25 Summer Get-Together Food and Drink Ideas

Hi Friends! As the warm weather months are fast approaching we are getting excited about summer entertaining. Here are 25 of our favorite appetizer, snacks and drink ideas from the archives for your next summer party. Enjoy!Homemade pickles1. Make homemade pickles! These are great on burgers, sandwiches or as a cute party favor.Avocado salad2. Avocado salad three ways!The best mojito recipe3. Try homemade mojitos.Corn on the cob4. Corn on the cob three ways. Frozen hot chocolate5. We love frozen hot chocolates!How to make cake pops6. A fun treat for any party: cake popsFlavored lemonade7. Fresh lemonade is the best, no? Here are four fun flavorsMini corndogs8. We love mini corn dogs, they are cute and feel like going to the fair! Whiskey sours9. For an easy and refreshing cocktail try homemade whiskey soursPerfect smores10. Throwing an outdoor party? Here are a few tips for serving the best s'moresWhite wine spritzer11. Want something light, refreshing and little bit grown up? Try a minty white wine spritzerHomemade funnel cakes12. Impress guests with homemade funnel cakesWhiskey ginger13. One of Emma's all-time favorite drinks: whiskey gingers!Baked fries14. Need a great BBQ side dish? Try brown sugar baked friesCucumber margarita15. We love this take on a classic: cucumber margaritaArnold palmer recipes16. In need of something pretty and non-alcoholic? Try a fruit infused Arnold Palmer.Brussels sprout chips17. We love how simple and healthy these brussels sprout chips are. Yum! Peanut butter and honey cupcakes18. If you're needing to satisfy a sweet tooth try these peanut butter and honey cupcakes.Pizza bites19. Need to whip something together fast? Try these homemade pizza bitesCitrus salad20. Citrus salads are always so pretty! Try mixing it up with any citrus you prefer. Perfect cheese plate tips21. Here are our top tips for putting together the perfect cheese plate.Pineapple upside down cakes22. Pineapple upside down cake is probably the most perfect summer time cake. Yummy!Rosemary lemonade23. Our current favorite: rosemary lemonadeThai style green beans24. Want to serve something a little different? Try thai style green beansPretzel bites25. If you love soft prezels then you will adore these whole wheat pretzel bites

Have any summer favorites of your own? We'd love to hear. Happy entertaining! xo. Emma + Elsie

  • OH MY GOODNESS. The further down this list I went the more my mouth hung open and watered.

  • Absolutely love all of these ideas! I cannot wait to try some of these and have an outdoor party!

    Shopaholic Undercover

  • Beautiful and delicious…..I am gonna to try them all! Thanx for sharing

  • Some great ideas that I should remember for the graduation party my friend and I are going to give this summer.

    At the moment my favorite thing I like to make when people come over is probably cheese-curry cookies. I could eat them all day.

  • And now I’m wishing I had a backyard! I am looking forward to my move back to iowa, at least I will have close friends for bbq’s there, even if my boyfriend will not be around for a bit 🙁 I will definitely be hitting some of these fabulous recipes up!

  • These are great ideas – I am inspired!
    Heather: www.tulsalifestyled.com

  • These all look Amazing! I don’t even know where to begin except to say that I can’t wait to try some of these. The avocados look delish and are so colorful and beautiful.

  • Oh wow, some fantastic ideas here! Really like the look of the whiskey gingers 😉

  • OMG! How can you keep fit with such delicious recipes, girls? Hahahaha…

    I love your website, so, I love you, beautiful ladies!
    Keep posting…

    Kisses and bear hugs from Brazil,
    Sue 😉

  • So cute, I love all of these ideas! Especially the cheese tray and mini corn dogs : ). So glad it’s finally Spring!


  • frozen hot chocolatee! mmm perfect for pool parties!


  • oooo I remember the corn on the cob ideas! YUMMY


  • OH it looks so good! I love the little flags on the cheese 🙂

  • I got a bunch of useful tips from your post. I’m lovin’ at the moment the whiskey ginger and the cucumber water!


  • The green beans and Brussels sprouts look amazing! Must try this weekend!

  • #10, the s’mores, holy hell! Why have I never thought of that before! Simply amazing!

  • Anything with avacado, I’m sold!

    Jillian – http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  • Oh my, everything looks soooo delicious! I always feel like cooking and baking after reading your blog 🙂


  • So many amazing things to make!

    Carina xx

  • Want to try cucumber margarita!


  • Thanks for sharing this, this will come in handy for the summer. Really awesome post.

  • Perfect timing! I’m throwing a surprise party for a friend on my rooftop deck this weekend. I was planning to make frozen fries (and even got some cute paper containers for them) but I’m definitely going to give those brown sugar fries a try instead 🙂

  • My all time favorite Summer time drink is a watermelon martini with fresh watermelon juice!!! I can’t wait until watermelons are in season for this reason!


  • This post has so many perfect ideas! My dad’s favourite cake is pineapple upside down cake… I’ll need to make those cupcakes the next time my fiance and I go out to my parents’ farm.

  • Ah all of it looks great! I’ll definitely be trying some of them out this summer!


  • that avacado salad is amazing looking. I will deff be serving that at my next house party!


  • I think the Pineapple Upside Down Cakes look the most delicious! Which was your favorite recipe that you created?

  • So hungry right now, got my wisdom tooth removed today, so can’t really eat. Looking at these pictures is like torture…:( http://www.flaircat.com

  • I honestly just pinned every single one of those recipes!
    Thanks for sharing this.


  • These all look delicious! I will have to try my hand at making some of them over the summer, especially the pizza bites 😀

    Elanor xxx


  • Everything looks great!! I’ll never be able to decide which recipes to make…


  • The photos are gorgeous, as is the food I’d imagine. The lemonades look wonderful!

  • I love, love, LOVE your drink recipes. Also, I made your avocado salad and it was DELISH! Great recap!

  • Everything looks so delicious, can’t wait to try some of them out.


  • first of all: hi from germany! when i was little, my thai mom would make green papaya salad with peanuts at least once a month and serve it with sticky rice. it’s luscious, fresh, and spicy, and it goes really well with a little bread and some grilled fish. i inherited the recipe from my mom (who inherited it from her mom who inherited it from her mom and so on) and today my friends always request that i make some when we get together to barbecue. you can find the basic recipe here: http://www.thaitable.com/thai/recipe/green-papaya-salad

    p.s.: instead of green papaya you can also use cucumber and make an asian style cucumber salad!

  • The food looks absolutely delicious… I’m really hungry now. I love homemade chips as well! The drinks also look so good


  • Awesome! I was just sitting down to make plans for our outdoor bbq rehearsal dinner and decided to check in with A Beautiful Mess. Perfect timing!

  • Love love LOVE this post ! It’s everything I want for summer gatherings ! Thanks for the amazing lemonade and cocktail ideas !

  • Think I’m gonna go for a margarita/avocado/fries/mojito/cornonthecob/cupcakes/pizzabites/lemonades/cakepops night ! got some work to get done…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Looks delicious !
    New post: http://www.thestilettoholic.com/
    Love from Paris

  • these photos are killing me! yum
    kw, ladies in navy
    Zara giveaway
    Gap/Old Navy Giveaway

  • Ooooh these look amazing!I am definitely making whisky sours at the next barbecue – I love taking mini victoria sponges(http://tinyurl.com/be5a2t8) to barbecues or garden parties as they look pretty and are sooo yum or a panzanella (http://tinyurl.com/aj2f27o) oh and of course chicken and bacon burgers (http://tinyurl.com/am6tu59)xx

  • Awesome! I just went ahead and pinned half of these. Thanks for adding to my recipe collection, as always! 🙂

  • I love your food posts. Makes me want to cook myself! I definitely want to try out the homemade funnel cakes!


  • IF I COULD jump into my computer screen and have my way with each of these- I sure would. They all look AMAZING! I can’t WAIT to try all of them. Thanks for sharing. Super-duper YUMMY!

  • Everything on this list looks AMAZING!


  • perfect list! i’m definitely going to make the rosemary lemonade and brussel sprout chips.

  • Oooooh – this post is perfect because we are having a small dinner party next week! I want to try some of these!

    Stephanie May*


  • Okay, I really just want to come hang out with you and watch all this magic happen 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Thank you girls so so much for this post! It’s finally feeling like spring here in Paris, and summer is right around the corner. These will make it unforgettable 🙂

    Smiles and all the best,

  • they look so good, the cake pop is so cute!!!

    DIY on my blog… www.thestelstyle.com

  • Such awesome ideas! Can’t wait to have BBQs this summer! Lemonade is my favorite thing right now! Thanks for sharing

  • Oh my God these are amazing! I’m hungry again and I just ate.. 😀

  • YUM! These all look absolutely delicious and perfect for summer entertaining!

    Lady à la Mode

  • i actually just posted about how hosting a summer party is on my summertime to-do list! we haven’t had a housewarming party yet and are waiting until the new house is juuust right. so these came at a great time!

  • When the weather gets warmer in the East Coast I am planning to do some of these for a BBQ!

  • …cucumber margarita, mmmm, sounds delicious i have to try it! 🙂

    • That ‘s fantastic food and healthy! I’ve read some people use this recipies for making party?! I also cook some delicious fried potato and meat! I use special equipment for it. here https://bestairfryer.reviews/. It can be seemed expencive to buy fryer specially for party, but than you realize that you can use it all way long!

  • Avocado salad and mojitos are perfect for summer lunch! I love photographing cocktails too.


  • YUMMY! My Goal is to try making everything atleast once.. but judging by how delicious they all are I am sure they will be getting made a lot more then just once!

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