Three Tips For Styling An Entryway

3 tips for styling an entrywayWe’re still hard at work on our studio house—one mini space at a time. This week we completed two small spaces (double yay!), and today we’re teaming up with Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot to share a few tips for styling an entry space. 

But first, I must confess. I’m the worst at mini spaces. You know the ones. Too small to be a room, but still in need of decor and organization. I put them off and eventually get used to their half-finished status. They’re my blind spot. 

But not this time! This time things are different. And you know what? I’m loving it. Our new entry space is inviting and organized. Since it’s the first thing we see when we walk through those doors every morning, I think of this space as our friendliest spot in the house, always waving “hell-oo-ooo!”

3 tips for styling an entryway This space came together quickly. Here are my tips for styling an entryway that’s both welcoming and full of personality.

3 tips for styling an entryway 1. Start with something green! 

No matter how you choose to incorporate them, plants are always a great idea! I picked up some easy-to-care-for plants for our entry table. I chose a bird’s-nest fern and a cactus arrangement. Both can handle the low light of our entryway and are easy to care for indoors. 

After you’ve added the green stuff, incorporate a few other elements. A nice smelling candle, a pretty vase, a figurine or something fun (like our big crystal) are just a few ideas. You want your entry space to feel complete and decorated, but also clean and uncluttered, because it’s nice to have a place to set bags and packages when you walk in the front door.

3 tips for styling an entryway 2. Incorporate storage! 

We were able to fit six wicker baskets on our entry table. These are super handy because there are still lots of things in our space that don’t have a permanent home. Here you can see our growing collection of washi tape and masking tape (always good to have that accessible) and our cloth napkin collection that we use for styling food photos. 

Anytime you can add a little storage to your space, do it!

3 tips for styling an entryway 3. Choose art that has meaning to you. 

When it comes to choosing art, I highly recommend choosing pieces that have personal meaning to you. We found this big gold foil print at Congo Studio’s Etsy shop and I immediately knew it was perfect for our work space. The phrase “some things take time” may as well be an inside joke around here, because we all know all too well that everything always takes more time than you think it will. It’s a nice daily reminder, and it didn’t hurt that it was gold! 

We styled our print with this Martha Stewart Living Wales sunburst mirror (Isn’t it amazing? You can find it exclusively at The Home Depot, or you can browse the collection if it’s not available in your area). We love how the metallics mix with all the white and green. Our space is peaceful, but personal. Just right for our team space.

3 tips for styling an entryway This entry table is DIY, too. Would you guys like to learn how to make it in a future post? Thanks so much for reading. We’re excited to share more small spaces with you soon! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Celeste from The Fresh Collection

  • These are all great ideas and ideal for a small space like an entry. Plants are one of my go-to when I need something…anything to pull a space together. And they are so inexpensive for a big impact.

  • I love the idea of adding a green plant to our front entryway. We have a VERY small “surface” there – a trunk that we’ve stood up on its end, for a waist-high table – but I think we can fit a tall, narrow green plant on it next to our ‘catch-all’ box.

  • I love this! Well done. Especially love the print- noticed it ships from Spain. Did you have to pay customs costs?

  • I would love to know how you made the table! I’ve been looking for one to use in my small house.

  • Of course we would!
    P.s. I don’t know why, but if I open posts via bloglovin, I can’t leave comments…

  • Ohh I totally love the art piece and WANT one :). Some things take time, how true and comforting to look at :):)
    Love everything about the room. Lots of inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  • Love, love, love the camera bags!!! I am a new grandmother of two beautiful girls. I sew a lot of outfits for them ( from headbands to shoes) but I never seem to take their pictures. I know, bad grandma. I would love to win either the black or camel bag! What an incentive it would be to take pictures of mt granddaughters Amelia and Gemma.

  • These are such great tips! I think you filled the space perfectly as well. Love it!


  • Storage in the entry is so important. And I love the way you showed an option that can be so easy to put together in a variety of spaces and configurations.

  • Checking your blog has made me realized how unorganized I am and how easily organized I could be! Thanks guys!!

  • My mother as always said that every room needs life, by that she means plants. I love seeing greenery in entry ways of homes because they always seem so inviting. Great tips!
    xox Logan

  • We just redid our entryway and used a lot of the tips you suggested. I was thinking of adding some more art or photos above the light (that colorful glass on the wall is a light!) What would you all suggest?

  • Yes! The table seems great for books too, please help us make it! 🙂
    Thank you for your ideas.

  • Adorable! I have an awkward space that I need to deal with at home that definitely needs some storage: right now it’s where the mail goes to die.


  • Those are some really great ideas! I particularly like the cacti decoration (but again, there always so modern yet cute at the same time!) and the sunburst mirror too.

    I particularly like the incorporating storage bit while making it look good at the same time. And please do tell us how to make the table, I’m always on board for a new project…

  • I would LOVE a tutorial for this entry table! ESPECIALLY if it’s one that can be adjusted for those of us who would need to have all of the wood cut when buying it and only have a drill and hammer at home 😉 Thank you for the inspiring post!!

  • I’d love to see the tutorial on how you made the table. I need something for my entrance, I haven’t done anything yet but I like the idea of baskets. I’d put one for each member of my family for their little random “things” they want to keep close (like keys, phones, gloves, sunglasses, journals…).

  • Great post! I would love to learn how to make that table… so I can have my fiancé build me one when we move into our house. 😉

  • SO ADORABLE! And absolutely, I want to learn to make the table. I have some leftover wood about that size from a shelving project. 🙂

  • yes on that table! looks simple enough that i could potentially make it 🙂

  • What a cute way to decorate a space like this! I will have an entry way space when I move next month, and I was stuck for ideas for quite awhile, but I know I want to make a customer side table with draws, and I’ve chosen the mirror I want, have a DIY bowl planned for keys and things, and know I want some kind of cool plant… That’s about the extent of it though.

  • Lovely space! I would love to learn how to make the entry table … it’s perfect for what I need. I’ve been searching for one for a few months and haven’t been able to find any that suit my needs. Thanks!

  • I just moved into an NYC (so smallish) apartment. I love the idea of incorporating storage space and also adding something green. Thanks for the tips!

  • Such a beautiful idea! I think I am the opposite – love little spots and feel lost in big rooms 🙂

  • I hate decorating small spaces. That’s why my entry way is horrible! I’m trying to work on that, though… This post comes in handy!

  • We love your decoration suggestion.
    Thanks for sharing. It is an honor

    We wish you good luck! hope to keep in touch!

  • Super !!!!! beautiful simple cozy and practical
    I love the sun mirror its a great take on mid century design

  • Yes YES to the table DIY, it’s just the right shape for a hall-way! I can’t wait!


  • I needed this post desperately, thank you. Such an overlooked space in too many homes!

  • Hi Tracy! It’s from The Home Depot The site says you have to pick it up in the store. Hope that helps!
    xx- Elsie

  • Really great idea. I have the side table. Spring is my favorite time of year. If you love Spring dresses as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this video that I just created. Come by and tell me which dress is your favorite. Mine is the Hawaiian green. It’s so cute. Xoxox, BLONDi

  • Love the entry way table!! Please share this DIY!! Thank you, great post as always!

  • I love this post. Awe 🙂 It’s very feng shui, as the entryways is one of the most important areas of the house, creating flow. Great job!

    Love and Luck,

    Laurali Star

  • Great idea with the baskets in the shelves for storage. A lot easier to store loose items together, but still keep it looking classy!

  • Love this space! My door enters into the living room, so no entry way, but theres a long wall of bare space I need to fill & something like this would be perfect! Please share the table!

  • yes please!
    i love all the ideas you guys are throwing at us especially now that im switching to a bigger room! 😀

    hello future book storage!

  • Ha! Stylish is good but all I really require is that I can enter and leave without falling over something!! Love the storage table, its really nifty.

  • Everything always takes more time than you think it will? Oh my god, I am not the only one who struggles with this! I love you, guys!

  • I just revamped my entry way and happened to incorporate something green, storage and meaningful to me in mine as well. It makes it such a welcoming space. Love the way you’ve done it.

  • So cute!! PLEASE post entry table 🙂 My fiancee & I just built the office desk Emma & your dad made and we LOVE it!!

  • This is such a great idea! I love using baskets on shelves to conceal the stuff inside haha 🙂

  • I live in a studio apartment so…no entry way but I just so enjoy the pictures of what you guys do…even if I can’t do them (yet)

  • PLEASE share how you made the table! I’ve been on the lookout for one for a while now and when I saw this post, the table really caught my eye. Lucky me, hopefully I can make it. Super cute!

  • Great tips! Storage, personal touches and greenery are always on our list of tips too! Nothing like a bit of greenery to brighten up any space 🙂 XO,D

  • Yes I definitely would because the table is perfect for my house too !

    Xo from France

  • Looks very welcoming and the table is looking quite perfect, so YES please tell us!

  • i’ve been searching everywhere for a DIY entry table that i love – please share!

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