Oui Fresh Happy Mail – August Unboxing

Happy (almost) September! This month’s Happy Mail is a super fun farewell to summer (going to share some favorites with you today!), and we have a pretty big announcement about how we are changing up Happy Mail for the future, so read on for that as well.

This month’s Happy Mail is a winner for sure—so many cute items! Here’s what you can expect this month:
Our guest artist this month is Bethany Robertson—you can find her on Instagram at @loveless_designs. We are in love with her illustration style and her feed boasts some serious design inspiration. She has commissioned the most perfect beach print for Happy Mail that is so gorgeous and the perfect celebration of summer to end the season.
This “In Case of Blues” card might be a pick-me-up/sympathy type card, but it is so cute and keeps things light. The inside says ‘this really sucks right now, but it’s going to get better’. This special “recipe” brings a smile to our face every time we see it, and we hope it does to anyone who receives it, too (kitten memes forever)!
Love this darling midcentury “No Place Like Home” card. It comes with a matching lemon colored envelope and the inside reads “enjoy your new digs.” We just had new neighbors move in across the street and this card was the perfect accompaniment to a little box of cookies to welcome them to the street.
Love a good pun— and this congrats card really socks it to us (oh boy). The inside says “you make a great pair.”
And last but not least, as an extra, we’re including an additional print this month! We’ve gotten feedback that you all absolutely love the prints and use them for gallery walls so we wanted to try and help you stock up on these.
Now for our Happy Mail announcement. This will be the final two months of Happy Mail (August and September). If you are already a subscriber, you already received an email from us. But in case you missed it, just know that your subscription will naturally come to an end with the final month of the kit.
If you are not a subscriber and you want to get the final months of Happy Mail, you still can. We are offering them on our site as a single month product since we are not longer planning to continue the subscription—just know that August is only available through Friday, 8/31.
We have LOVED creating this fun product for you all this year, but from the feedback we’ve received you’ve shown us that you are more interested in other product offerings from Oui Fresh. So we are shifting our focus to more natural beauty, clean living, and other fun Oui Fresh goodness you can expect to see more of in the coming seasons. We are SO excited to see what you think about the new products we’ll be launching soon. Thank you for your support!!! xo. Emma + Elsie and the Oui Fresh team
  • Such cute items! I love that you’re going to focus on clean beauty still. It’s become my favorite part of the blog and I love my oui fresh lip gloss. Y’all are the best.:) I was wondering if you’re going to branch out into writing about sustainable fashion? It just seems like the next step and I would love to hear your take. Thanks for all you guys do!

  • all i could EVER ask for is for the messy box to make a comeback.
    those kits were my fave!

    cant wait to see what’s next!

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