10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday! Valentine’s Day week is always a bit of a bright spot in an otherwise dreary and looooong month, so I say bring on the pink and all things sweet!

1. This bedding set!

2. I love that we got a taste of spring this week after that polar vortex blew through. Especially with a kid that lives for being outside, life feels extra happy when the sun is shining and she can run around and play in the grass. We went to the park and I showed her how to draw with chalk in the driveway—she loved it!

3. This patch on the back of this jacket would be adorable for toddler spring.

4. I “requested” these for my Valentine’s Day present (which means I already bought them and told Todd they are from him—ha!) and I can’t wait to wear them!

5. Tried this in my coffee this week and it’s so good. It does have a coconut taste to it, but it’s yummy.

6. Speaking of coffee, this was my office mug when I worked at Elsie’s house during the week and it got lost for a while, but I’m so glad to have her back! It makes me happy to look at each morning and Lola loves to point at it and meow when I use it. I got branded as the “office weirdo” that didn’t want to share communal mugs, so I they eventually just bought me one so I wouldn’t have to share—ha!! A coffee mug is a very personal thing though, don’t you think??

7. Made these vegan Cheez-Its with Lola this week—so good! I think I’ll bake them a little less next time and maybe add some rosemary in or some extra spices just to try it, but they were the best cracker I’ve ever tried to make at home.

8. My main clothing objective has been to find a pair of high-waisted jeans that aren’t gappy in the waist, and I’ve been pondering whether I should try a pair of these … I’ve heard positive things about the Good American brand, do any of you own a pair?

9. This swimsuit!

10. Valentine’s Day was always extra special to me since it’s my middle name and now it’s Lola’s middle name as well (it was my Grandmother’s maiden name). My Dad would always put candy tins or heart-shaped boxes of candy on our plates at dinner time on V-Day and I bought these this year to put all our names on so we can use them every year for a little V-Day plate surprise at our dinners—so special!

That leopard sweater I’m wearing in the mirror is super cozy, by the way. Whether you are doing a full romantic evening out, just hanging with the gals, or some sleeping toddlers, I hope this week leaves you feeling loved! xo. Laura

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