3 Ideas for Displaying Collections

4tipsfordisplayingcollections Hello ABM readers! I’m Rubyellen from Cakies, and I’m back to talk about some of our collections and how to display them. I’m sure most of us have a collection of sorts going. A popular one that I have seen on the internet is globe collections. I’ve got a ton of them myself. When I see one while thrifting, my friends won’t let me walk out of the store with it, because I have way too many (I really do!). I had my husband put up a wooden shelf to display some of my globes, and I have a few more (okay, maybe a lot more) scattered around the house. They all look so good grouped together!

4tipsfordisplayingcollections Something else I collect is old keys and I have them grouped on a wall together. It’s a simple collection, but together they make a nice piece of wall art.

4tipsfordisplayingcollectionsWe are also rock collectors over here, especially with my 4 little ones. Everywhere we go, they are always finding rocks to bring home! We had all of our rocks on a shelf, but I wanted to use the shelf for something else, so I came up with another solution to display some of our rocks. I wanted to make a poster of our rock collection and this is what I did…

4tipsfordisplayingcollections 1. Choose a background for your collection. Since I wanted to keep it simple, I chose white and purchased a white foam matte board.

4tipsfordisplayingcollections 2. Lay out your collection to be photographed. I laid out all the rocks in an arrangement I liked and took a picture.

3. Find a frame. I got a frame from IKEA and in Photoshop, adjusted the photo to the size of the frame. If you aren’t Photoshop savvy, you can take your image file to the print shop and they can probably do it for you, but they might charge for that extra labor.

4. Take your image file to the print shop. I took my image on a flash drive to the print shop and had them print it out for me with a matte finish.

4tipsfordisplayingcollections I love how our poster came out. It’s a great way to get wall art and still display our rock collection!

4tipsfordisplayingcollections 4tipsfordisplayingcollections You could easily do this with any of your collections! If an object is larger (for example, a globe), you might want to purchase 2 white foam boards so that the base and background is the same (or whatever color/pattern it is you are going for). You would have to take a picture of each item individually, then in Photoshop, put all the individual images you took and put it together into one poster. It will definitely take a little bit more Photoshop know-how to put larger objects together in a poster.

4tipsfordisplayingcollections So if you’re finding you’ve collected too many things over the years, but don’t have the heart to give it away or don’t like the space your collection is taking up, putting them all on a poster is a good way to still display it (and document it for memories sake). Maybe this will make giving your collection another home (or storing it away) a lot easier!

Happy collecting friends!

Credits // Author and Photography: Rubyellen.

  • It’s great! Haha, now I wish I had a collection to display 😉 You guys have such great content on your blog, it’s wonderful 😉


  • That poster idea is PERFECTION. We move constantly (military life) and it is hard to contain the collector in me…but then we box it all up every 2 years and things get smashed/damaged/I’m heartbroken. This is a beautiful way to preserve those collectibles! Thank you!

  • Jelena — put that collection into a display case, depending on how many you have, you can find a tabletop type to put on a side table or bookcase. You’ll be able to see the pretty things, feel connected to your grandma, and not spend time dusting. I’m very conscious of dust (and not wanting to do it if at all possible) so I put things under glass domes or in display cases, especially delicate or fragile items.

  • My son, too, has a globe collection and is a lover of maps. Funny, what kids like!

  • I just inhereted a giant coin collection from my grandmother (includnig nazi german coins, soivet russian coins and coins from the 1700s), and I’ve been looking for a way to display them. They’re so cool and I hate the idea of them just sitting around in a tin. This is absolutely perfect!

  • Love the idea of the rock collector. I’m geologist so you can imagine!!! What a good idea!
    I also love the blue little wardrobe!

  • Love those rock photos! Perfect home- additions 🙂


  • That’s a really good idea! We should use that for our homeschooling lesson too!

  • I still have a couple rocks displayed, but most of them are sitting together in a big basket now that they are all on a poster.

  • My sister got the print for me from her boyfriend who works at a print shop.

  • That’s a good idea! I do know where they come from by looking at them, but dating the back would be better because I’m sure I will forget one day!

  • I have a geode collection. Taking a photo of them to display would be perfect! Thanks for the idea Rubyellen!

  • I love that you took a photo of your collection! That is such a great idea… and it makes a lovely, unique piece of art!

  • That rock print is so cool! I actually thought, upon first seeing the picture, that you were going to instruct us to glue the rocks to the foam board, which I also think is a great idea! That way you don’t actually have to store the collection elsewhere, If it’s something that your kids will want to touch though, that probably wouldn’t work. Love these ideas!


  • I love the photography idea! I might have to use this idea for some acorns and leaves I preserved this past fall.

  • I feel silly for not thinking of this idea before! Now I’m truly inspired to wrangle my bouncy ball collection (yes I said bouncy ball) together! Now I might just have to do a new office photo shoot afterwards!

  • i love the simplicity of the rock collection. it shows love of children, beauty, innocence, and the world!!:) it represents a lot to me because i was definitely a rock collector when i was a little kid<3
    honestly, the world is beautiful.
    our lives are fantastic.
    we are so blessed.
    be. happy.

    check out this website!! it shows a ton about the beauty of the world, of life, and of family…and simply the wonderfulness of it all!!!:)

    thank you for the inspiration<3

  • I love the simplicity of a rock collection. And the fact that it shows love for children and innocence and the beauty of the world. the world is beautiful. love it. <3
    visit this website!!! it’s incredible and teaches you a ton about the beauty and sheer wonderfulness in this world:)

  • A thousand times Thank You for the rock poster idea! I have a six year old who loves to paint & draw adorable things on rocks & I can’t bear to part with them but haven’t known how to display them. Loads of love, Heidi

  • I love the keys so much! We’ve been collecting old books. I’m stil working on finding fun ways to display them.

  • I LOVE collecting. We’re currently renting so I can’t put up as many shelves as I’d like. I have grand plans one day.

    Love the globes.

  • Wow! These were some fantastic ideas that I never would have thought up– thanks for the inspiration!

  • that’s such a cool idea! thanks for sharing!

    I have a trinket collection and I am since long looking for so long for a way to display it!

  • Excellent, thank you very much for this. I have many collections I would love to display 🙂


  • Great ideas! I really love the board with the stones, it’s so creative! I mean, I’ve never seen such a thing before. There are many people that put their collections on a closet or shelve, but this is so special! 🙂

  • I had an idea like this but wasn’t sure i’d like it, and kinda forgot all about it. Your’s turned out so great i definitely want to do this too! My girls will be so excited to see their “artifacts” from gem mining turned into art!

  • I love the antique keys on the wall. It really draws focus.

    xo Denise

  • These are so cute! I actually have a HUGE collection of elephant figurines. I just moved into an apartment though and since space is tight, I haven’t yet brought them over from my mom’s house. I love the idea of taking a picture of them to display. That might be a good idea for now until we move into a place with more space for them. Thanks for the inspiration!



  • Love the rock collection! So beautiful!

    x Sara from andalittlechaos.blogspot.com

  • I love the idea of a globe collection! xo


  • i love the old keys on the wall. i found some at a flea market in paris and think i may have to try this 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Very original doing a photo to see the collection!


  • Fantastic poster!!
    I love post with decor ideas 🙂


  • Another nifty thing, you could get a shadowbox from HobbyLobby or Michaels, have the white foam board cut to size and use E6000 to glue the rocks onto the foamboard and put it into the frame. OR! and I have done this with some coins I’ve collected over the years, glue them onto a solid mat board/foamboard and place them without glass into a regular photo frame and hang it on the wall for a more minimal effect. I usually measure about an 1″ to 2″ white space between the edge of the frame to where I’d like my collage to start!

    Love the ideas..now what to do with my Monster High Dolls people keep giving me!


  • Do you keep a record of where the rocks came from. For instance, we have a slew of shells from various coastal locations and we’ve marked the ‘can’ they are in right now with the location and date – as a memory jarger. But – I do love the poster idea. If you had the date/memory you could put it on the back of the poster.

  • I love the idea of photographing a collection and displaying that instead. My husband has an enormous collection of rocks he has been working on since childhood and this is a great way to display them.

  • Lots of good ideas here! I have plenty of collections, but since moving into my apartment, I’ve found it difficult to display them, since I can’t alter the apartment all too much…


  • The poster is such a good idea! And I seriously love all of those collections! The keys and globes are stunning!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • I love the idea of taking a photo of your collection and using that as a display. Awesome alternative!!

  • These are the MOST beautiful ideas – I’m a geography teacher and i have SO MANY globes and rocks filling up my storage cupboards. The globes shelf with lights will be perfect to make my classroom more exciting and i’m going to get the rocks snapped, printed and then laminated so the students can label them (as sedimentary/metamorphic etc etc) with wipe off markers – Thank you!

  • One day will I have a nice little shelf for my nice little matryoshka collection.

  • Photographing the rock collection is a cool idea. Where do you store it though? I feel like I’d probably still try to find some kind of way to display the rocks

  • That photograph idea is great! And I love the globes! What a great item to collect!


  • Some great ideas! Now to begin collecting something…. Happy Tuesday!

    A Silver Snapshot

  • I got very pretty collection of golden teacups from my grandma and I would really like to display it, but I am a bit worried about having to dust it all the time. Maybe it is time to start dusting

  • i wish i had an awesome globe collection like that.
    the idea to photograph a stone collection is genius. definitely have to do that with my stones and shells collection.

  • i love the globes! what a fun collection!



  • Such simple and effective idea’s!! Loving the globes, we need to build our globe collection, then plan plan plan to travel the WWWOOORRRRLLDD.

  • Love the idea of collecting globes, the way you’ve displayed yours is just gorgeous! x


  • I love interesting home decor ideas. I’ll be writing some of my own in the coming weeks.

    Meanwhile, check out the best supplements for healthy, clear skin.


    Sophie x

  • I really like the poster idea. This is at least partly because my family moves a lot. This would be a much more concise way to keep and display things that we love, but which are too heavy to meet weight requirements, or too bulky to meet space ones. Now, I just need to find enough wall space.

  • I love the idea of making a poster – I might see if I can convince my boyfriend to do this with some of his many collections! Thanks for sharing, Rubyellen 🙂

  • Hi Rubyellen ! I love your pictures, specially the glober’s collections !
    Thanks for sharing!

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