25+ Renter-Friendly DIYs and Decor Tips (Part 2!)

Today, we’re back for round two of our renter-friendly DIY series! If you missed our first roundup, click here to see over 25 renter-friendly DIYs and Decor Tips.

This roundup is broken down into categories—specifically for each room in your home. And while these DIYs are great for renters, they’re also perfect for anyone who’s wanting to revamp their decor. Let’s start with the kitchen …Spring has finally sprung (all the praising hand emojis) and we’re feeling inspired to fill our homes with plants and start on outdoor projects. Indoor gardening can totally be a thing, too! If you love adding fresh herbs to your food (or cocktails), make a colorful herb garden for your kitchen.

Vintage stained glass windows are sooo cool. If you aren’t lucky enough to have one in your home (we’re jealous if you do!), you can make your own faux stained glass window using glass paint. Isn’t it pretty?

Onto the dining area—we love the texture these faux fur chair covers and cushions add to the room. If you’re in the mood for a budget-friendly change, you could also add some bright colored paint to your chairs like Elsie did here.

Adding a bar cart to your space isn’t just nice when you’re throwing a party, but it’s also to decorate with pretty glassware, bar accessories, and cool liquor bottles.

You can even make your own stamped liquor labels to make things extra fancy.

We added a cactus marquee sign to Kacey Musgraves’ living room (click here to see the full tour from a couple years ago! ) and we love how it turned out. Marquees look cool day or night. You could also prop this up on a mantel to avoid adding a shelf to the wall.

Adding new pillows to a sofa or accent chair can make a big difference when you’re itching for a change. This pillow is like a wall weaving except it’s way easier (and faster) to make.

Here’s another option using rainbow colored wool roving. Oooh!

Make a set of patterned curtains using plain, solid panels and fabric paint. If you want to do something a little different, you could even add pom poms. So easy!

Speaking of pom poms, adding a large basket to your living room to hold blankets, dog toys, etc., is a cute (and functional) way to keep things organized.

What did we do before removable wallpaper was around? It’s so versatile and can be used on furniture, walls, shelves, and stairs.

An area rug can help cover up carpeted floors and add dimension to any room. We love this static lines woven rug DIY. This one, too.

We love a good gallery wall, but we also like displaying family photos in different ways—like Emma did in her mineral photo display. Click here for five more ways to display photos around your home.

Get creative with your furniture. This vintage-inspired table set (can you believe they are DIY?) will hold plenty of glasses when guests come over. You can even add some decorative items to them—or a small lamp.

A cute coffee table that has added storage space? Even better. Love that acrylic top, too!Now let’s talk about bedrooms. If closet space is an issue (it almost always is, right?), a wooden clothing rack is an easy fix.

Here’s a kiddo version.

If your jewelry is in need of some serious organization, make a few personalized photo dishes. You could also use these to hold little perfume samples or other items in your bathroom.

Can’t decide what to add to your bedroom wall? Add a giant tapestry. This one only takes a few hours to complete, and it’s really big! This would be a good project to work on while listening to your favorite podcast.

Mirrors can make a room feel larger, and they’re a good solution if you need something to hang up on an accent wall (like Laura did here). How cute is this wooden pineapple mirror? Be sure to use command strips if you want to avoid putting nails in the wall.

Let’s talk about bathroom organization. This isn’t technically a DIY, but it’s such a good idea. Rachel used a plant stand to store her family’s bedtime essentials—like toothbrushes, face towels, and cups. But, you could store all kinds of toiletries (even skincare or makeup) in this. Click here to see more!

Speaking of skincare, if you’re wondering where to store your body scrub, bath salts, etc., this gorgeous bathtub caddy is such a perfect way to display them—even when you aren’t taking a relaxing bath.

We hope this roundup inspires you to make something for your home this weekend! xo. -The ABM Team

  • Omg these are all so lovely… They look awesome.

  • As a renter, I always struggle with decorating. I’d love to rip out the carpet and paint the cabinets but obviously, I can’t do that. I’ll have to settle for some of these fun ideas.

  • Omg all these ideas are so great! I can definitely tell you guys put a lot of effort into this post. Thanks so much for sharing, hope you are having a lovely day.


  • I created a faux stained glass window in my kitchen (about four houses ago). It was a beautiful focal point and I loved it but when we put an addition on the house, it had to go. It’s a great idea, though. Maybe I’ll do it, again.

  • ahhh love these things!! already sent the link to my mother cause she’s obsessed with these things since im away in university hahaha something fun and great to do!! love the herb garden!


    xoxo <3

  • Removable wallpaper is a thing!? Definitely need to invest in that. I absolutely hate our walls. I genuinely think they make me feel a little more sad each day because they’re just so awful. They’re this off white, like a yellowy white, and they’re spongey. Why would anyone want sponge walls? Ergh. I am going to wallpaper the hell out of my house..

    Emma | https://geekytourist.com

  • So perfect, since I’m renting now! Anything to make my current place easier on the eyes, haha. 😛

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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