10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello beautiful people! We’re soaking in the holiday magic over here, baking cookies and listening to annoying amounts of Kenny + Dolly Christmas songs.

1. I overheard Nova telling Santa she would like a mermaid. Although I ALSO heard her say she would like a puppy and that is absolutely not happening this year. Haha!

2. Soooo excited to listen to Becoming (saving it for our drive to Missouri for the holidays!)

3. Ice skate cookie cutter!

4. This DIY is soooo cute. and while we’re at it … this is too!

5. Our most loved glasses.

6. One of my favorite things in our whole house. We started using it the week we got home with Nova.

7. This weekend bag is SO cute.

8. Do you ever buy your kids a gift and then YOU can’t wait to open it and play with it? Haha—I kind of want to get Lincoln Logs, too!

9. My most recent Etsy purchase.

10. Nova’s little crown is from Oeuf.

P.S. This is STILL my favorite ABM holiday DIY of all time.

Sending you all love during this busy, but magical time of year! xx

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