3 Ways to Craft It: Doilies!

Three ways to craft doiliesToday we are starting a brand new feature; Three Ways to Craft It. The concept is simple: take one supply and create three different projects from it! Fun, huh? It is our hope that this feature will push us to think of new and maybe out-of-the-box ideas from supplies we love. Today we are focusing on the ever classic and oh-so grandma chic doilies!Doilie hanger1Doilie hanger2Project 1: Doily hangers! What we love about these is that they are not only cute but super useful as well. Small strap summer dresses or silky type fabrics tend to slip off of hangers but the doilies help hold fabric in place. Here's how to make your own:Doilie hanger steps1. Supplies: plastic or wire hanger, doilies (I used three for each hanger), needle and thread. 2. Sew your first doily onto the hanger. I hung mine through the hanger hook then stretched it toward the bottom of the hanger and stitched it in place. 3. Sew your next doily on, stretch it toward your fist doilie to secure it in place, you can hide any longer stitches underneath the doilies. 4. Repeat until you have covered your entire hanger.Dream catchers1Dream catchers2Project 2: Doily Dream Catchers. This project comes from Lune Vintage, I adore Jill's blog and loved her take on doily dream catchers. Here's how I made mine:Dream catcher steps1. Supplies: small embroidery hoop (I used both pieces to create two dream catchers), doilies, yarn, needs and thread, embellishments like feathers or beads. 2. Stitch the doily inside the hoop. 3. Tie yarn tassels to the bottom of the hoop. 4. Add any embellishments you want!6a00d8358081ff69e20168e8948684970c-800wiProject 3: Doily lamp. This project comes from our archives, you can see the full tutorial here

Hope you've enjoyed this first edition of Three Ways to Craft It! Do you have any supply suggests you'd love to see us try? xo. emma

  • You can do the “dreamcatchers” without appropriating indigenous culture. Don’t call it a “dreamcatcher” (because it’s not) and maybe don’t add those beads and feathers.

  • Muy hermoso y creativo todo lo que muestras en tu block…Saludos desde Chile 🙂

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  • I love the dream catchers! They are a gorgeous idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • I just found a vintage hoop and doily. Oh my I can’t wait to make Miss Muffet’s a dream catcher. I might solve her sleeping problems x thanks for sharing. Awesome.

  • Thanks so much for the ideas! I have a huge bag of dollies and wasn’t sure what to do with them. I’m so excited to get started. 🙂

  • Oh, I adore those doily dream catchers! I have some extra old wooden embroidery hoops in my sewing box, this would be a great re-use for them.

    Now the question remains, where does one find fabric doilies?

  • Great ideas! I love the dreamcatcher idea, might just have to do this!


  • The hangers are my fave. Those are perfect to add to an otherwise boring picture of a t-shirt or dress.

  • Awesome! Your next edition of Three Ways To Craft It should use fake flowers/leaves, baskets (different ways to be creative with them), or maybe crafts you can do using old jeans. Or possibly different ways to get creative with acrylic paint!

  • those hangers are just lovely! def have to try this!
    i collected some other ideas on doilies as well, see here:



  • Very cute! I will now be looking around for other items to cover in doilies:)

    Stephanie May*


  • I LOVE lace. Have to share with you my fashion DIY project made with white lace http://bit.ly/GVoyzx

  • The dream catcher is heavenly! I might try it out sometimes. I love the hanger as well, great idea!

  • Hard to imagine dollies being used any other way!
    Would grandmothers of the past cringe at the thought…who cares, there just so darling!

    Xx SR

  • I love the blend of native american and doilies, reminds me of my Grandmother. Can’t wait to show this to her.

  • wonderful ideas! i love also to craft with lace…

  • adorable repurposing of doilies!
    off topic: love that bow necklace!
    x kat

  • I absolutely adore the hangers. I hate my just plain string hangers. Now I can make them into something fun. So excited.

    I would love to see your feedback on my blog! I think your experience would really help me to become a better blogger ( I am a newbie).


  • This new feature is great, I look forward to seeing what you guys concoct!

    I think scarves are a SUPER versatile craft idea and would be great for this feature. Is that a cop-out though, since they are basically pieces of fabric? Oh well I still love them!

  • I love the things you can do with doilies, I have made jill’s dream catchers before and they are just lovely.
    I love the hanger idea so pretty.


  • doilies are really used for everything other than their real purpose 🙂 I love the dreamcatcher!


  • Such an awesome tutorials! I wish I had lace right now so I could make them!

  • i love the idea of that doiley hanger… it looks adorable! i also love the little bow necklace that’s on the hanger 🙂 xx

  • These are all great ideas, especially the hangers for slip dresses and other things with thin straps.

  • Doilies are so classic and lovely! I recently stretched pretty dark green fabric in vintage embroidery hoops and tacked on a doily.

    I particularly love the doily hangers!

  • http://shannonsouth.com/blog/2011/01/10/upcycled-doily-lamp/

    This is another wonderful doily project I thought you would really really love! I could see you adding a little twist to it and making it very unique. Love your blog!

  • I love these ideas. I have a bunch of doilies lying around and I keep meaning to do something with them, here’s my chance! 🙂

  • This kind of post is unbelievable! I love your tutorials already and this makes it even better!!

  • Love these! I’ve been meaning to make a doilie dream catcher for a while.
    Doilies are so useful

    xO, Vicky

  • Dream catcher would make the sweetest gift, perhaps to go above a crib.Rx


  • Once again…LOVE this and Love doilies and how old lace would work wonders with these DIY projects.
    Hey there!! any chance you have a DIY working with broken bits of vintage costume jewelry?? Thanks, XOXO

  • oh my GOODNESS!!!

    I absolutely love the doily dream catcher. Perfection.


  • Love every one of these! Especially the dream catchers 🙂 Might just have to deck my dorm room out in doilies this fall 🙂
    xo Heather

  • I love every single one of them!!!

  • Oooh! I love the dream catcher!!

  • I really like the lamp, and the hanger!


  • Great ideas! Love the lampshade and am thinking of making a hangar for my wedding dress. Any tips on where to find doilies?

  • I love the doilie dream catcher.

    I want one of the Betsy johnson bow necklaces and have looked everywhere for one 🙁

    I will have to keep looking.

    I might be having to make one of those dream catchers at some point

    Thankyou x

  • The dreamcatcher is a great idea.
    Very pretty!


  • Great dream catcher idea! Absolutely love everything dolly, thanks for this post!

  • I would love to see a 3 ways to craft it with Lace! Lace on clothes and accesories 🙂

  • Where is that bow necklace from? I love the doilies but the necklace stole the show for me!

  • I would have LOVED to have done the doily hanger for my wedding dress 🙁 So pretty. I love the lamp too.

  • love the hangers! I will be trying that ASAP 🙂

  • Those hangers are so pretty! And the dream catcher idea is too cute! 🙂

  • cute! i am particularly fond of the lamp and its BASE.
    let’s go with:
    felt, rick rak, burlap, vintage sheets

  • I love doilies! I’ve been working on a dreamcatcher and other doily ideas for my blog too, ever since I saw Jillian’s doily dreamcatcher necklace on Epic Thread. I love your other ideas too though. And great new feature btw! Best wishes, Jenni

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