3 Ways To Wear It: The Wedding Cake Dress



In Look One, Sarah is looking classy with a simple belted cardigan and vintage silk scarf. I love jewel tones mixed with neutrals, especially bright white. 



In Look Two, Sarah is wearing purple tights, a red pendant and a pretty straw hat. So pretty for spring and appropriate for many different events. 


For Look 3 we decided to mix it up a little bit and photograph a bright tank top under the open back. It's super pretty and adds a pop of color! The oversized chocolate bow is a fun accessory♥ 

Thanks for taking a peek at three ways to style The Wedding Cake Dress. XO, elsie

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  • My wife spends all night on your blog. I had to look it up to see what the fuss is about. It’s truly a work of art. Great job.

  • Wow I like this colors very much..It suits her.looking awesome…It looks really attractive,the colors are vibrants..

  • What a great idea for a backless dress!! I’ve never thought about putting a bright tank under to create a completely different look, but I LOVE this!

    xo www.RavingFashionista.com

  • I really like this dress – especially the length. I can’t wear the length of most of your dresses, but this one is perfect.

    – Meredith


  • soo very pretty! I think the second look is my favorite, but I’d wear it all 3 ways and by itself!

  • Wow! You have a superb eye for styling! And big congrats for pulling off yet another great project. Hope it has a bright future 😀

  • So proud of you Elsie! Look at you go:)
    Looking forward to the launch of your dress line tomorrow!

  • I’ve discovered your blog half an hour ago, and that’s exactly the time it’s taken me to fall in love with you! =D
    This blog is wonderful!


  • This one is my favorite! Hands down. My sister is getting married in May, a Colorado wedding. I think this would be great for the rehearsal dinner paired with some Cowboy Boots 🙂 Perfect look!

  • I would wear them each and every single way. I love the belt over caridgan look too.

  • This dress is so simple but it draws me in! The style of three, the open back, and the lacelike fabric is enchanting! Look 1 and 3 are my favorites! The big chocolate bow will have me swooning for weeks! <3

  • I totally don’t mean to be a jerk (but I’m a copywriter, so it happens sometimes); the word you want for the necklace in question is “pendant,” not “pennant.” Pennants are those cool triangular flag things.

    P.S. Love the dress and LOVE the huge chocolate bow!

  • Oh man! I love open backed dresses but never buy them because I can’t go bra less…Thank you for this beautiful solution!
    You are brilliant!

  • I absolutely adore looks 2 and 3! I never would’ve thought to accessorize like that! great dresses and inspiration! <3

  • I LOVE the belted look. I’m not sure if I would be able to pull this off, but looking at this makes me want to try anyway! I love it!

  • I think this is my favorite dress, so far! I love the eyelets and girliness for a summery outing, but it’s still long enough that I could easily wear it to work. LOVE IT!

  • The chocolate bow is too cute and the dress is so versatile with the different looks!

    I still think that the dress by itself is incredible.

    Talia Christine

  • ohhh I believe this dress might just be my favorite…..
    Hard to decide. I love the kite dress too:)
    so perfect.

    can’t wait until they come out:)

  • I love this, such a great style. Not to mention her hair is so awesome I want that haircolor.

  • Oohhh I love all the colors in this style post. That dress is gorgeous on its own, but so great when paired with these awesome pieces too! Great job!!

  • pea.ess. are you going to sell that chocolate bow at RV? I so want one! :]

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