10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday friends! I hope your weekend is going well. Today, I am hosting a little baby sprinkle party for Elsie as the Larsons are in Springfield visiting friends and family. Have you heard of a baby sprinkle vs. a baby shower? It’s something my friend group so commonly says, but then as I was texting out invites it turned out not everyone had heard of that, so now I’m curious. Don’t google it. I just want to know, do you know what a “baby sprinkle” is?

1. My dress is from En Elly. I actually got it from Elsie (she and Nova have the same dress) and it’s become a favorite this summer. I think it’s going to transfer to autumn well too. (I know some of you just got STOKED that I mentioned autumn and some of you got angry, I get it.)

2. Randomly bought this swimsuit (under $30) from seeing a friend post about it on IG. I got a black and white stripe pattern that looks to be sold out now. When it came in the mail, I immediately loved it (shockingly flattering for my body type) and have been wearing it all month as I soak up any final summer opportunities.

3. Been finishing up the Holiday House for the Larsons to visit (as well as list it soon) and one item I bought randomly and loved was this rug. It’s in the front living room. Probably not something I would have bought for my house as it’s not exactly the style my husband and I prefer in our home, but I LOVE it in that space.

4. Bought this little magnet for our dishwasher and it came in a two-pack, so I gave one to my brother and his girlfriend for their home, and it’s just one of those little things that solves a constant (minor) problem when you can’t remember if the dishes are clean or not. Ha.

5. I put these shoes in my cart, and then I talked myself out of them. But I’m still thinking about them, so I don’t know.

6. Recently made this banana bread recipe and it was great! I often look for recipes with star ratings when I’m just googling something quick from my phone. Do you do that? Did you know that you can add star ratings to our recipes?

7. Currently reading this book. I randomly picked it up at the library and the description seemed very up my alley. So far it’s really charming and full of delicious food descriptions. Although it very much talks about being a Midwestern book (the setting is Minnesota) and it’s funny because I also consider Missouri the Midwest, but it’s so different in many ways.

8. Super obsessed with this artist’s work. I have been trying to follow more artists on IG (painters, embroidery, cake decorators—I have a variety of things I consider art, I guess) because I find that it makes be feel really inspired when I do spend time scrolling. In a way, it reminds me to get off my phone and go make stuff. Ha.

9. Recently bought this pillow for the Holiday House. It’s sitting on a trundle bed in the playroom, which is perfect. It makes me smile every time I see it.

10. Is it time to start buying jackets and coats yet? I am pretty obsessed with this jacket and this coat.

Shout out to my 10-year-old niece Penny who took this photo. As she did, she said, “Ooooh, I like the sunlight through your hair.” So she’s clearly well on her way to being a photographer already. 🙂

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