25 Fresh Squeezed Cocktails

Cinnamon mai taiIf you’re anything like us, you’re currently crushing on the warmer weather days ahead of us! In celebration, here are 25 of our favorite cocktails that include fresh juice, fruit, or herbs. Yum! First up is this delicious mai tai

PomegranatepunchrumIf you like pineapple, coconut, and lime then you’re gonna love this Pomegranate Rum Punch.

Smashed raspberry lemonade cocktailWe love this Smashed Raspberry Lemonade Cocktail.

Siracha bloody maryDo you prefer spicy, savory drinks? Then you’ll love this sriracha Bloody Mary

Four seasons sparkling punchLove the light fruit flavor of this Four Seasons Sparkling Punch

Mango and plum sweet tea cocktailIf you’re a sweet tea lover, then you’ll really enjoy this Mango + Plum Sweet Tea Cocktail

Apple flower cocktailThe Apple Flower Cocktail features fresh apple juice—yum!

Blood orange sangriaCheck out this blood orange sangria

Peach margaritaIf we had to pick a favorite fruit, peaches would be in the running for sure. We adore this peach margarita

Vanilla bean whiskey cocktailVanilla and fresh lemon juice really make this cocktail unique. Check out this vanilla bean whiskey cocktail

Basil lemonade cocktailLove this slightly sweet, slightly savory basil lemonade cocktail

Pineapple mojitoLove this pineapple mojito

Blood orange lemon fizzDelicious and colorful—love this blood orange lemon fizz.

Golden girl cocktailWe made this Golden Girl Cocktail for Emma’s bachelorette party last summer. 

Apple ginger cocktailThis cocktail features the perfect mix of fresh apple and ginger juice. 

Ruby juiceWe are suckers for grapefruit anything, especially this Ruby Citrus Mojito

Carrot bloody mariaDid you know that if you use tequila in a Bloody Mary recipe it becomes a Bloody Maria? Fun, right? Check out this carrot Bloody Maria.

Ginger cranberry martiniNeed more ginger in your life? Check out this ginger cranberry martini

Singapore slingThis is one of our all-time favorite beach drinks—a Singapore Sling

Lavender citrus martiniThis lavendar citrus martini is perfect for spring. 

Rose pomegranate martiniSpeaking of awesome martinis, check out this rose and pomegranate martini. Fancy! 

Lemonberry martiniWe never say no to citrus! Especially if it’s this yummy and cute lemonberry martini

Summer night cocktailIt might not be summer yet, but it’s never too soon for this Summer Nights Cocktail

Watermelon + Basil mojitoIs it watermelon season yet? We adore this watermelon mojito

Blood orange bloody maryAnd last but certainly not least, this super fresh and tasty blood orange Bloody Mary

Cheers! -The ABM Team