3 Ways To Wear It: Velvet Turban


I've been brainstorming fun ways to share Red Velvet accessories (and other fun accessories too…). Here's 3 ways to wear a velvet turban. We designed it to be a versatile accessory! Rachel modeled one of our first prototypes for this super cute little feature…  


1. Wear it with a loose pony tail. It's casual and super cute! 


2. Wear it with your hair down. It looks super pretty with curls, waves or straightened hair. 


3. My personal favorite, wear it with a high messy bun. It can look casual or fancy depending on your outfit! 


It's almost Valentines!!!! XO, elsie + rachel too 

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  • do you think you could show us how to wear a bandana as a headband? I feel like it’s super cute for a messy hair day and really nice for spring with yellow or light pink bandanas!


    Ps love your blog!

  • i need more velvet in my life!

    and also suddenly want a pirate eye patch made from a sparkly red heart…

  • It’s so cute!


  • These are lovely. I was watching an episode of ‘Hornblower’ last night at the female characters were all wearing similar turbans. Very elegant, and a classic design renewed 🙂

  • Awww! Rachel is sooo pretty! Love the turban, such a lovely color 🙂


    ~twiggy h.

  • Love it! Turban, yes! Velvet turban, yes please!!!

    Have a bit of an obsession with velvet at the moment as well as scarf and turban hair pieces.

    I’ve been showing people in my store how to tie a scarf into a turban style like you showed a week or two ago!

    Adore the new website also xxx


    Turquoise Flamingo

  • i just came and visited ur blog that is very nice blog. i got many things. following you!!!!

  • You have perfect timing with this post – I’ve just bought a black turban and have been playing around with how to wear it. These ideas are brilliant – and Rachel looks so cute in the pics. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! xx

  • just found the feathered crown and made a purchase!!!! i am wearing it to my brother’s wedding and will — of course — email photos.


  • um…perfect timing!?

    last night on the train I was admiring a man’s aubergine turban wondering how I could style one myself. AH-MAZING!

  • love this!

    i was just looking at your RV Lookbook … a any chance of making more feather crowns?

  • Lovely! I love the third way best! I wish my hair would grow faster dagnabbit! 🙂

  • Rachel has such gorgeous hair, I love the look of BIG hair accessories with a cute fringe! x

  • i love this!! i want a velvet turban so bad, now even more because of this post!



  • Power to the curls! The turban is a lovely addition as well… 🙂

    Danielle from

  • Rachel is so pretty! I love number two the best, with the hair down – wonderful. <3

  • YES! & I LOVE Rachel’s bangs in these shots :o))


  • oh, Rachel you are gorgeous!!! i love this on you. i wonder if i would look half as good?!! fabulous idea ladies 😉

  • Lovely pictures!! The messy bun one is my favorite.
    You guys are so creative


  • The RV team does an amazing job staging the photos. I can see that a lot of love went into each one.

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