Oui Fresh Happy Mail — July Unboxing

Hey hey pals, and welcome to July’s Happy Mail unboxing!! This month definitely has a summer focus in terms of bright colors and some of the card themes, and we are pumped to show you the guest artist for the month—we’ve been fans of theirs for so long and started using this item as soon as we got it.

You can click here if you already know you’d like to subscribe to Happy Mail—even the envelope is cute. 🙂 If you sign up before July 21, you get the matching envelope seal stickers for this kit! If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll receive these automatically.

There are lots of great items in this kit with many uses and occasions, but I’m just going to share a few favorites today. First up, so excited to show you the featured artist item this month: a monstera enamel pin from the amazing Valley Cruise Press! As I said before, we adore Valley Cruise—their patch, pin, and accessory designs are so fun and have the perfect vintage “flair” (I went there—I have no shame). Our design app A Design Kit just partnered up with them for a really cute free sticker pack, too!

Here are the envelope seal stickers (we had to incorporate the Oui Fresh Daisy Sunnies into the design), as it is summer after all! Again, if you want these stickers, all you need to do is sign up for Happy Mail by July 21. There’s no code required.

This card matches those stickers perfectly, and the inside says “Beach, please!,” which is so cheeky and fun. I can think of about 10 friends off the top of my head that I could send this to!

This crushing it card is TOO cute and features copper foil and a yellow envelope. My dad started a new job when he and my stepmom moved to a new city, and he really is crushing it. I had a sample of this card and sent it to him—he loved it so much! Besides a career context, you could also use this card for new parents, someone working on a big project like a thesis or a kiddo that’s doing great in school. Super versatile.

Also included in this month is a cute speech bubble card! It’s great to have these multipurpose cards on hand and this design is appropriate for just about anyone.

Maybe a neighbor did a favor for you or a co-worker went out of their way to help out with a project … this is a card that is MADE for those occasions! Bright, fun and a little sassy, this one is blank inside. I love the orange envelope!

The postcard this month gives me ’80s/’90s vibes with this phone and lettering. I totally remember when cell phones looked like this and they had the rep of being SO EXPENSIVE. Remember “car phones” in the center console zip bag? Haha. Anyway, this postcard is a great, casual way to congratulate someone.

Since I’ve aged myself with the car phone thing, I might as well mention that I’ve found out through this Happy Mail journey that “postcard stamps” are kind of a secret amongst some of the younger crowd. They’re less expensive than regular postage and they’re readily available at any post office. Cue *the more you know* song and save some coins … literally just coins, but still.You can see from the first photo that there are so many more great pieces in this kit like a copper foil art print, a big square card, and there are some happy birthday’s in here, too!

We’ve got some great things in store for the next few months, so now is a great time to sign up for Happy Mail!

xo, Keely, Emma + Elsie

Credits// Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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