3 Ways to Wear Red Velvet’s New Tops

Teacher's pet
Teacher's pet top
This season we included two tops in our dress collection! This green ascot top is made of stretch jersey knit with a cotton sateen collar. It's my absolute favorite shade of green! Here are three ways to wear it modeled by our senior intern Mallory.

In Look 1, Mallory wore the top with her own high waisted vintage capris. We all agree that this top is perfect for high waisted skits and pants, which are our favorites this season.

In Look 2, Mallory  chose high waisted shorts with cute knee socks and a cardigan. I love this look. It's casual, but still lots of fun!

Look 3 is my personal favorite! Mallory wore a lace skirt and black tights with cute heels with her Teacher's Pet blouse. So cute and polished! She could wear this on a job interview.

Sketchbook crop top
Next up, we have the Sketchbook Crop Top. This adorable fishtail top is made of crepe knit polyester. It has the cutest floral pattern that looks like sketches. I love this piece because there truly are so many ways to wear it!

In Look 1, Kinsey wore the crop top with a pair of high waisted jeans. This is the easiest, more straight forward styling for the top. It's super cute and would look great with a cardigan layered over it too.

Note about the jeans: These pants were designed by me, patterned by Jamie and sewn by Mallory. We love them so much, but could not feesibly produce them for Red Velvet this season. I'll share the full story about them in a future post!

In Look 2, Kinsey wore her denim cut off shorts with heels and a cute 1970s hat. This look feels really 70s to me. Love it!

For Kinsey's third look She layered the top over a vintage dress and added a skinny belt. This look is my favorite because it's perfect for Autumn and shows how versitile the top really is!

I hope you've enjoyed these 3 Ways to Wear It Features! I have one more to post later today along with the dress release time and F.A.Q. If you have any questions about the Autumn collection, please post them here in the comments.

We're so excited… Can't believe it's almost September 1st! xo, Elsie

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  • The teacher’s pet blouse is so cute! <3 the color, the collar, everything… I just had to order myself one. Hope it arrives soon. 🙂

  • I NEED the Sketchbook Crop Top to go with my new high waisted jeans!!! 🙂

  • I LOVE the sleeve length on that green top! And the black ensemble with the cute crop top is such a good look.

  • Mallory’s a great model! I love the Teacher’s Pet blouse. I wasn’t too keen on the crop top until I saw the last look – now I’m convinced!

  • Tops!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! BUT extra super bummer about the jeans! They are so different and so cute!!!!! Let us pre-order them for an exorbitant price 😀

  • I need this green top! I have been obsessed with it since I caught a glimpse in the sneak peak! Gaargh!

  • Love the teacher’s pet blouse! The shade of green is indeed really pretty. The other top is cute too, but I wouldn’t be able to pull it off 😉

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  • So excited. I love that green top, especially paired with that blue pencil skirt!

  • I love the tops! Its amazing how versatile they can be! I was wondering if you were gonna have a bag collection this fall? And if your camera straps will be available as well September 1st? If so how much will they cost? Thanks!!

  • These are great…those jeans are fantastic too! I was curious to know if the size measurements will be the same as the previous season. Thanks! 🙂 -Lo

  • The article is worth reading,Thank you very much! I will keep your new articles.

  • Great pieces and great styling! I like the green top the best. It looks fabulous with the white lace skirt.

  • Great styling! I Love the crop top, especially with the heart jeans, toooo adorable!


  • Such great pieces. They are so unique and uniquely styled. I love the way you re-envision different pieces instead of getting stuck!


  • Love the second look in the teachers pet top! the denim is the perfect balance for the cardigan and knee highs.


  • ooo i love both of the tops! except i can’t wear that second one because i’m not about to show my midriff! however, love the top one. i want it!!

  • Can you post your pricing info for all your pieces? That would really help me narrow down what I want to nab on September 1st!

  • Gorgeous stylings… just wondering, are you not doing three ways to wear it posts for all of the pieces this time? xx

  • The crop top fabric is so pretty! My only question is the same as what Jess asked…what will the sizing be like?

  • Wow, I love those jeans! I hope you’re able to make them for us in the future. I can’t wait to shop on the 1st! I have my own little shop opening… http://dressloudly.bigcartel.com/ so excited.

  • Absolutey fabulous tops! I would love to get my hands on a pair of those fantastic jeans! I would enjoy hearing the full story about them. Thanks for a lovely post!


  • I absolutely ADORE the teachers pet blouse! I’ve been lusting after it since you first gave us a sneak peak of it (was it twiiter? instagram perhaps?) anyway …. can’t wait for September 1st!

  • I just love the 3rd look Mallory put up! I don’t know why but the third look is always my favourite in all the outfits you have posted, they always seem the coolest to me 🙂

  • I love the teacher’s pet blouse… it’s such a great color! Everything from your collection looks fantastic!


  • I have a question about your collection… I remember you posting somewhere about how vintage sizes run differently than modern day sizes; how can we judge your sizes? Thanks Elsie!!

  • These are so perfect! I love them both..it’s hard picking a favorite. :] The Teachers Pet top is super cute, I can think of so many different ways to style it. Loves! <3

  • i cant wait to buy one of these amazing items! when will you be revealing the time?

  • Omg I want that first shirt so bad!!!
    In love with the collar!!!


  • The sketchbook crop top would even be perfect on an expectant mummy! I love how versatile everything in this collection is. There is something for absolutely everyone <3

    Heart you all tons,
    Sara Sophia

  • holy nuggets i need the teacher’s pet blouse! that is perfect!!! can not WAIT for it some out so i can snatch that one up!!!

  • So cute! I just love the jeans. I hope you’ll be able to produce them someday! How much will everything in this collection cost!? That’s the million dollar question for me. xo, rae veda


  • the sketchbook crop top is SO adorable belted with the black dress! verrrrry cute = )


  • Love, love, LOVE them both! You all really hit it out of the park with this collection. The challenge is deciding which I’ll try to nab on Sept. 1!!

  • I thought i was in love when i saw that first top, then i just died when i saw the second!! I’m so i love with both of these tops. That flower patter is so cute, ahhhh! I dont know how i will ever decide which pieces i will purchase!! Everything has been perfection.

  • I love your sneak peek/three ways posts so much! I’m reallly excited about your fall launch, but thanks to these posts I want everything! How cruel!

  • I really LOVE the second top and those jeans are fab! Also, green always is a favourite with me!!

  • i love it! i’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations when they are released!

  • oh yeah…i’ve recently experienced that exact same jean issue $$$$$$$ Which makes me think even more about how a pair could be only $25 at target…fishy.

  • Wow! These tops are beautiful, and also, those jeans? It’s a shame you couldn’t produce them, I love the little heart patches!

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