3 Cake Batter Milkshake Recipes

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Cake batter milkshakes 2I love cake batter-sometimes I don't even want to finish baking the cake I just want to eat the batter! It's a real will-power challenge for any baker, let me tell you. My love of cake batter inspired me to create a milkshake flavor that embodies everything delicious about cake batter. Enjoy….
Funfetti Milkshake recipeFunfetti Milkshakes, makes 3-4 servings

Needed: 1 box of Funfetti cake mix, additional ingredients the box directions call for (except eggs), 4-5 cups milk and 4-5 scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Serve with extra sprinkles if you like! I rub a little bit of corn syrup on the edges of my glasses then dipped them in sprinkles to get this pretty rim look. 

Devil's Food Cake Milkshake RecipeDevils Food Cake Batter Milkshakes, makes 3-4 servings

Needed: 1 box of Devil's Food (or chocolate) cake mix, additional ingredients the box directions call for (except eggs), 4-5 cups milk and 4-5 scoops of chocolate ice-cream. Serve with extra sprinkles if you like! I rub a little bit of corn syrup on the edges of my glasses then dipped them in sprinkles to get this pretty rim look. 

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Milkshake RecipePineapple Upside Down Cake Batter Milkshakes*, makes 3-4 servings

Needed: 1 box of Pineapple cake mix, additional ingredients the box directions call for (except eggs), 2 cups fresh or canned pineapple, 4-5 cups skim milk and 2-3 scoops of nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt, and pineapple chunks + cherries for garnish.

*The Pineapple Upside Down Cake Batter Milkshake recipe is a more healthy option in case you are wanting a treat but would prefer a lighter option.

Cake batter milkshakes 3Fun! We hope you enjoy these sweet treats! xo. emma + elsie 
  • I just made a Funfetti milkshake. I used four cups of milk and I filled a glass with ice cream, then poured the liquid over. It is absolutely delicious.

  • Use the sugar free mixes. They are delicious. If the mix calls for adding oil, do you leave it out along with the eggs?

  • I used my leftover glass pickle jars, jelly jars and banana pepper jars and you can go to shopsweetlulus.com for some cute straws!

    *I also used my starbucks frap glass bottles!

  • I really want to try doing it, thank you for sharing this.

  • As much as I love milkshakes and cake…I dont think I could drink something I know had a bunch of oil in it. Usually when I make cake I just substitute sour cream or greek yogurt for the oil and it turns out just as moist…might have to try that with this too!

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  • i made these with red velvet cake mix and it was soooo good, just in case you’re waintng to experiment 😉 i bet chocolate or better yet devils food cake would work just as well. maybe even strawberry… oh boy, going off on a tangent. either way, these look great!!

  • The olive oil would taste pretty odd, but the cooucnt oil would work, and you’d just use the same amount. If you have applesauce on hand, you could use that instead too, and it would be lower in fat!

  • Olive oil would probably be beettr (you dont say if it is extra virgin, cold pressed, etc.) The more refined the oil (olive) the higher the temperature tolerance, ie. Cold pressed extra virgin is more suited to salads whereas light or pure (which is what you have) olive oil should be fine! The coconut oil might be ok but I personally have not cooked with it so cannot vouch for it. The flavour might be too strong and I dont think it has the same heat tolerance .

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  • My friend is coming back from Canada and i’m planning to do this for her! thank you so much for the great idea! 😀

  • Too much milk, we followed the recipe as it says and it turned out awful! I absolutely LOVE the idea though. The recipe just needs some work.

  • Did you know that the unbaked flour in the batter can make you sick. The food illness outbreak that was linked to raw refrigerated cookie dough was not due to the eggs but rather the raw flour….

  • Posted by: Michelle Torres | February 14, 2012 at 08:57 AM

    Sounds so fun! I have to say I am dying to know where you guys always get these super cute straws!!
    Above is a quote from here: I too would love to know where you got those striped pixie stix straws??
    Is is possible to get an answer? After reading all the comments I think I will try making the cake first until it reaches a safe temp. and take it out and mash up,some may still be runny but if the temp is right ? I’m thinking 165 (could be 145)it should be safe then and maybe not too grainy for a shake?
    Michelle Taylor

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  • I made these for a dessert and they were a huge hit. I made strawberry mix with fresh strawberry slices.

  • Just a quick question. When you say “additional ingredients the box calls for”, do you mean the 1/3 cup of oil the funfetti box asks for too?

  • just made these last night with my friends.
    amazing idea!
    i love the funfetti one!

  • Amazingly Delicious! My friend Hannah and I followed your recipe for these milkshakes, but with red velvet cake mix and it was utterly fantastic!

  • Just curious how many ounces each recipe yields. I would like to make enough for just one glass full and would need to divide the ingredients. Thank you

  • Question… I believe it calls for vegetable oil… Do I put that in my milkshake?

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  • Okay, You put what we need to make it but I don’t see where it says HOW to make it?!?

  • These look good, but has anyone tried just mixing the cake mix with just milk and ice cream? I’m thinking that would also be yummy!

    Also, you could mix in just milk and ice for a lighter shake? Maybe even milk/greek yogurt/ice. Just some ideas! 🙂

    My Blog: http://macaronsandstilettos.blogspot.com


  • I have a question about how to mix this. Do you do it in a blender or with a mixer? I can’t see “mixing” ice cream, but yet the amount seems to be too much to fit in a blender. They look SO yummy, I can’t wait to try them all! Thanks!

  • This may be an odd question…do you include the oil in this? I know the eggs are being left out, but I am not sure I want to drink a 1/4 cup of cooking oil in my shake. 🙂

  • It seems like you found a great way to mix cake batter and milkshakes. Very inspirational.

  • Elsie, these were delicious! Even though your blog is one of my fav’s, I actually found this recipe on Pinterest. I’ve reviewed it here on my new site: http://pineatreview.com/2012/02/22/cake-batter-milkshakes/. I was sure to give you credit and links throughout, of course. 🙂

  • My favorite ice cream shop is seasonal, so I experimented with recipes for a cake batter shake to get me through the winter. I use milk, vanilla ice cream, and a few scoops of funfetti cake mix. No need for the box ingredients.

  • ok so made the funfetti 2nite. Used only 2 c milks because it was already so liquidy. 4-5 c would make it like flavored milk. Used more ice cream than called for but still way too rich w/ no ice cream taste. Tasted like coldish cake batter. Not so sure I want to try the choc one. anyone have any reviews???

  • I tend to replace the eggs and oil in a recipe with applesauce…. Do you think something like that would work in this? Maybe yogurt?

  • The glasses are just pint size canning jars. Look for them in the canning section of any grocery store or WalMart.

  • These look SOOOOOOO good! I am going to have to make these on my Wednesday night girl gatherings. Awesome idea.

    Visit my beginner blog… borntobeblonde.com

    I dont know how you have so much time to make yours look this amazing but props to you. It truly is amazing.

  • I made these this afternoon for some friends, and everyone LOVED them! Thank you. 🙂

  • These are amazing! I work at an ice cream parlor and last night after we closed we had a staff party and made these! They were to die for! Thanks for the ideas!!

  • Wow. I wonder what a super moist choco cake would taste like if it were a milkshake…


  • The idea is cute but box cakes are loaded with nasty ingredients & preservatives. And corn syrup should not be recommended. Ever.

  • Okay so, this looks disgusting to me! Seriously! Raw cake batter mixed with OIL– I mean you said the other ingredients EXCEPT the eggs! Which means you are putting all that OIL into a shake! Why would you need vegetable oil in a shake!?? or even water!??? If I were to make these, (Which I wouldn’t, because I think cake batter flavored anything is gross) but I would only add icecream, and milk. That’s it. NO OIL. (Raw eggs might be better than oil.)

  • Holy delicious! I’m going to have to try this, you always share the best ideas!


    I used to work at a little ice cream shop at a camp and we made a delicious cake batter shake. For our recipe I think we just used vanilla ice cream, milk, almond roca coffee syrup and sprinkles and then blended it all together.

    These are so creative though! My little cousin loves this kind of stuff. I should make these for him 🙂

    Allie Ruth Morris

  • YUM!! I love shakes, and honestly, anything sweet!

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  • OMG I love milkshakes! THank you for sharing, darling!



  • The funfetti ones look so good – I’m gutted I’m in Scotland and can’t get hold of the mix!

  • Scrumptious! I need to try this!

    Eternally yours,


  • What a devine idea! This may discontinue my old ways of simply putting the batter in a bowl with water and digging in (gross, I know).

  • OMG I am drooling over these! I LOVE funfetti cake…it’s my favorite cake in the whole wide world!!! I have to make these ASAP!




  • Do you cook the ingredients together first? Otherwise, wouldn’t this mean one is consuming uncooked flour?

  • These look super delicious! When can I come over to try these? haha! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Oh my GOODNESS me… these look way toooooooo good and something fun to do with the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  • I know what I will be having now for my birthday coming up instead of a big cake! Thanks for this! LOVE!

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  • Sounds so fun! I have to say I am dying to know where you guys always get these super cute straws!!

  • Wow, these sound amazing!!!!!! Would had never thought of this, thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  • i love this concept but you should never eat raw flour: it can contain bacteria that can make you really really sick!

    “One study that looked at commercial wheat flour samples found almost 13 percent contaminated with E. coli. The investigators also pointed out that wheat flour can also be contaminated with Salmonella, and that flour-based mixes have previously been implicated in outbreaks of food-borne illness. ”


  • ooh yumm… this is good since i can’t really eat cake at the moment.. loolll but man it’s awesome.. and the cup is so holly golightly! 😀


  • GASP! I…never…knew…that this much awesomeness existed! Cake and Milkshakes are my favorites, those two combined…must be epic. I’m going to try it! Thanks!

  • Can I have one now, please???


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  • I made these for the residents at the Nursing Home where I work- and they LOVED them! We’re going to make more with strawberry cake and heart shaped sprinkles for Valentines Day tomorrow! Thank you!

  • These are adorable! I made the funfetti milkshake tonight, and I promptly realized that my itty bitty old blender could never hold that much! So I improvised and broke it up, but they still turned out super yummy! I’m definitely making the chocolate one next, it’s my favorite.

    xo, Megan

  • oh.my.gosh these look heavenly! especially the devil food cake one. thank you for thinking of this!!

  • These look beyond delicious!! I love cake batter too, can’t wait to try these!


  • OH. MY. GOSH!!!
    I can’t even tell you….
    No, i can’t.
    This is too much.
    My mouth is watering. I want and yet i’m scared to try because I KNOW i’ll become addicted. Pray me all! Sigh.


  • You’re killing me! these look so fantastic! And I LOVE the sprinkles around the edges 🙂
    xo Heather

  • I honestly can’t wait to try this! I think I’ll do the chocolate one… 🙂

    Much love, Vivi


  • I will definitely be trying the funfetti milkshake tomorrow! My boyfriend’s favorite cake, such a sweet idea for Valentines. Thank you! 😉

  • Oh, wow. I’m not sure I’d be able to actually get through one, but just the mere concept of a cake batter milkshake is brilliant!

  • Oh my gosh. Drooling– those look so incredibly delicious! I am SO going to do these.

  • Amazing idea!!! Love the concept of drinking cake batter instead of doing something so bland like cooking it!

  • These looks so amazingly delicious! I can’t believe it! I’m a bowl licker from way back! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a cool idea! I baked a devil’s food cake last night and was just thinking about how I’d much rather devour the batter than the cake! Thanks for sharing this fun recipe!

  • Oh wow! x) Thank you for the idea~ I will probably make this soon during stay at home Saturdays and for parties~ I will try other flavors too to see if I can make something awesome.

  • Perfect! Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, so these delightful recipes are just in time!!


  • These look so good! I too love cake batter and I really want to make some of these! Great idea 😉

  • this is amazing.. i too wish i still ate sugar. so clever. i used to make the batter just to eat it raw.

  • Umm… yummm. What is it about cake batter? It is delish, but I think it is also a textural experience.

    One question, Elsie. Am I understanding it correctly; you mix up the batter like you were going to make the cake, but you leave the eggs out. Then you add the additional ingredients you list?

    This would be such a winner with my chitlins.

  • That’s such a ridiculously clever idea!!! Definitely doing this for my boyfriend… he’ll love it 😀

  • These look sooooo good. My roommate and I aren’t eating sugar right now, but we gave ourselves a one-day pass for valentines…

  • so cute. when i have my nieces over, i love to decorate my cups like that for them <3

  • Haha, just this weekend I was making chocolate muffins but ended up making with about half the number that the recipe stated as I’d eaten so much batter! These milkshakes are just perfect, and I wont have to feel guilty about being too impatient to wait for the cakes to bake this time!
    I wonder if the chocolate cake will go with mint ice cream as well as I’m imagining!?

  • Wow this is super smart, it’s making me hungry already. Yum!


  • Um yes please! This sounds and looks delicious! Thanx for sharing!


  • They look sooooooooo awsome!!! And look so cute in those little jars. I feel the same way i always would rather eat the cake mixture rather than the cake!!!

  • I love these, just the photos themselves give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, your just so good with displaying things and making them look beautiful!!

    Esther xx


  • wow….cute and they look delicious! going to have to try the devil’s food one!


  • wow this is pretty interesting 🙂

    il have to try this at some point. the idea is so new for me hehe. xx


  • oh my goodness…this looks amazing…too bad I have celiac and have to eat GF…wonder if the Betty crocker GF ones would taste sort of similar….
    The pictures are so pretty!
    Sarah M

  • How cool!! I love the sprinkles around the rim- you ladies are fab;)

    Stephanie May*


  • i love how they are served in jars so unique & cute:)

  • Oh my goodness, that looks and sounds so delicious!


  • I am crazily obsessed with cake batter…it’s my favorite and so these are just amazing. I love it! Great post 🙂


  • Great idea, I just wish treats like these wouldn’t make me fat 😛 xx


  • Ooh, this is a good reminder for me…my friend’s b-day is tomorrow (Valentine’s Day!) and he is not much of a dessert person…but I know that he’ll like a b-day cake SHOT of LIQUOR. 🙂

  • Looks amazing! I love how fun your recipes are!!!

  • Those look so delicios! Have to find a time to make one of those.


  • I wonder if you could do this with thinned down pudding mix as well? Guess I’ll have to find out 😉

  • This just made my day. Funfetti milkshakes TONIGHT!

    THANK YOU for sharing this. Holy smokes, am I excited!

  • Those look so amazing! Oh man I know what I’m doing later tonight!

    xoxo, Jjanga
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  • Mmmm they look delicious 😛 If only I could buy those cake mixes..mmm they’re impossible to find in Italy! 🙁


  • Yummy! This looks terribly good but so bad lol


  • damn you! just when i was trying to eat less sugar… these look so tasty, esp that chocolate one.

  • Oh yum, especially to the Devils Food Cake Batter Milkshake. I definitely have to try that one, as I too have to seriously restrain myself from gobbling up the cake batter mix. xo


  • I always got to lick the beaters when I was baking with my mom as a kid. Now there’s no one but myself to stop me from eating the raw batter. This is a really creative idea! I love how you’ve decorated the glasses. Thanks for sharing!

  • oh yummy! i love fast, easy, and super yummy. look how stinkin cute these are!!! thanks elsie <3

  • oh my goodness!!! How cute are these? These would be so fun for parties. Haha, I’m just going to grab a bunch of my college friends and we’re going to make these. We’ll feel like kids again.

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  • oh my gosh the funfetti one just sounds dangerous! Such a fantastic idea!


  • This looks so good!!!


  • WHAT!?



    I just heard an angelic chorus, as the sunlight broke through the clouds.
    Ok, not really…but this girl loves cake batter!:)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Nat, you can link here and post one photo, but please do not publish the entire recipe. Thanks so much for asking!

  • oh my god. my jaw literally dropped reading the headline, what a good idea for a milkshake! that devil’s food cake milkshake looks delicious.

    xo, cheyenne

  • I really appreciate the easiness of most of the recipes you show here, but lately it felt like you often used some industrial props : cake mix, candy coatings, etc… It makes for easy recipes, which is enjoyable, but I would love a bit more of freshness to those yummy lovelies !

  • Oh My G!!!!! I love cake batter 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind if I publish the recipe on my blog later and take 1-2 pictures by you?

    xo, Nat.

  • These look good! I wonder if you could do it with angel’s food cake, it’d be fantastic to have a shake with layers of colour.

  • Whenever I bake I always make twice as much so I can eat the cake mix! These look delicious, I have to ask though were did you get those glasses they’re so cute.

  • These are the HEAVEN-LIEST things I’ve seen in a while! My husband would LOVE them. Thanks so much for sharing! xo

  • It’s like someone had been rading my mind for all this time. This was just NECESSARY! Thank you a lot. 🙂

  • OH MY GOSH! This is amazing! I never would have thought of this… looks yummy!!!

  • Um YUM! This is amazing. I never would have thought of something like this 🙂

  • Oh. My. I gave up sugar for February, but I am so regretting it now…. Will have to pin this for later! You are a goddess for posting this! Wow! Can’t wait to make these and post about it on my blog too!

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