3 Natural DIY Shower Products

3 DIY Green Shower ProductsToday I’m excited to share three natural shower products that you can make at home! We are teaming up with SheaMoisture, and their new Beauty Hack line that’s available at Ulta to make these three simple recipes. We’re going to learn to make a sugar scrub, a body wash and a body oil—all from awesome, natural ingredients!

I have a huge stash of various oils and ingredients in my office that I use for DIYs, but it took a LOT of time, research and a decent amount of money to collect all these supplies. When I heard about the Beauty Hack line, I loved it instantly because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating your own natural beauty products. There are recipes available on their site, and SheaMoisture uses certified organic and fair trade ingredients. You can use this collection, along with ingredients from your kitchen to create your own DIY natural skincare and hair care products!

3 DIY Green Shower Products Matcha Sugar Scrub, makes enough for one use (my photos show a double recipe)

6 tablespoons Sugar Scrub Base
1 tablespoon macadamia oil
1 teaspoon matcha tea
1 drop fragrance oil (These are all essential oil based, not artificial fragrances.)

3 DIY Green Shower Products

Mix the ingredients in a bowl until it’s super green, like this!

3 DIY Green Shower Products Haha—I don’t know whether this is the prettiest or ugliest thing I’ve made lately?

3 DIY Green Shower Products To use, scrub this all over your body in the shower. The sugar does the work of exfoliating your skin and the oil leaves lasting moisture and softness, even after it is rinsed off. Oh—and you can totally smell the matcha… I love it!

3 DIY Green Shower Products Next, let’s mix our own body oil!

Lemongrass Body Oil

2 parts Body Oil Base
1 part grapeseed oil
1 part avocado oil
1 drop lemongrass fragrance oil

This smells incredible! I love to use body oil right after I shower as my body moisturizer.

3 DIY Green Shower Products

Body Wash

3 parts Cleanser Base
1 part macadamia oil
1 drop fragrance oil

This recipe will have some natural separation, so you just need to shake it before use. This is very common with natural beauty products, or really anything made with oil.

A quick note about storage—A common question I always get on these types of recipes is “how long will it last.” These products are intended to be mixed up for each use. However, I will share some simple, common sense guidelines with you that I have learned. If you ever use a fresh ingredient from your kitchen in your recipe (something like the matcha I used here, coconut water, fresh citrus floral water, etc…), these types of things will cause your recipes to not last as long. So if you use something like that, I would refrigerate your recipe between uses and try to use it within a few days or at least the week. However, if it’s as simple as mixing oils with essential oils, like the body oil I made here, it will last longer. I still like to make fairly small batches and use them up before making more. The bottom line is that natural beauty DIYs don’t have preservatives and ingredients that make something shelf stable, but that can be a good thing! Just don’t try to make a year’s supply of matcha sugar scrub in one day.

Sigh… now it’s time for a hot bath, a glass of rosé, and you can take your new natural products for a spin!

3 DIY Green Shower Products XX! Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson.
  • Hey .. these DIYs seem to be fun.. need to try this. Shea Moisture products are awesome products that help to nourish your skin as well as restore the charm of your damaged hair.


  • Hi Elsie! I love when you feature natural beauty products. It’s great that these Beauty Hack products are decently priced. I’ve recently made the switch the natural cleansers and moisturizers (Cocokind is my jam). I always look forward to these posts so please keep them coming! xo

  • I am love-love-loving these natural products DIYs!

    I’ve been trying to incorporate more and more natural products into my lifestyle, and these types of features are so inspiring! Thank you for making natural, healthy products so cute, stylish, and fun!

  • I much prefer showers to baths (and it can be hard to find good DIY shower product ideas), so this post makes me very happy! Thank you for featuring such amazing recipes…with great “packaging” as well!

  • OMG I LOVE lemongrass! My trainer has a little rollerball concoction she sometimes puts on me and it’s a homemade mix made by her sister. Those little oils are so powerful and make you feel refreshed!


  • Hi Elsie!

    Where did you get your containers that you used to hold your DIY shower products? Also, did you just use alphabet stamps on washi tape for the labeling? Super cute and utilitarian looking!

  • I LOVE how you teamed up with Shea Moisture. I actually first tried (and continuously use!!) their product after you posted your hair care routine. Love to see this post!

  • Wow!! This was really amazing, loved reading this. While surfing just like this, I came across this makeup game where you can perform makeup on the queen and checkout whether how will it look.

    Link: http://bit.ly/QueenMakeupSalon

  • I absolutely love this, what an incredible gift idea!

  • I bet these guys smell amazing!!

    I want to try them all, but the green scrub is really calling my name! (Totally voting pretty vs ugly!)


  • oh. my. god.

    Lemongrass is the best scent! I always come back to it. It smells good on anyone, mixed with any pheromone. (I swear!) I’m sharing this with everyone.

  • I am obsessed with body oils lately – can’t wait to try making this one! <3


  • This looks amazing! I will have to give it a try for sure <3


  • Love these ideas. I’ve made quite a few bath products using coconut oil (haven’t we are, though?) and so excited to open up my shower-product abilities with these recipes! Hope my friends and family are ready to feel fabulous and smell like lovely lemongrass….

  • You love body scrubs but can’t use them because they make the shower so slippery. Any idea on how to fix that?

    • Anything with oil can be slippery. I would try a nonstick mat or surface if it seems dangerous (I am a walking disaster and always bruise myself, so I understand!) xx- Elsie

  • Love your dot countertops! Can you link to it or send the color. They are beautiful

    • They are pink penny tile that we bought online! Not sure what shop (and it’s actually just a board I use for photos, not a whole counter- although that would be adorable!!)

  • Could you explain this a bit more “(These are all essential oil based, not artificial fragrances.)”. Looking at the website it says Fragrance oil all over their description. I see their website also says it’s Synthetic fragrance free. Do you know how this oil is made? These DYI’s sound amazing but i am leery of the fragrance oil.

    • When I look under ingredients it says “Fragrance (Essential Oil Blend)” so I take that as meaning it is a natural fragrance, but I will request more information and post here when I hear back! :))

      I totally understand your concern because artificial fragrances is one of the #1 things I avoid as well. xx!

  • Elsie, your last couple DIYs (I’ve noticed it about this and the pillow at least) have struck me as having a really comforting and personal vibe in the photography. Don’t know if it’s just me, but thought I’d mention it because I know you’re always trying to work on different things in your photos and such. 🙂 all the happy vibes!

  • I’d love to make the DIY lemongrass oil. I love and miss the smell of lemongrass after my Vietnam trip.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • It’s my favorite scent! I use it for all my cleaning products, some bath products and also diffusing it during the day at home!
      xx- Elsie

  • I love making DIY bath products! I need to try these!


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