3-2-1… it’s blog party time!

it's time for virtual cake…. confetti… crafts and fun times! 


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First up, we have an adorable group of cute D.I.Y. projects from Miss Sarah Lockhart!



DIY Doll House Decor

Greetings! This is Sarah with a few simple ideas for decorating with doll house items. I hope that you agree with me when I say that everyday items, shrunken down to miniature sizes, are almost as cute as baby animals. 

You can find doll house furniture, food, and decor at just about any craft store and (if you're lucky) flea market. I've been able to find a lot of my own favorite things in miniature form. 

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Painted Decor Item

The easiest way to decorate with doll furniture is to paint it to match your room, and then place it where you want. I thought that a mini dresser on top of our dresser was just genius.  





Simple Mounting

Larger doll house items are the perfect size and theme to be mounted on a little wooden plaque, and hung on a wall. Sofas, chairs (especially rocking chairs), televisions, sewing machines, and bicycles look insanely cute when mounted on any wall. Kitchen items, like dishes and food, look ironically cute mounted in your kitchen. 

For my example, I mounted a miniature book shelf and I'll be giving it to my best bookworm friend for her birthday! I even painted the plaque her favorite color. 

My supplies were a wooden plaque, mini book shelf, paint, hot glue gun, and a wall hanger.  





Favorite Things Wreath

This project lets you use all of the your favorite mini items that are too small to display on their own. 

My supplies were a plain foam wreath, yarn (I suggest a bulky yarn), hot glue gun, favorite mini items. and a wall hanger. 

First, I wrapped my foam wreath with masking tape.


Next, I tightly wrapped the wreath with my favorite color yarn.


I used another color to randomly wrap what I thought might be the negative space of the circle. 


This gave my wreath a nice Gryffindor look. 🙂

Then, I hot glued the wall hanger to the back of the wreath and my items to the front.   



So next time you see mini household items, you know what to do. XO, Sarah 

Thank you, Sarah, for the cute D.I.Y. projects! I'll be back once every other hour for the next 24 hours to share fun things like cupcakes, giveaways, a playlist and sneak peeks at our update (coming tomorrow evening April 1 at 12:01 AM…. central time zone!) LoveLoveloveloveeeees. elsie   


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