3 Ways to Decorate Halloween Skulls

3 ideas for cute Halloween skulls Halloween is almost here! If you’ve been wanting to do a Halloween-themed craft, but keep putting it off, this is your chance to make some last minute decor before the big day. And, since all the Halloween crafts go on sale as it gets closer to Halloween, why not get more than one and try each of these 3 ways to decorate with skulls. Ready? Go!

3 ideas for cute Halloween skulls 3 ideas for cute Halloween skulls For the first skull, I decided to look up some sugar skull inspiration and hand-paint some colorful elements onto one of the skulls. You’ll first want to paint the eyes, nose, and teeth a solid color and outline them. Then draw simple flowers and vines around the rest of the face with a thin marker (pay attention to where they place the flowers, like on the chin and cheekbones). Use more paint to fill in the flower petal details, and then go over the lines again with a thicker black marker to finish the look. Make sure to choose bright colors!

3 ideas for cute Halloween skulls 3 ideas for cute Halloween skullsFor the second skull, we are going to add glitter! I would suggest spray painting your skull the color of your glitter first (I painted mine gold), so that you don’t have to do as thick of a coat of glitter later. It makes it much less noticeable if there is a spot that shows through the bottom. Once you paint your skull, put your skull in a cardboard box and paint a large section with a thick coat of Mod Podge. Very quickly before the Mod Podge dries, sprinkle fine loose glitter onto the glue. Continue until the top half of the skull is covered. Wait until the glue dries, shake off the excess glitter, and touch up any areas as needed. Repeat process on the other side. Once you shake off all excess glitter, you can either leave the skull as is, or spray a clear coat to keep the glitter shedding to a minimum. I find that using spray clear coat over metallic or glitter finishes usually dulls down the shine or sparkle a bit, so I usually skip it so I’ll get maximum shine.

3 ideas for cute Halloween skulls
3 ideas for cute Halloween skulls For this last idea, we are going to add a funny prop! Spray your skull either a bold or metallic color and add anything that makes you laugh, like fake glasses, a small hat, or a bushy stick-on mustache. Bonus points if you have signature items that you wear, and you can get the skull to look like you!

3 ideas for cute Halloween skulls There you go! Now you’ve got 3 ideas to create last minute decor for your Halloween night. I already plan on keeping the gold skull on the mantel for a while after the holiday is over. That’s the perk of being a “skull” person all year round! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman, Project Assistant: Josh Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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