25 Breakfast Recipes We Love!

25 Breakfast Recipes from abeautifulmess.comGuys, we love breakfast. Don't you?! Here are twenty five of our favorite breakfast recipes. Enjoy!25 breakfast ideas-11. Aebleskiver. Sweet and savory these little delights make a fantastic breakfast!25 breakfast ideas-22. Buttermilk biscuits and mushroom gravy. Delish and vegetarian friendly. 😉25 breakfast ideas-33. Blood orange bloody mary, a refreshing breakfast beverage option. 25 breakfast ideas-44. Looking for something healthy? Try baked fruit (3 ways!).25 breakfast ideas-55. Love us some crispy french toast. Mmmm!25 breakfast ideas-66. Ever try baking your own bagels. Try these everything bagels.25 breakfast ideas-77. Delicious and kid-friendly (although we like them too!): french toast sticks25 breakfast ideas-88. These delightful and unexpected grapefruit donuts are one of Emma's favorite recipes from this year.25 breakfast ideas-99. Want more offbeat donut flavors? We thought so. Try these matcha green tea donuts25 breakfast ideas-1110. In need of some heat, try a jalapeno bloody mary.25 breakfast ideas-1211. We love these super simple mini quiches made with puff pastry. 25 breakfast ideas-1312. To satisfy a sweet tooth bake some Nutella cinnamon rolls. Yum!25 breakfast ideas-1413. Pair these peanut butter sticky buns with your morning cup of coffee. 25 breakfast ideas-1014. These donuts with chocolate glaze are made super easy by using store-bought biscuits. 25 breakfast ideas-1515. Dessert for breakfast? Try these red velvet waffles with cream cheese syrup25 breakfast ideas-1616. You'll love these creamy ricotta pancakes. Add a little food dye fancy them up!25 breakfast ideas-1717. For a baked pancake version try out these dutch babies25 breakfast ideas-1818. In a hurry? Blend up a triple berry smoothie to go. 25 breakfast ideas-1919. Add your favorite fruit filling to these homemade toaster strudels25 breakfast ideas-2020. Make a big batch of homemade granola and enjoy it all week! 25 breakfast ideas-2121. Impress your friends with this super easy hollandaise recipe25 breakfast ideas-2222. Save money and make your own iced coffee at home. 25 breakfast ideas-2323. Are you an oatmeal fan? Check out these homemade oatmeal 9 ways!25 breakfast ideas-2424. If you've never tried it you must make stuffed french toast this weekend. It's Ah-Mazing. 25 breakfast ideas-2525. For all you peanut butter lovers out there (don't be shy now) try a peanut butter and hazelnut smoothie

What about you? What's your favorite breakfast? xo. Emma + Elsie

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