10 Things I Love Sunday


You guys, there are pumpkins on my porch—woah! I guess that means it really is fall, huh? We still have temperatures in the 90s here in Nashville so the fall feeling hasn’t fully kicked in, but I bet it will within the next few weeks. We did a little family photo shoot recently and the above is a little moment between my “mini worrier” and me. I started doing that worried brow look within the first few months of being born and I still do it anytime I’m lost in thought, so it’s funny to see that Lola immediately did it as well for her thinking/concerned face too. Here’s what else I am loving this week!

1. I recently started watching the first season of the show “Great News” (Tina Fey produces it), and I think it’s a lot of fun! I was sad to see that I guess it got cancelled this summer after just two seasons (I haven’t seen the second one yet).

2. Tried this line of 9-free nail polish this week (also vegan and cruelty-free) and it’s great! This color is really pretty and the bottles are gorgeous if you’re the kind of girl who likes to display her polish.

3. Eyeing this for the movie/snuggle nights about to hit us as fall progresses.

4. In an effort to make a little more breathing room in my life, I decided to take a break from my personal social media accounts this month. I have to say that so far it’s been really nice to have a few less inboxes to check or things that “need” my attention during my time with my family or in my few hours of free time. I don’t think I’ll quit forever, but it’s a good reminder to think about who-is-controlling-who in your life and create a structure so that those outlets are fun and helpful rather than draining and demanding.

5. I was totally ogling this dresser a few weeks ago—so fun!

6. Suuuper soft high-waisted jeans for fall—yes, please!

7. It’s on my list this week to find a little farm nearby that does all the pumpkin patch/hayride stuff so we can take Lola soon. I would l love to take her where they have a little petting zoo so you can meet/feed some farm animals, I’m pretty positive she would LOVE it and I get so excited just thinking about it!

8. Feelin’ fine all the time.

9. It’s September so let the season of gorgeous coats begin!

10. Maybe my next dining chairs? Love the aqua color!

Don’t forget you can keep up with our favorite items on our wish lists on Pinterest and our blog—we update them weekly, so check back for all the goodies! Hope it’s a little cooler and more fall-like wherever you are this week! xo. Laura

P.S. And because I know someone will ask, here’s the link to Lola’s romper and my dress is an old Zara dress (there’s a similar one here).

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