Episode #5: Our 2020 Bnb Plans REVEALED

Episode FIVE! This is a big one because we’re revealing our 2020 bnb plans! As many of you know, we each have a Nashville bnb (you can rent them or just see photos here!) and in 2020, we will each be sharing our new Florida bnbs. They are near Magic Kingdom/Universal, etc., and they are each THEMED … you’ll have to listen to the episode for more details!

You can stream the episode here on the blog or on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayTuneInPocket Casts, and Stitcher.

Show notes:
Here’s Emma’s husband, Trey, on their first day in their Florida bnb.
And here is Emma in her current furniture assembly hell …

Go Emma!!! I CANNOT wait to see her house! We are both going to be in Florida all week this week, so we’ll share some on IG stories!

First of all, I had a drinking game idea when I was listening to the final draft of this episode. Take a drink every time I say “honestly” because it is honestly way too many times. Haha, oops!

A few of Emma’s favorite Harry Potter purchases …

This sign for an entryway project.

This bean bag chair.

This wall tapestry has the best Professor Trelawney vibes.

And a few of Elsie’s favorite Disney purchases!

I love this Disney snacks print, this poster for my Mary Poppins room, and this one, and this piece for my Alice In Wonderland room. Having SOO much fun! If you have any special Disney art or decor, I’d LOVE to see a link in the comments.

Giant Jenga DIY

-Are you interested in hearing about the biz side of running an Airbnb? if so, we’d love to hear your questions. You can leave us a comment or email us at podcast AT abeautifulmess DOT com (you can also email us ANY questions for the podcast—we love doing reader questions!)

-If you’re curious to hear more about our thoughts on short-term rentals, you can read them here.

-Here’s a link to David’s Tea (the best of the best!!!)

-Elsie’s grandpa’s popcorn recipe:

Fill the bottom of a large stock pan with canola oil, cover about half the bottom of the pan’s surface with popcorn (one single layer of kernels). I add a bit of butter too (however much you’d typically melt for popcorn), add some salt and just a few sprinkles of black pepper. Heat the pot. When the first kernel pops, cover the pot. Keep covered until the popping begins to slow down. Then remove from heat, make sure it’s mixed well, and serve!

Yasso cookie dough bars.

Love you all!!! XOXO! Elsie + Emma

  • I’m assuming these are in Orlando. You have to visit Kelly Rock Springs! It’s one of the hidden gems of Orlando 🙂

  • Had to get on here for the popsicle link been thinking about them all day just from your description!

  • Hooray! Welcome to Florida, ladies. I’m in Tampa, just an hour and a half away from Orlando! Can’t wait to see more of your FL adventures.

  • Davids Tea is a Canadian company! I live in Chicago and we have several brick and mortar stores sprinkled around the city. They really are the best, I’d be so sad not to have one close by. Congrats on the FL BB’s!

  • I heard about your podcast on YHL this morning, and I have already binged listened to all five! I really enjoy learning more about you guys this way and hearing the conversations between the two of you.

    I am so excited about your Orlando vacation rentals! We live in Florida, and we rent a home in Davenport every year for Thanksgiving. The Davenport area is excellent for vacation rentals! I can’t wait to see your finished homes!

  • Would LOVE to hear more about the business side of AirBnB. I really enjoyed Young House Love’s blog post last week and I would love to hear your input as well. We recently bought a house that had been a flip and the owners had it set up to be an Airbnb during the holiday season last year. We purchased it furnished in March and continued to have guests stay in it for a couple of months while we finished out our lease at our apartment (we lived 4 hours away). While we won’t be putting the house back up for guests, the summer made us think about what if we bought another house just for hosting? I would love to hear your experiences in depth a bit more, especially after you’ve both hosted a bit in the new houses.

  • Oh, that’s exciting news! Wishing your the best! (and thank you for the popcorn recipe!!!) xx

  • I’ve loved every episode of your podcast and this one was so fun to listen to! You could tell how excited both of your were about the B&Bs. My husband and I love going to Disney and Universal, so I was frantically texting him updates as I was listening. I can’t wait to book a stay at both! Congratulations!!

  • The podcast was great! I’m excited to hear more about the Airbnb’s in the future. David’s Tea is a Canadian company and I totally agree it’s the best!! Soooo many options! My favourite part of the podcast is Nova at the end…. “Don’t be a meany!” She’s so cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I’m definitely interested in hearing more about the personal finance/business side of your real estate investing projects!

  • Hi!

    Not to be annoying if this has been asked and discussed like 100 000 times already but some of the links that you (and other American bloggers that I love) have, for buys you are planning, I can’t see because the company does not ship to Sweden.
    And I am ok with shipping regulations, but sometimes I would really want to SEE the stuff. Is it not allowed to take a picture and add it to your post? Or create a small smorgasbord/ mood board of the stuff with the links underneath? Or is it just too much work? Or if you get paid for the usage of links and it gives more revenue? Just want to know. (In this case it was the “bean bag chair”)

    Anyway. Your blog is really great, and I have started to listen to your pod too. Love it! Thank you for sharing so much of your lives!
    (Ghosts actually using the toilet? Only in America… 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

    • In this post it’s mainly a laziness / beginning stages thing. I will for sure include a LOT of photos of the products I did buy for my house (I’m sure Elsie will as well) along with links to see how the company displayed it and what it costs on their site. We’re just in the very beginning stages of this particular project so there isn’t as much to show yet.

      This is helpful to know though! So thanks for the comment.

  • Listening to this podcast now!! I live in Florida, so super excited! And Emma’s if you’re still needing someone to do Harry Potter world with, I’m always down! Lol
    Can’t wait to see the finished projects!

  • Love the podcast and am so excited about your Florida BnB’s! Now I might finally get my sisters to go on a family Disney trip! They both sound awesome and I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  • I would love to hear not only about the business side of running an airbnb, but also more about investing in realty and the house buying process!

  • Loving the podcast so far – it’s so fun to get new insight into who you both are after reading the blog for years! Nova’s spot at the end is honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.
    Also, currently stuffing my face with popcorn from this recipe – I’ve not stopped thinking about popcorn since listening on Monday morning and finally made it tonight. So good!!

  • I would LOVE to hear more about the business and finance side of a BnB. And even saving for homes in general or any budget tips! I find those so helpful.

    I LOVEEEEE the podcast so much! I binged them all and am anxiously awaiting the next one!

  • I’d love to hear more about the business side of AirBnB – I’m thinking about AirBnBing or flipping v soon and would especially love to hear some business/property chat from women.

  • Emma you should have Owl puppets at your bnb for kids to play with! I’ve been browsing the Folkmanis site for a gift for my nephews like Novas piggy and they have so many owls! Also I would enjoy a business podcast. Keep up the good work!

  • I have an Airbnb about 45 minutes from Disney World as well. I don’t get a ton of traffic from Disney visitors unless they are only spending a day most go to Legoland which is right up the road from me but it’s so fun being part of a family’s vacation.

  • Welcome to Florida and congrats on your closings! I’m a native Chicago girl that moved to Naples, Florida, 21 years ago and never looked back.

    I think you’ll really enjoy the Orlando area – make sure to check out Mt. Dora which is around 40 minutes northwest of Orlando. I know you’ll both absolutely ADORE this sweet little town. It’s full of vintage homes (early 1900’s) and has THE most charming downtown full of shops & restaurants that is right off gorgeous Lake Dora. Gorgeous granddaddy oaks full of hanging moss. It looks like a little New England town – you’d never know you were in Florida. That’s where y’all should look for your next bnb. 😉

    And they go crazy decorating the town for the holidays. My hubs and I are going up there right after Thanksgiving (we rented a little house so we can cook and bring our rescue pups). We’re planning on relocating there in the next 2 years. So excited!

    Happy holidays! 🙂

  • Would definitely like to hear more on the business side of the Airbnbs… specifically how I thought it was pretty impossible to get a mortgage on a property you’re not going to be a full time resident of? That’s what’s stopped me from pursuing similar projects further. Exciting stuff y’all have going on!!

  • Yes, Yes, Yes, please go behind the scenes on short term rentals. I’d especially like to hear how you manage them remotely. I’d like to start doing the same in the next 2-3 years but won’t be local to the properties.

    And I’m a new reader/listen who came over from YHL. I am enjoying the podcast very, very much!

  • I am really loving your ladies podcast. And before you mentioned if anyone was interested in the business side of airbnb’s I was literally thinking – man. They should do a podcast about the business side! Hah! My husband and I were thinking about some day purchasing a house down south and I would love to hear about how this works when you aren’t in the same state, how it’s managed, etc!

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