Episode #39: All Things Furniture Shopping

Hello, hello! This week’s episode is all about furniture shopping—including recent purchases, secondhand finds and our worst purchases of all time. Plus, we chat about our favorite small businesses to shop from (and there are even more links below!).

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Show Notes:

-Elsie’s pink sofa

Lampert Grand T-Arm Sofa

Link to Ramit’s episode about envisioning my rich life. 

-Elsie’s dream mirrors from West Elm and Rejuvenation.

Emma’s sectional.
Once you go sectional you never go back. Lol. Do you agree?

-Emma’s mattress and pillows (we’re king-size bed enthusiasts!)

Elsie’s hanging chair (three houses and going strong!). You can see it in the photo below from my first home along with the yellow sofa. You can also see it more recently here.

-Emma’s DIY dining room table (DIY here and her dining room tour where you can see it painted black here).

-Emma’s sea urchin chandelier. Here’s a similar one in bronze.-Rugs from Apple & Oak (you can order any Loloi rug in any style/size from Apple & Oak—just message Allison, or email her).-Here’s a photo of Elsie’s yellow sofa (it’s from Joybird quite a few years back. By the way, even though that sofa did not work for me, I want to note that I still love Joybird and just bought one of their velvet sectionals for our new home).

-We found this piano on Facebook Marketplace (!!!!!)

-Wicker giraffe from the 1970s—you can see it here (Here’s a link to Gaslamp, the best flea market in Nashville).

-Dream thrift finds! We recommend always keeping a running list on your phone of items you’d love to find whether at a thrift or flea, on Facebook Marketplace, Etsy or eBay. By the way, we’d LOVE to hear your dream list!

Link to Mandi’s incredible dream chair!

-Google “lucite piano” if you are curious. They are SO crazy. Good-crazy I think. I feel like this would be in the Clockwork Orange house.

-Link to Kelly’s “Rugs I Didn’t Buy” series.

-Elsie’s dream tile: Fireclay, Clé Tile and this ceramic star tile (It’s called “Little Nova” so I think it’s a sign).

Small businesses we love for home furnishings:

Jungalow.com The BEST boho source.
I have these ceramic cups and this print in our home. Also, this rug is incredible. Her shop is a great source for when you are looking to add color to your space.

Lone Fox
I love Drew. These little planters and this bowl are beautiful.

Apple & Oak
So I mentioned above, you can buy Loloi rugs here. She also carries the best vintage rugs. Also a lot of cute gift things. I always head to Apple & Oak to buy cute cards and gifts.

there are SO many great shops on Etsy and it’s an excellent way to shop small. Here are a few links to my recent purchases as well as some items on my wish list:



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  • Quick comment about your gorgeous new couch. We have 2 rules in my house that help keep it easier to clean.. One is that we eat & drink at the table only. This has saved me some real headaches over the years! The 2nd is: no shoes in the house. Best to you & your sweet family

  • Loved this episode. I look forward to every Monday for you podcast! Do you follow The 80s interior on Instagram? I think it would be right up your alley. 💛

  • Elsie, you mentioned Nashville not having great flea markets, have you tried the monthly one at the fairgrounds? It’s massive AND amazing. I’d also recommend downtown historic Franklin, there are several great antique stores, as well as the massive one in an old school gym in Spring Hill. I got SO MANY amazing pieces there. There are also several small ones in east Nashville and multiple large ones in Clarksville. Gaslamp is also my fav but there are so many others around if you don’t mind a little drive 🙂

    • Awesome! I will try Franklin next. I heard that Springfield has a big one. I have been to the one at the fairgrounds a few times and I don’t know if it was just too much Donald Trump merch or too big and overwhelming, but I didn’t find anything and I was so sad.

      • Yea the fairgrounds one is hit and miss, but you can find some real gems if you really dig. I haven’t been in a couple years so I didn’t know about the DT mercy, ugh! I haven’t been to the ones in Springfield, but I bet they also have some in their historic district. The ones in franklin are blocks from Main Street with all the cute shops, I highly recommend checking those out as well if you haven’t. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to go back every since lockdown has started, its one my “to do when normal returns” list lol

  • Listener question/episode idea- House hardware! Emma mentioned a wishlist of new doorknobs, any tips tricks for mixing metals when you move into a new house? What should match (doors/light fixtures) what can be different cabinet hardware? We live in an old craftman with original brass, but i love silver. Help?

  • Hi!

    When you were talking about dream thrift finds, it reminded me of dishes that I still regret donating and would love to find again.

    What are your power thrifting tips for finding specific items that you are looking for?

    Thanks so much for the show!

    • I get it- I have ONE vintage dress that I don’t even know when I donated it, but I want it back.

      I think Etsy and eBay are the best bets for finding something very specific like this! XX

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