3 Ways To Wear It: Vanilla Lace Dress



Here are three fun ways to wear the Vanilla Lace Dress as modeled by Emma. In Look One the dress is paired with colored tights and a black felt hat. Emma says that out of the three looks this is the one that she would wear on a date. Her exact quote was, "Boys like tights…. right?" 


In Look Two Emma is wearing a belted cardigan. This is how she would wear it to a more formal, but still conservative, event like a graduation, banquet or even a wedding. 


In Look Three Emma takes a casual approach with a messy bun, heels with socks and glasses. This is how she would wear the dress in everyday life, to the library or running errands. ♥ 

Thanks for peeking at these three stylings. XO, elsie 

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  • I like the LOOK #3! The glasses made her look more stunning. And she reminds me of my wife who loves to wear nerdy glasses everyday. So pretty!

  • This dress is my absolute favorite so far. Hard to say that considering all of them are just gorgeous but this one and the way it is styled just screams “BUY ME!” I just wish I had the $$ to do so! It’s going on the birthday list for sure!

  • Okay I’m totally smitten with your new line of dresses!! Would you every consider waking patterns available to purchase and maybe some yards of the kite fabric? So in love:] Thanks Elsie for the awesome eye candy. Always to inspiring.


  • Wow, I love this dress!!! Will your dress line be available online at some point? Look 1 is my favorite – I love bright tights!

  • I love all the looks on this dress but look 2 is the one I’d wear , just cause I have flabby upper arms.

  • love these looks!


  • Look 2 is my definite fave. I am definitely going to create that look at home with a dress I have. I know that wasn’t your intention with the lookbook! Oops.

    Loving the collection, seriously. Great looks.

  • Wow, that second look is so polished and really transforms the dress entirely. I love pairing it with purple, too! So great.

  • emma’s messy updo is ultra fabulous! i also think the belted cardigan look is my fav.

  • I love this dress and especially love it with the cardigan.

    On another note, thank you for being so kind to my parents yesterday. They had a great visit and said you were lovely. I even wrote about their visit on my blog today. I was jealous that it was them meeting you & not me! Maybe next time. 🙂


  • gorgeous fashions, elsie, hv u seen these? http://www.etsy.com/listing/68362549/vintage-rainbow-brite-ann-klein-velvet?ref=fp_treasury_1&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

  • Look 2 and 3 are my favorite! I could see myself wearing this dress with a cute cardigan. The styling on look 3 has to be my absolute favorite so far. It’s so casual chic witht the nerd glasses, messy bun, and those fun frilly socks! <3

  • Hey Elsie – great “visiting” with you yesterday. My wife and I both said there are many similarities between you and our daughter Amber. We have successfully raised her to be quirky (in a good sense) or naormal and the rest of the world is quirky…? Anyway she is in music also with her brother who has “Friends of Giants” http://www.facebook.com/FoGiants#!/FoGiants?sk=app_2405167945

    It may seem that we are proud old fart parents….we’ll at least her dad is old (incase my wife reads this) I hope you take a listen and let her know your thoughts. “The Circle” in one of my favorites.

    BTW – Great eye for style you have!

  • What a gorgeous dress….and so versatile!!! Cute, cute, cute in each look!!! Great work!

  • I looove this feature! It’s so fun to see different ways of styling and Emma looks beautiful.

  • Elsie, Elsie, Elsie!
    I never really cared for clothes and styling but since finding you and your cute site I am spending a few extra minutes in the wardrobe every morning. 🙂 I loove your style, really, so inspiring! I live in freezing northern Sweden and here you have to bundle up if you´re going outside and I would love it if you´d show some jackets and coats every once in a while.
    Keep up the good work!
    Love, Emma

  • I love all 3 looks! so lovely 🙂
    (Though if I had to choose I’d say number 2 was my fave!)
    But i do LOVE emma’s hair in number 3

  • This is my favorite one from your collection. Love it!! So are you going to be making a little girl line of dresses also…say, for like a 5 year old?? Just asking 🙂

  • Awww Emma looks great with the glasses!

    Danielle from

  • Emma looks amazing in this adorable dress! I can’t decide if I love Look 2 or Look 3 most. They are both pretty perfect. <3 The video is super cool, Elsie. Congrats on making your dreams a reality…you’re an inspiration.

  • I adore this!! 🙂 She looks fabulous…and I agree with the above comment…how does someone who earns their living making cupcakes stay so thin!! Ha ha…is there a magic spell that sends all her calories to me…that’s alright…I love being fluffy :). Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • Oh, I think Emma should keep this for herself, it’s so lovely on her!

    Aoife x


  • Emma looks adorable in every look. Look #1 is my favorite. I love it when you do these posts, Elsie. 🙂

  • Look #2 totally stole my heart! Love It!!! However since its white- probably not a good choice for a wedding.:(

  • so, i love you. love you, love you, love you. you make me happy every day! 🙂

  • Love it! Your dress line looks amazing! I admire you so 🙂
    Also, on a random note, this video made me think of you, though I don’t know why!

  • *So* cute!! 🙂 I love all the looks – the tights & the yellow bag & the cardi are just darling!

  • sooo…emma looks adorable in nerd glasses… FYI :o))


  • That dress is so cute and will look darling with this hat http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Gene-Doris-Ladies-Hat-/170608111465?pt=Vintage_Men_s_Women_s_Accessories&hash=item27b9092f69

  • This dress is so dreamy! Look 2 is my fave but I LOOOVE Emma’s hair in Look 3!

    Love this dress.

    Talia Christine

  • I love the second outfit best! And Emma is just downright gorgeous. How can someone who makes a living of cupcakes be so thin? Not fair! 😉 Great look ladies!

  • Okay, all i need is the dress (and shoes) for look 2…i’ve got the plum cardigan! Your family is just beautiful by the way!

  • This is my favourite! I love look 2. I am a big fan of the belted cardi and dress. It’s just lovely.

    Gosh you are a clever sausage.


  • I think my fav is the second, but then I do love the dress just on it’s own. Very versatile!

  • Aww Emma is too cute for words! Okay, I really love looks 2 and 3. It’s hard to pick between the two….definitely a tie. Love them both! xx

  • Look two is just SO cute! Emma is adorable and could so pull off cute librarian with the glasses on look two 😉

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