3 Ideas for Displaying Collections

4tipsfordisplayingcollections Hello ABM readers! I’m Rubyellen from Cakies, and I’m back to talk about some of our collections and how to display them. I’m sure most of us have a collection of sorts going. A popular one that I have seen on the internet is globe collections. I’ve got a ton of them myself. When I see one while thrifting, my friends won’t let me walk out of the store with it, because I have way too many (I really do!). I had my husband put up a wooden shelf to display some of my globes, and I have a few more (okay, maybe a lot more) scattered around the house. They all look so good grouped together!

4tipsfordisplayingcollections Something else I collect is old keys and I have them grouped on a wall together. It’s a simple collection, but together they make a nice piece of wall art.

4tipsfordisplayingcollectionsWe are also rock collectors over here, especially with my 4 little ones. Everywhere we go, they are always finding rocks to bring home! We had all of our rocks on a shelf, but I wanted to use the shelf for something else, so I came up with another solution to display some of our rocks. I wanted to make a poster of our rock collection and this is what I did…

4tipsfordisplayingcollections 1. Choose a background for your collection. Since I wanted to keep it simple, I chose white and purchased a white foam matte board.

4tipsfordisplayingcollections 2. Lay out your collection to be photographed. I laid out all the rocks in an arrangement I liked and took a picture.

3. Find a frame. I got a frame from IKEA and in Photoshop, adjusted the photo to the size of the frame. If you aren’t Photoshop savvy, you can take your image file to the print shop and they can probably do it for you, but they might charge for that extra labor.

4. Take your image file to the print shop. I took my image on a flash drive to the print shop and had them print it out for me with a matte finish.

4tipsfordisplayingcollections I love how our poster came out. It’s a great way to get wall art and still display our rock collection!

4tipsfordisplayingcollections 4tipsfordisplayingcollections You could easily do this with any of your collections! If an object is larger (for example, a globe), you might want to purchase 2 white foam boards so that the base and background is the same (or whatever color/pattern it is you are going for). You would have to take a picture of each item individually, then in Photoshop, put all the individual images you took and put it together into one poster. It will definitely take a little bit more Photoshop know-how to put larger objects together in a poster.

4tipsfordisplayingcollections So if you’re finding you’ve collected too many things over the years, but don’t have the heart to give it away or don’t like the space your collection is taking up, putting them all on a poster is a good way to still display it (and document it for memories sake). Maybe this will make giving your collection another home (or storing it away) a lot easier!

Happy collecting friends!

Credits // Author and Photography: Rubyellen.

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