine how much product you want to come out and it makes for easy travel. I wear a lot of false lashes, so this oil-free formula is amazing for taking those off. One of my best tips for removing eye makeup is to put a little product on your washcloth and hold it gently over your eye for a few seconds (this allows the makeup to melt off a little bit) and it will slide right off. You can of course use this on your face makeup as well!

Kayoko Tinted Lip and Cheek Balm by Bushel & a Peck — value $7

In the heat of the summer, I’m always looking for something that gives me a little color/dimension without feeling like I have makeup on, so I’m constantly using this product for that purpose. However, I’ll say that this tinted balm from Bushel & a Peck can be used on a naked face or a full face of makeup and look amazing. I love using it on a full face of makeup whenever I want that rosy, healthy, flushed look on my cheeks. It’s SO pretty! Of course, you can use this on your lips too, and it really ties the look together. I just put a little bit of this on the tips of my fingers to apply to the apples of my cheeks and lips for a rosy, dewy look. This balm is gorgeous on any skin tone (you can build a little if you want more color) and was named after the company founder’s grandmother, which is really sweet.

Lime Mini Essential Oil — value $10

Cold expressed from the peel of the key lime, this essential oil is summer perfection! This oil has a bright, crisp scent that brings a sense of cleansing and joy to any room. It’s a great addition to room sprays, soaps, and to the diffuser. Pairs well with bergamot mint, lavender, lemon, grapefruit, and rosemary.

Copper Tongue Cleaner — value $8

Our whole team has looked for alternatives to conventional mouthwashes at some point or another and found a few good options in the natural care world, but nothing quite impressed us all like this copper tongue cleaner. It’s definitely not the most glamorous product, but it REALLY works! This product works by physically removing unwanted bacteria off of your tongue, leaving your breath fresh and your mouth happy! All you have to do is hold one handle in each hand and place the curved end of the cleaner at the back of your tongue. Gently press down, pull forward, rinse off, and repeat once or twice! You’ll see a white film come off the cleaner (I know, gross), but that’s what you DON’T want in your mouth. Your mouth will instantly feel more fresh! 🙂

We hope you put this month’s info card somewhere you can see it a lot, because you deserve this reminder that you look great, babe!!

Our box sells out more quickly each month, so click here if you know you want to subscribe. We’re so thankful to have you all on this clean beauty journey with us! Follow along at @ouifresh on Instagram for more beauty tips and tricks.


Keely, Emma + Elsie

Credits://Author and Photography: Keely Rust. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I really love the tinted lip and cheek balm. That’s a nice color 🙂 I’m just curious: Who makes these products? I hope that’s not a dumb question. I imagine it would be too difficult to make yourself and blog and everything else you ladies do. I’m curious about the process. Thanks!



    • Hi Laurali! We choose clean beauty brands to feature in the boxes each month, so they are all made from different companies. 🙂

      • Thanks for your quick reply! That’s a great idea. I wasn’t sure if it was something ABM makes themselves or if they use brands. This definitely makes more sense. Thanks Jacki! 🙂


    • Hi Laurali!

      So glad you like our tinted lip & cheek balm! We are excited to be included in the box. My name is Aimee and I formulate and hand-craft every product that my company, Bushel & a Peck Organic Skincare, puts out. 🙂

      Feel free to visit our website, check out the “About” section to learn more about me and how it all started!

      Owner & Creator of Bushel & a Peck Organic Skincare

  • This is a great box! I was HOPING for a clean makeup remover, and there I have it! The OSEA hydrating oil looks great too, lavender is a SUPER hydrating essential oil <3

  • Yeah a makeup remover! I was hoping for one and I’m so happy it’s in this month’s box! Essential oils are also always great to get. I have been looking for a clean eyeliner pencil for a while now, and would love to hear your suggestions on that 🙂

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