A Color Story: New Darkroom effects +pack!

Hey, everyone! I’m excited to show a new effects +pack I created called Darkroom! This will be my third effects pack I’ve made in A Color Story. I just love how easy it is to add effects to my photos and it really does make such a difference.

For Darkroom, I wanted an effects pack that had even more dust, scratches, and light leaks because I’ve been loving the retro film vibe of photos lately. My biggest photography inspiration is my grandfather’s photos that he took of my mom and grandmother in the 1960s … I always hope to channel just a little bit of that vibe in my own family photos.

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Flash from #AColorStoryDarkroom
Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Powder from #AColorStoryDarkroom

This +pack was inspired by imperfect film photos, which is why I decided on Darkroom for the name! The subtle grain and noise give the photo a worn and classic look.

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Retro from #AColorStoryDarkroom

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Chromatic from #AColorStoryDarkroom

Photo by @elsielarson, edited with Lumi from #AColorStoryDarkroom

Darkroom comes with 12 effects and is NOW available in the A Color Story app! If you use any of them on your photos, be sure to use #AColorStoryDarkroom so I can see what you created.

As always, we are so appreciative of your support for A Color Story! xx. Elsie

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