2018 Reader Favorites

I cannot believe 2018 is almost over—this year has flown by! And although I’m always excited to make new goals for the future, I think it’s really important to take some time to reflect and appreciate the past. With that in mind, I wanted to showcase some of YOUR favorite posts from this past year. We wrote over 500 posts this past year (!!!!!!!!!!!) and it’s fun to see what you all responded to, commented on, pinned, and recreated yourselves. We love seeing what you enjoyed. It truly makes writing this blog all the more fun for us. 🙂

I decided to break up your favorite posts from 2018 into a few different categories. First up, room tours and home decor. Let’s do this.

Room Tours You Loved:
Mandi’s Kitchen Renovation Reveal
Elsie’s Master Bedroom Tour
Our Loft Office Bathroom Makeover
Emma’s Back Patio Refresh

You also enjoyed learning about How to Set Up the Ultimate Airbnb Space, as well as seeing our niece’s bedroom makeover that we surprised her with (watch the video if you haven’t already—it’s so cute!). You all also seemed to really enjoy seeing what Elsie’s house really looks like on a normal day. 🙂

We noticed you all seem to really enjoy all our cocktail and drink recipes. Good to know! A few of your favorites from this past year include:
Snickerdoodle Martini
Classic Manhattan
Non-Dairy Spiked Hot Chocolate
Iced Chai with CBD

Probably our most popular posts of the year are, not surprisingly, what we are known for: crafts and DIY projects! We had plenty in 2018. Here are a few of your favorites:
Wool Ball Car Diffuser – We saw soooo many of you make this and share on IG.
Woven Jute Mat
5 Ways to Display Family Photos
Ikea Hack Bar Cart
Make a Dress from a Shirt
DIY Slat Wood Privacy Fence
Faux Living Wall

What was YOUR favorite DIY project this year?

As our families have grown, we’ve added more DIY projects for kids and it seems you all are pretty into it! Many of these were super popular in 2018:
Wooden Ride On Car
A-Frame Playhouse
IKEA Hack Play Kitchen and wooden play food to go with it!
Recycled Cardboard Toy Castle

You all must have a sweet tooth like me. Of all the recipes we shared in 2018, most of your favorites were dessert related. 🙂 Our top recipes include:
Banana Muffin Cookies
Birthday Cake Cookie Butter
Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream
10-Minute Creamy Tomato Soup
High Protein Pizza Dough
Woven Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

And, we had a number of popular posts that don’t quite fit any of these categories so I’m just gonna mention them anyway. You all LOVED this DIY balloon garland for your front door.

Sometimes, our more personal posts and announcements are popular too, which is really nice. You care! You all loved hearing Elsie’s adoption #2 announcement as well as 3 Marriage Lessons I’ve Learned that I posted right around my five-year anniversary this past summer. 🙂

We love clean living and seems like you all are interested in that too! You loved this post on How to Swap to Natural Cleaning Products.

You also loved Elsie’s post on Why Clean Beauty Matters.

It seems like you all are aspiring plant ladies like us. Ha! You loved learning 5 Tips for Caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs.

We also wrote a number of advice posts this year and one of your favorites was 10 Ways to Grow Your Online Audience Organically. We have a LOT of fun stuff planned for 2019 that we can’t wait to share with you. Thank you so much for such a great year and THANK YOU for reading. We love writing this blog and it means a lot when you continue to read, use, and share our content. xoxoxo. Emma

  • I love these kinds of posts because they show me posts I missed but also because I see ones I still remember and love. Thank you for another year of blogposts and for let us follow you along! <3

  • How could I miss so many of those? I’m opening them now and gonna read in the next few days. What a treat! <3

  • I don’t have kids and don’t plan on having them, but I still LOVED the A-Frame Playhouse DIY! Such a gorgeous design, I honestly think I might try to make something similar for a future pet of mine 🙊 I also loved your wooden play food AND the PSL pincushion! Realising how great foam is for pincushions has completely changed my life!

  • I love seeing a few things I missed, and getting reminded of a few read-agains!!! I love your small biz posts, and home dec! Xox

  • Love this post! Maybe I missed it and it was not in this post, but do you also still write about photography? I’m always really interested in your tips and stories. I regularly check your Photo Idea Book, but new insights are always welcome.
    Have a great 2019 and keep up the good work!

  • Loved this post, reminding me of your year. I agree highlights:
    – Nova’s adoption
    – IKEA kitchen hack. I did something similar in 2006 but outside in the open plan climbing house. It was well enjoyed by my two and their playmates. Finally the CA weather broke it down but after several years of fun. We then moved onto a circle turret, which fitted around our apple tree. It was a hand me down and boy did my kids love it. They definitely had their hour outside. One year we ate our dinner on the patio from Easter to Halloween! Happy memories 🙂

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