10 Things I Love Sunday

Santa’s sleigh is rounding the bend and Christmas is almost here! We are on our way to my sister’s house in Atlanta today to spend the holiday with her family. it will be so special to spend my 10-month-old nephew’s first Christmas with him and see Lola love on him as well.

1. Ordered this cozy sweater this week.

2. Found a natural shampoo for color-treated hair that I like (and it’s EWG verified too!).

3. Excited to wear these earrings for New Year’s Eve!

4. We’ve been on the salad-in-a-jar kick for a while now and this is one of my favorites so far! I make it with this vegan feta and it’s amazing.

5. The cuuuutest luggage set!

6. Been using this lately to make my own nut and rice milks at home. It felt impossible to find rice milks without a lot of added sugars, so we just make it at home now and lightly sweeten with dates and a little vanilla.

7. Should I get a lavender sofa?!

8. I know everyone has their holiday movies that they have to watch, and mine is White Christmas for sure—the voices, the clothes, the dance numbers, the vintage charm … it’s my favorite. We did A Charlie Brown Christmas with Lola last week, but I still feel the need to at least have White Christmas playing around the holidays (even it she won’t really watch it yet) just to start to get familiar with the songs. So nostalgic for me.

9. Finally jumping on that teddy bear coat train—they look so cozy I just couldn’t resist!

10. Been looking forever to find the perfect shade of nude nail polish in a 7-free polish and I found it!! It dries quickly, is opaque, and is that perfect shade of light buff with a tiny hint of pink. It feels very ’60s on my long nails and I love it!

Hoping that as you read this you are cozy with loved ones (or will be soon!) and have hot chocolate and some Christmas cookies handy. I know I’m ready to soak up all the special family moments this week and I can’t wait to get started! xo. Laura

P.S. Here’s the DIY for that car marquee!

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