3 Ways to Store Bottle Brush Trees!

I think besides twinkle lights, decorating with bottle brush trees is my favorite holiday decoration! I just love mixing the colors, the textures, and the heights around to make a cute little forest and they look adorable on shelves, down a table for table decor, or on a mantle with other decor. When it comes time to store bottle brush trees through, it can be a little tricky to find a way that doesn’t leave them all smashed in when you go to get them next season. But here are a few ways to store your bottle brush trees of different shapes and sizes to ensure they come back looking good year after year.

1. Use a bottle/beer caddy for small trees. Cardboard beer caddies like this are perfect for storing your smaller and skinnier trees upright to keep them separated and protected during the year. If you have some really tiny guys, you can even put more than one in a slot (just add the second one in upside down) to save on space.

2. Use a segmented tall ornament box for medium trees. You can use a bigger ornament box like this to store your medium to large trees (here’s a smaller version if you don’t need a box that big) and then just adjust or bend the dividers as needed to fit the bases of your trees.

3. Use an oatmeal can or large cardboard tube for larger trees. This is a great hack for larger trees as well! Put an “X” on the lid of a cardboard oatmeal can, push the base of the tree through the lid and put the lid back on, leaving the tree well protected! You could also cut up a large storage tube and tape paper over the ends to create the same type of thing.

It’s also good to “know your trees a bit” and understand which ones will look bent if pressed on at all and which can withstand a smaller slot as long as they are fluffed up a bit when they come out again. So make sure to give more room to the delicate ones. Hope that helps you keep your trees looking fluffy year after year! If you have any more storage tips you love, let us know in the comments below!  xo. Laura

P.S. My trees are a collection from all sorts of places over the years, but this is a good spot to look for some and so is this and here’s a similar snowball garland as well 🙂

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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