3 Ways To Wear It: The Kite Day Dress



Hello there! Sarah and I put together three fun ways to wear The Kite Day Dress. In Look One, Sarah is wearing a mustard yellow belted cardigan with a Starlette Crown from Giant Dwarf and a pretty pair of gold Jeffrey Campbell heels. 


For Look Two, Sarah kept it simple with a vintage Fedora, woven leather belt and a cute pair of boots. 


Last, but not least, we styled Sarah in nerdy chic glasses, a messy bun and casual heels with ruffle socks from UO. 

I would probably wear look one the most. Which is your favorite? xo, elsie 

  • this is my favorite dress in the line. i like them all but this is my fav. I want to wear it to my birthday party!

  • I really like this dress…& the third look is just adorable! I would so wear that 😀 xxox

  • Being a nerd myself…I would probably wear look 3. But because the library gets cold sometimes…I would probably include the cardigan.

  • You are so good at styling! I am really enjoying this series. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • kites are super cute, this dress is super cute, look number one is super cute. I love it!

  • i really like look one & i think this is my favorite dress so far! i love the kites 🙂 so, so cute!

  • this is my favorite dress so far!! 🙂 I love look one 🙂
    xo, congrats Elsie, Morgan & team, it’s all beautiful 🙂

  • Your page is amazing. I love the styles and photos. I’m now following you!


  • I have really enjoyed the 3 Ways to Wear It series. Your outfits are always darling and I always find something I want!

  • Look 1 is incredible! I love it!!
    The starlette crown and the mustard cardi are just too cute

  • This is such an amazing dress! love the print. love the colour. lovely photos!


  • Oh, Elsie, this dress is my favorite out the ones you’ve shared so far! I love how whimsical and flirty it is! I think look 1 is my favorite from these, the mustard compliments the gray and white so well!
    xo Shannon

  • ah! all the looks are stunning. i would do look #1, but pair it with the brown belt and wear the ruffled socks! so in love with that starlette crown.

  • I love look 1. Where is the belt from? I saw Emma wearing it in the previous shoot.

    Leyla xxx

  • Oh man – I LOVE this dress!! I can’t decide between look 1 or 3!


  • Love the dress. The material and the design. My real question is what do you use in your hair to get texture and waves like that? I have wavy hair and can never get it to seperate properly.

  • Look 1 I would definitely love to wear! It’s my favorite!

    But I LOVE the shoes from Look 3!!

    Elsie, this dress is SO so amazing. It really is.

    Talia Christine

  • so so cute! i love look 2 & 3!!! the peter pan color with the bow is just amazing! great job!


  • I love them all but I think the last is my favorite! Where are you finding all the cute socks/hosiery? I have been on the hunt and having some trouble in my neck of the woods!

  • Look 1, it’s just so cute with that yellow cardi! I think this is my favourite so far of your new dress collection. The kite print is just perfect!

  • This dress is so dreamy & whimsical with the kite print. It’s absolutely adorable.

  • I really like look three 🙂 These dresses are so pretty, they really are. It’s like opening an advent calendar everyday and seeing what surprise is in store! Thanks for sharing your creations in such a beautiful way.

  • I love them all, but I am partial to three, probably because I have to wear dorky glasses every day. Plus the shoes and socks are mighty cute together.

  • Ilove look #1=the glittery stars and metalic shoes add just the right touch.

  • Holy cow. AND THEN you paired it with the Starlette crown?! I die. This is the best dress in the world.

    Elsie, this is just the cutest thing ever.

  • i want this dress really, really bad! i love flying kites and could totally picture myself flying one in this little cutie.

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