3 Ways To Dress Up a Winter Coat!



I don't know about you, but in Missouri it's already jacket weather most days. Winter seems to last forever here in the Midwest, so Emma and I put together three fun ways to dress up a winter coat! With these tips you can add cute details and "spice up" your winter coat throughout the cold weather season. We used this yellow coat c/o Francesca's Collections. It's adorable and warm, while still lightweight. See the above photo for a look at the coat before any accessories are added.


Tip 1: Tie a silk scarf around the collar of your coat. You can keep a small stash of scarves that coordinate with your coat in your closet and wear different ones for different occasions!


Tip 2: Don't forget vintage brooches. I love collecting these enamel brooches! They are perfect for a winter coat because they can be heavy and a coat is durable enough to support them. They're so cute and add the perfect bit of vintage to a winter outfit!


Tip 3:
Add a bow tie. You can add any clip on bow tie to a winter coat. I made this bow myself using this method! If you don't have one, try making one with velvet ribbon for a super cute nod to the 1960s!

Have a lovely day! elsie

  • so sweet! I love that the pumpkin pieecs are all over the floor. I can’t get enough of that face! As someone who can’t draw, I’m amazed that a few tiny lines and a little bit of color can capture so much expression and emotion!

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  • Lovely vintage, never tire of it. This brocoh is such a lovely idea…..Beautifully done.Now I was just thinking of making a few Halloween brocohes myself whilst working with a software program.I guess my idea isn’t mine after all…lol : )

  • how could we ever get tired of seeing these wuoferdnl vintage inspired creations! I love this- you’ve really captured the style of that era and wow on the wooden brooch-fabulous. How did you transfer the picture or did you repaint it onto the wood (sorry there are so many technical things that I’m clueless about!

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  • I love it! But what about a winter coat without a nice collar like that? My winter coat zips straight up my neck like a turtleneck.

  • such cute ideas!! i really need to spice up some of my old coats and these are great ideas!


  • I love these simple ways to dress up a winter coat. You are so creative Elsie! Also, I absolutely adore that yellow coat you’re wearing 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day!

  • Thank you for this post! This really made my day and I have a bunch of drab coats.. and now I know how to make my own bows! Amazing.

  • Nice ideas, I really like to dress up coats with scarfs. It’s beautiful & perfect to stay warm.

  • Oh yes, I often do a vintage brooch! Up here slightly north of you in Chicago we’re in full-on jacket mode, I’ve already worked my way into at least one level deep in my outerwear. So something to spice up a jacket is often necessary. 🙂

  • You are adorable! I’m so digging yellow! I’m not a fan of yellow either but I was actually looking at mustard peacoat the other day! Great ideas to give an old coat a new look!

  • I love how creative you can be with the simplest of things. I adore the color of that coat! I live in a tropical country so we rarely have jacket days – maybe a few days in december, january and february.

  • These are such adorable and easy ideas, thank you for this post! It’s still a bit warm for jackets in Southern California, but I eagerly await the day I can layer a bit more 🙂 The brooches are my favorite, I think!

  • A girl after my own heart! Hooray for vintage pins and brooches! I never feel completely dressed without a pin on my lapel.

  • I love the ideas that you have come up with to change up the look of a basic coat. Here in the UK, then weather is turning wintry so it is also time to investin a new coat. At the moment I am favouring a beautiful red pea coat, a little longer than your yellow coat. I look forward to making my purchase soon.

  • Cute ideas,and i love the color of your coat 🙂


  • ah I’m one of those people who are always cold so I surely enjoy wearing Winter coats! thank you so much for the tips, girls!!

  • I’m usually not one for yellow-y colors, but this coat looks great!! works beautifully with your hair 🙂

  • I never even thought of the bow tie!
    Really cute for fall!

    -Andrea Lynne Rose Of Madness and Musings

  • I have tons of silk scarves and vintage brooches that I used to use to dress up my old handbags! These are so cute applied to your coat!

  • with that lovely yellow coat you must feel happy even on the coldest morning ~

  • I love the idea of wearing a scarf around a coat’s collar! So simple, and yet, I’d never thought of it! Thanks! 😉

    Hope you;re having a nice day!


  • Great and fun ideas to customize your coat! I’ll definetly try to do a bow!. I’ve jus bought a cheap blue antracite dress and I am so excited about making a nice brooch to spice it up.

    Besos from Spain!



  • The colour of that jacket looks so great with your hair! Beautiful!


  • I love the brooches, and i actually make myself a few ones every winter. This year my winter coat is black, and i’ll wear with an owl i just sewed a few weeks ago.:)

  • I love these ideas! I have pinned an antique brooch on my coat but the bowtie is just too cute. Thanks for the inspiration.:)

  • Well I’m definitely inspired to begin the search for vintage brooches now. I’m excited!

  • I’m a huge fan of tying my scarves in a bow on my trench. You can change it to co-ordinate with your outfit and it adds that “je ne sais quoi” that people really notice. Plus it’s supper cute!

    Love the broach idea!


  • I love the bow! Adds an extra feminine touch and the mix of warm autumnal colours really complements the winter coat! 🙂

  • Fun ideas! I was just thinking about how in the winter nobody ever sees anything but my coat. Now they can see my scarf and brooch collections, too! 🙂

  • I love the brooches and the bow! Very cute because I generally just dress up my coats with scarves, now I have a new project!


  • that’s so clever! And that yellow looks so good on you!
    Hope you have a good day

  • Love the brooches and the scarf! I actually have quite a collection of both so this is really perfect for me!


  • Too cute ideas, Elsie. I love the scarf one the most 🙂
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • What a great coat, and the ideas aren’t to bad either! I’m accessory challenged myself, but I’m working on that!

  • Winter does seem to last forever over here! I’m always on the lookout for cute brooches for my coats, maybe it’s time to add a bow tie 🙂

  • Those are adorable ideas. Is this really your winter coat? You wouldn’t last very long with a coat like that in my city (Ottawa) during winter!!! In January and Feburary it can drop as low as -45 celsius with the wind chill. But fortunatly I have a nice coat on which I can easely pin vintage brooches Yeeee!

  • I love that coat!!! And…great ideas. I hadn’t thought ab wearing a scarf like that. I’m planning on wearing my grandma’s enamel flower pins like that 🙂

  • Thanks for these great ideas. Sometimes wearing the same winter coat day after day gets boring, this will help mix things up a bit!

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