3 Ways To Wear It: Record Store Jumper



Since I'm so fond of this little chevron jumper (and had already snagged one for my own closet) I volunteered to model this piece styled three ways. It's cute, comfortable and surprisingly versatile! For Look 1 I wore the jumper with a neutral tank top, comfy cardigan, bright pendant necklace, knee socks and a floppy felt hat. I would wear this styling on a date with Mr. Larson or to work at my shop. ♥ 


For Look 2 I wore an army green tank top, dot tights and my yellow Jeffrey Campbell heels (c/o ModCloth) with a messy bun. This is how I would wear this dress on a picnic or on a thrifting trip! 


For Look 3 I wore a belted fringe sweater (borrowed from my mom), a floppy straw hat and black knee highs with camel heels. This was Emma's favorite styling. I would wear this on a coffee shop date with Rachel or to an Art Walk. 

Thanks so much for peeking at 3 Ways To Wear It. I have an amazing giveaway coming up in the morning. love, elsie 

  • The bun is super rad, I’m digin it

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  • the way you styled it convinced me even more that i need to own this. i think look number one is my fav.

  • Is it up in your shop yet? I totally want this! 🙂 I love the name too, it made me want it even more, actually!

  • I am always in awe of your vertiginous platforms!

    May I second the motion to have a feature on hairstyles?

  • wow this second dress is again so amazingly cute! I loved the velvet golden dress. And i love this black and white dress! Can’t wait till you’ve showed us all the dresses! Probably i want to buy them all 🙂

  • The third one is my favorite! 😀
    Perfect! 😀


  • oh gosh elsie, you make everything look so good! I was in love with it before but now Im in love with it more!!

    I cant wait to see the rest! And I also hope shipping isn’t gonna be too expensive to UK 🙂

    Have a good day! xx

  • your high, messy bun is the CUTEST. & i’m totally getting this right away, since i’ve been looking for these kinds of jumper forever now. yours takes the cake, though.

  • as a voyeur who never comments, I just wanted to say this dress is PERFECT! i, too, am a huge chevron fan and this design is lovely. will be keeping a watchful eye for the release so I can snag this for myself.

  • This really is the prettiest dress. It’s so simple yet so flirty. Ah! I love it. You guys are so awesome!

  • I love all of these looks, but the third is my favorite.


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  • I could definitely see this jumper becoming a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe! I love look one with thhe bright purple cardigan and the idea of wearing it with tights like look two is too much! lovely styling! <3

  • Loveeee it. Look 3 is surprisingly my favorite styling also. I think I may have to purchase this one. Can’t wait to see more! 😉

    By the way…would you consider doing a post about your hair care/hairstyling routines or your hair cut? I dislike lots of things about my hair and could use some tips in the hair department. Thanks!

  • I love Look 3! Great styling and an AMAZING dress, Elsie!

    Talia Christine

  • First off, I love the chevron jumper!!! Each look is amazing but my fav has to be the last one. All of the different components just come together perfectly.


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  • omg, i am really scared for when your line comes out, at this rate i am going to be broke! why? i need to own every piece of the collection! TOO CUTE MISS ELSIE CAKE! xo

  • adore it! your hair looks so cute in photo 2! can’t wait for more peaks at your dresses!

  • wowsa, its clever how you find how to wear it in three different ways! ah-mazing 🙂 your an inspiration


  • so pretty! That print is so trendy and beeeautiful. Look 2 is my favorite, your hair is *fab*.
    You know I’m going to lust for alll of your dresses, right?? Saving up!

  • oh my goooooooooooooooooood this is SO FREAKING CUTE. ah, you know i love chevrons, like woah. cute cute cute. I wish I didn’t have seriously gigantic boobies or I would totally wear this. My little sister would be obsessed with this and it would totally suit her body type too. eeeek cute.
    xo Moorea

  • Ohmygosh Elsie!! You look so pretty in #2! my favorite, definitely. xx

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