Oui Fresh Beauty Box — December Unboxing

We’ve been waiting for months to share our second holiday box: Sugar, Shimmer, and Spice, and it’s finally here! November’s lineup was all about the glam, while our December box is focused on the cozy comforts of home (plus a little shimmer—it is holiday time, after all). This box includes some of our favorite staff products of all time, so you’re definitely in for a treat! Click here to subscribe. 🙂

If you’re not familiar with the beauty box, each month we send out carefully curated, beautiful products in the non-toxic beauty space at an amazing value. Technically this box *is* a sample box, but we oftentimes will have more than one full-sized product per box. You can always be sure that you’ll receive upwards of $50 worth of products that can include makeup, skincare, and wellness—sometimes box values will go over $100. While we have a month-to-month option available, we definitely recommend either a six- or 12-month subscription so you can really be immersed in all of the beautiful products we send out that you can feel great about using. So many of them are from small, indie beauty brands that we love and want to spread the word about, and all of the products are cruelty-free and scored according to our clean beauty standards on EWG.org.

Now, let’s get into this STUNNING month of products!

Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil by Leahlani — value $18

First up is Elsie’s favorite cleanser of all time! She posts about this skincare product a lot and after I tried it, I’m can’t stop using it. Most of our team uses only oil cleansers, and this one is not only effective, it’s truly like a little piece of Hawaii in a bottle. If you remember the incredible Bless Balm from last December, this product is from the same company—Leahlani, based in Hawaii. This formula provides a gentle, hydrating cleanse and is excellent for all skin types with the use of pineapple and papaya enzymes and macadamia oil for soft and bright skin. While some with oily skin tend to shy away from oil cleansers because they think it will make them more oily, these products are actually amazing for balancing any skin type, but can be a real miracle for oily or combination skin. When we cleanse too harshly, all of the good oils our skin produces are washed away. This situation leaves our skin in a panic, thinking it’s underproducing oils, so it produces more to compensate, which shows up in the form of excess oil (or sebum). This cleanser gently washes away impurities, dirt, and makeup, while leaving behind the oils your skin needs to protect itself (and retaining moisture), which is why it’s so great for combination skin—it hits all the marks.

Champagne Glow Stick by Pink House Organics — value $12

The Glow Stick by Pink House is another one of our all-time favorite products, and you can see Emma using it in her makeup routine video here! This highlighter stick is so pretty, and is the easiest to apply. We love that it’s made with gorgeous ingredients like hemp seed oil, meadowfoam oil, and shea butter to keep your skin happy and radiant. Why do we use highlighters? What’s so great about them? We love highlighters because they give dimension, light, and warmth to our skin. Not all highlighters have to be “in your face” and a bright stripe on your cheekbones, a little shimmer is all you need to achieve this glow!

Exfoliating Brown Sugar Organic Lip Scrub by Honeybelle — value $12

Our lips can always use a little extra TLC this time of year! This brown sugar scrub from Honeybelle is as close as a beauty product comes to dessert (a super clean ingredient deck!), while still fulfilling a major need for us. This scrub is the absolute perfect ratio of skin-saving natural delights where other scrubs can be either too oily or too “sandy,” for lack of a better term. The vitamin E in this product gives a little extra dose of nourishment while the brown sugar and honey slough away dead skin. About a half hour before it’s time to put on your makeup, gently buff your lips with some of the scrub and follow up with a lip mask or heavy duty lip balm (our Oui Fresh lip glosses are great for this, too) so your lips can soak in some extra hydration after their exfoliating session. You’ll have a healthy and smooth canvas for any lipstick (even matte)!

Cinnamon Essential Oil by Oui Fresh — value $12

This box is all about sweet and spicy, so we’re including one of our best-selling oils for you to try out! We love using cinnamon essential oil in stove simmers as well as in the diffuser for a festive, warm touch to your home. Pairing cinnamon with fir needle, spruce, or peppermint is a surefire way to enjoy time spent at home, but you can also pair this with grapefruit or other citrus in the warmer months so you can reap the benefits of this oil year round. Cinnamon can help elevate brain function, is an excellent anti-inflammatory, and can boost your immune system, as well. A pretty great little spice to have around!

Chai Latte Mushroom Mix by Four Sigmatic — value $10

Speaking of spice, we’re pumped to include five servings of this delicious dairy-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free chai treat that’s made with mushrooms like turkey tail (not from an actual turkey—this mushroom gets its name from its resemblance to a turkey tail!) and Reishi, which add some pretty amazing health benefits to one of our favorite hot drinks. You read correctly: This chai is made with mushrooms, and it honestly is so good, I would have never known if I didn’t blend this drink myself. As someone whose go-to warm drink is a chai, the flavor is truly like the chai I get at my favorite local spot. Turkey tail mushrooms, which contain a prebiotic, are great for gut health, so this is an amazing drink to be sipping on in the midst of a season where indulgence in rich foods is basically tradition. The other mushroom in this latte, Reishi, can help to support healthy sleep cycles, so a great nighttime drink! Did I mention this is USDA approved organic? Just mix with 7 ounces of warm water and you’re good to go. You can also substitute your favorite non-dairy milk or add a spoonful of coconut oil if you want to get wild. 🙂

Since this month is all about the magic of being a homebody, we had to include this “indoorsy” print, haha! It’s one of our favorite sayings.

This box is so warm, cozy, special and fun and is such a great way to spend the holidays. We ship out on the 15th, so most domestic boxes will be received by Christmas. We have a VERY limited number this time around; we actually weren’t sure whether or not we’d have more than 20 boxes up for grabs, so we tried to make some more available. Make sure to grab a box super quickly if you have your eye on one—just click here to subscribe to the beauty magic!

Credits// Author and Photography: Keely Rust. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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