3 Ways To Wear It: The Lemon Pie Dress



The Lemon Pie Dress is an sweet and easy spring sundress. In Look 1, Morgan is is wearing a vintage lace cardigan and cowboy boots with black knee high tights. This is the perfect way to wear this dress out to dinner. 


In Look 2, Morgan is wearing a houndstooth turban headband (coming soon to Red Velvet), chunky wedges and a pretty woven vintage purse. This is a more casual, but still pretty, pairing. This look is perfect for a shower of afternoon with the girls. 


For Look 3, I was thinking of a tea party them. This look would be fun for a picnic date with vintage quilts and baskets of strawberries. Morgan is wearing lace socks and cute oxfords.♥ 

Hope your Wednesday afternoon is lovely. Elsie 

  • I LOVE your dresses!! I really want this one and hope they will be for sale online! 🙂

  • Gorgeous! Just came across your blog and I love it!



  • Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!
    Sweet memories.
    Scarves Scarves。

  • Adroable! I love the second style, I need those platform shoes too!


  • The dresses are alright and I like the idea of “how to wear” them but they all feel a bit over-styled. There is just too much going on and the dresses would stand out a lot more with a little more simplicity.

    For example- #2 lose the turban!

    Photo #3 is probably the best you’ve done in all the posts, hit the nail on the head.

    Also the Golden Afternoon dress is nice but the hem and collar look a little wonky. Is this just because they are prototypes, or will they all be sewn that way?

    Please understand I am not trying to be rude but only to offer another opinion and to see things from another perspective. When people do this with my designs I am grateful because it makes me see in another way and only helps me be better.

    You rock Elsie! Keep doing the amazing things you are doing and you will be a huge success!

  • I loooove Look 1! The black lace against the bold pattern and girly cut of the dress is really powerful. Congratulations, you guys have done a wonderful job with your new line. <3


  • Holy Chevron! This is such a cute look for spring! I’m in love with look 2 and the knee high socks & boots on look 1 are swoon-worthy! This feature makes my day! <3

  • I’m a fan of the third look with those adorable oxfords. Lemon Pie is seriously the best name.

  • the zig-zag yellow pattern of this dress is so bright and spunky! the first look is my favorite!

  • i love the 3 Ways to Wear It posts… they are full of inspiration. i also love that dress. but it’s the yellow Jeffrey Campbell wedges in the previous post(s) that have stolen my heart….

    the hummingbird haps

  • I love how simple look 3 is (compared to the others) and it’s still amazing! Though I believe look 1 is my favourite 🙂

    Aoife x


  • i love the 2nd way, and i love the socks in the 3rd! they are darling.

    <3 steffy

  • Seriously, I need to purchase all these AMAZING dresses you guys came up with. They are so fun and sooo gorg. You should all be so proud!
    Hurry up with the online sales :)))))

  • So fun!! #1 is my favorite!! I am doing something similar with a faux fur vest on my blog!! The lace cardi is TO DIE!! Love it!!

  • It’s very cute but to be honest I don’t see myself wearing it… that vintage lace cardigan however is right up my alley! 😀


  • Love that 2nd look. And yes, please tell where that lace cardigan is from! So pretty.

  • I’m totally crazy about yellow. It’s one of my very favorite colors. Also, I’m loving the different socks that completely make each of those outfits! And the buttons on the dress…adorable.

  • Love these looks! #1 is my favorite, but all three are gorgeous. I am so inspired by your new dresses! x

  • This is not gonna be good for my wallet. Your dresses are getting progressively cuter–and they started out as ALL KINDS of cute. This is adorbs. So. Adorbs.

  • I like #1 the most. I have boots like that so I would feel better workin’ it. 🙂 Where do you find those cute lace socks? They are adorable!!!

  • Oh my word! I need March to come quicker so I can sport one of these adorable dresses!!

  • Number 1 is definately my fave…that’s how I would wear it if I had smaller you know what’s!!


  • I’m loving these 3 ways to wear it features of your dress line! 🙂 I think I want one for summer! Oh summer, why won’t you arrive already!!!!
    xxx meri

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